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open americaWe have all heard the president of the United States and many of the southern states want to open. The president seems to think that if he can open the economy, it would be the best decision for the country. There have even been many protests throughout the country of reopen americapeople wanting to get back to work and they think allowing everything to open as normal they would be able to care for their families. Is it really a good idea to open everything up as it was before COVID-19, even when the number of new cases and fatalities isn’t slowing down?download

It is just my personal opinion if states are to open before we have the proper number of tests available to everyone and the numbers only continue to raise it gives a false sense of security. When we are given a false sense of security in a matter of months there will be a massive number of new cases and even more deaths.

schools closedOne good thing I did read today was that all schools in South Carolina will not reopen until the fall. At least children will not be going to school where they can interact with other kids that may be infected with COVID-19. Children being around others that have the virus would only increase the risks of parents and grandparents becoming infected as well and for the grandparents, it is very risky.

If y’all have been following the news you have seen how many innocent people lost theirdeaths lives because of the virus. At the beginning of this pandemic, we were told that the elderly were at higher risk of the virus taking their life, but that was not true. Unfortunately, there have also been many young healthy people that lost their lives as well. It is very clear and sad that this virus can end the life of anyone. I guess you can say the virus does not discriminate.

Even though some states are lifting some restrictions, I think it would be wise if everyone maintains social distancing. I also think it would be better if everyone continued to wear masks when going out of theblog_lat_hed_trump_relents safety of your home. I know uncomfortable wearing a mask can be, but isn’t it better to be uncomfortable and alive?

I know I kind of went off on a rant about COVID-19, but what do you think about everything we have been dealing with for many weeks now? Do you think opening the country up is a good idea? What do you think is more important the lives of human beings or the economy? I am sure you human livescan guess that I think human life is way more important than the economy. I mean the economy won’t do well if people continue to die, right?

Thank you for visiting my site today. I am looking forward to reading your thoughts on what I have written. We are all entitled to our opinions, so I promise to not be offended if you disagree with me and would love to understand your thoughte1b42322fdc0e8b1ce26fecadd51a421 processes. I hope your week is going well so far and you are feeling the best you can. Please never forget that I am always sending y’all LOTS of love ❤, comfort, and many positive vibes!


❤Always, Alyssa❤


8 thoughts on “What do you think?

  1. I am in agreement, we have been discussing this very thing at work and we all feel it is way too soon and that the infection rate WILL increase. I still see persons out with their young children and no one has a mask on…I think some persons are still not understanding the importance of the precautions as many have not seen what this disease can actually do.
    Glad you shared this post.

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  2. Well, unfortunately with states like Georgia opening back up, we’ll probably find out by the middle of May. Here’s my question: What’s changed? Has the virus disappeared? No. Are there any therapeutic drugs that have been found to stop the mortality rate? No. Is there a vaccine coming out soon? No. Sorry if I’m sounding snarky, but I’ve been stewing about this for weeks. No one wants the economy to stay shut down. We’re already in a recession, and we’re most likely heading for a depression. But what’s going to happen when positive cases and deaths start spiking again? How’s that going to help the economy?🤷🏻‍♀️

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  3. I have been just horrified by the pressure to open up the country again so it would be just like it was before Covid-19 arrived. I heard the president talk about full restaurants and football stadiums. No. Just no!! I feel that all of this had been mishandled in the US. We absolutely need widespread, accessible, and reliable testing before everything opens up all the say, and for the partial opening we need to maintain reasonable adjustments like social distancing, facemasks, cleaning, special shopping hours for the at-risk, and other common sense adjustments. I am disgusted with the way all the testing responsibility (and cost) has been thrown onto the states, and the states have been forced to locate and purchase PPE and essential supplies, while there is a mixed message and laughable support coming from the national government. Here in Colorado we are a little cranky as the federal government grabbed our purchase of 500 ventilators; 100 were later given back as a personal favor to our Republican senator, which was an obvious political move. Anyway, here in Colorado we just passed 10,000 cases and we have a 5% fatality rate. About 20% of all identified Covid-19 cases need to be hospitalized, and they stay in the hospital for a long time. If everyone goes back to business as usual without good testing and tracing (and quarantining) of possibly exposed individuals, then this is going to explode and the health care system will be overwhelmed. I’m pretty sure we will see double digit death rates if that happens. It is important to remember that all of this started with just a few cases not that long ago: I just checked the numbers and on March 1st there were 2 deaths in the US. Today we passed 45,000. It’s really obvious to me that without better testing this will all explode in the next few weeks if better testing and safeguards are put into place.

    On really bad days I think that I will never be able to go out into public again,,,

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    • I hate that your schools are reopening in May. Are there still a lot of new cases where you live? It is good to want kids to be responsible, but it is also important to be safe. Take care and stay safe!


  4. It’s health vs money. I will choose health anytime. The thing is that we need every country and every government to work hand in hand. I believe the key to end this pandemic is finding that vaccine.

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