Faith in humanity

must not lose faith in humanityOur world has been suffering for an incredibly long time. There has been abundance in the amount of hatred and deceit around the world. A huge part of our problems stems from our government officials not understanding what honesty means. As we continue struggling with this deadly pandemic, we all need and deserve honesty, compassion, sympathy, and empathy from those with in power.

During the past several years, the strong faith I had for humanity has been tested. I always wanted to see the good in everyone and was able to look past their flaws. Sadly, finding the good in people and the world we are living in has become challenging and sometimes nearly impossible.little by litte

My faith in humanity became so feeble; I had to look up the meaning. I thought that maybe I had been confused about the meaning because there was NO way something could change so drastically and so quickly. The easy way to define humanity is, it’s the human race, including everyone here on earth. Humanity does not separate individuals for race, color of their skin, ethnicity, and sexual preference, religious belief, or anything else people base their judgments on. Humanity is also the word for the qualities we have.

It turns out I was not confused about what humanity means. I am proud to be the type of person that can get along with anyone and never will make an ignorant judgement of another individual. My entire life I saw each person I came in contact with an as equal.

humanity is dyingObviously, I completely understand what humanity is, so why has my faith in humanity become imperceptible? This is the million-dollar question that I am trying to uncover. The very unfortunate truth is there could be several reasons or a mixture of reasons that have caused my faith in humanity to be diminished. I am going to provide a few examples that will hopefully keep you alert of possibly losing faith in humanity.

I do not mean for this to sound negative, but anytime we hear anything on the news, it is never positive and happy events, instead it is typically heartbreaking. For the past several weeks all we hear about is either new cases of COVID-19, fatalities from COVID-19, childlike politicians blaming anyone besides themselves for what the world faces, and or snarky comments towards someone with different views. I know it is important to be knowledgeable about what is going around the world we live in together, but it can bring a great deal of overwhelming negativity in our lives, which can be nearly impossible to process and cope with.2917903_0

When an individual witnesses brutality or cruel actions towards another person, animal, or the planet we live in, our brains can’t process such horrific events and it triggers emotions that all humans are immoral, malicious, and despicable.

During times when our world is turned upside down by a family member, friend, or romantic partner, our fundamentals and views of people can become distorted. It can be challenging to handle being abused (physically, emotionally, or sexually), manipulated or deceived by someone close to us. It is normal to struggle having any faith in humanity if we are treated badly by someone we can deeply for and at one point had respect for the person.

love is the only wayOnce we are let down by the government or an organization that was meant to protect us and then we only hear lies when they speak. How are we supposed to trust and have faith in any part of humanity?

Unfortunately, there are many scam artists in the world looking to make money from our struggles. Once you have dealt with being a victim to such an awful thing, naturally it can be difficult to trust again.

Most of us have probably experienced being disrespected and some of us have been discriminated against. Personally, I have dealt with both and I can say being 0702d7308a3d4d04a14de5f55991a897 (1)discriminated against because of my health issues was extremely hurtful. Whether you are being discriminated against or disrespected, they both can make you question trust and humanity.

There are four main emotions you might feel when you are losing your faith in humanity, which may include but is not limited to the following.

  1. Hopeless- Your hope for the future might be a little unstable and it is hard to find anything positive.
  2. Anger- It is completely normal for frustration to contribute and lead to extreme anger.
  3. Sense of not belonging- When questioning your faith in humanity, you might start feeling like an outsider because you think society is in nothing but mayhem.
  4. Yearn for change- While you have been dealing with your lost faith, you could develop a desire to make changes to your own life and the world.

love creates magicI have discovered seven ways to help restore faith in humanity, but you might already the ways that worked for you and if you have I would love to know what process worked for you.

  1. Treat others the same way you want to be treated. We obviously have no control over what goes on in the outside world, but can control the way we respond and react to situations.
  2. Actively search for good news
  3. Do not share negativity on social media, there is already enough negative we see daily to fill the Grand Canyons.
  4. Spend time with children- Children do not focus or even pay attention to negativity. It might be refreshing to see how the cynical world looks through the eyes of an innocent heals all
  5. Volunteer- Aspiring to help others struggling with their issues in life may give us a new perspective on our own lives
  6. Focus on gratitude- It might be helpful to write these ideas down in a gratitude journal
  7. Be more trusting- Slowly build your trust, but remember to take your time

Spread-The-LOVE-thisI hope y’all had a great week and you are feeling the best you can. I want to thank you for visiting my site today and I would love to read your thoughts on this post. I hope you are able to have an enjoyable weekend and of course stay safe! Please never forget that I am always sending y’all LOTS of love ❤, comfort, and many positive vibes!


❤Always, Alyssa❤



7 thoughts on “Faith in humanity

  1. This is a very important post. Currently I’m trying to hold back before making judgements, or saying something funny about a person. Like you said, we’re all equal. And though there are some world leaders that aren’t great at their jobs, they’re also human. You never know what is going on off camera, or why they were raised to be in such a way. Of course I could complain, but I appreciate positivity so much more! And gratitude, and love, and so many other better things.
    Take care x

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