Left and right brain thinkers

full disclosureI find the information I am sharing with you today very interesting, but I do want to inform you that I am not a scientist, psychologist, or anything of the sort. The information I am providing today is all based on the extensive research I have done and wanted to write about it.

Many of us have heard about either being a left brain or right brain thinker, but true? Or was this something that has some holes in it and or contains misleading information? This has many holding onto the idea without question, which doesn’t explain the complexity of personality and thought processes.

Neuroscientists and psychologists are working to be able to comprehend what can be brainrightleftconscious and human. It might be proven that we do not completely understand why our brains work the way they do.

There was a theory of left brain-right brain thinking which indicated each half of the brain-controlled certain parts of how a person thinks and views the world. This theory appeared in Dr. Roger Sperry, a Nobel Prize winner who worked on studying the effects of epilepsy. Dr. Sperry found that serving the corpus callosum, which is the structure of the brain connecting the left and right hemispheres, could eliminate seizures in patients with epilepsy. When the patients had the corpus callosum cut, they would end up having other difficulties as a result. It was at this time; Dr. Sperry realized the conventional views of the brain were not correct.

unnamed (2)Left brain thinkers were believed to be more analytical, objective, logical, and methodical. These individuals respond better with logical arguments, hard facts and processes. The left brain thinkers would transcend in fields of computer programming, mathematics, engineering, and other fields where there is concrete facts in their work or problem- solving. Also, they are thought to be better with critical thinking, reasoning, troubleshooting, and languages.

Right brain thinkers are thought to be more in touch with emotions, intuitive, thoughtful, creative, imagination, and empathy. Those that are right-brain thinkers would excel asWatercolor Banner Left Vs Right Brain an artist, musician, crafter, counselor or graphic designer. They will flourish with their creativity, emotional side, and intuition.

After a two-year analysis regarding the left brain-right brain theory, done by a team of neuroscientists, there was no proof the theory was correct. An MRI was done on 1,000 people, which divulged the human brain doesn’t favor one side over the other side. The systems on one side are not typically stronger than the systems on the other side.

No matter if you are completing a logical or creative task, you are receiving information from both sides of your brain. For example, the left brain deals with logic, but the right brain helps with the imagination. You do not use only one side of the brain, the two sides work together.

Left-Brain-vs-Right-BrainPersonality traits and learning styles do not dictate if you are left brain or right brain. Indeed, many of the things we learned regarding the different sides of our brain were not completely true, but there was one fact, the two sides of the brain are very different.

First, I want to thank you for visiting my site today. I hope the information I shared was as interesting to you as it was to me. Second, I hope your week has started off great and you are feeling well. I would love to read your thoughts and hope if you have time you will leave a comment, but no pressure of course! Please never forget that I am always sending y’all LOTS of love ❤, comfort, and many positive vibes!


❤Always, Alyssa❤


5 thoughts on “Left and right brain thinkers

  1. love this !. Over the years I /we have had soooooo many consultants and experts try to define why we are like we are, behaviour, management style. I always maintained we are who we are by virtue of experiences and philosophy of life – gained by however. I do however notice that with the MS attacking my brain I am EXTREMELY sensitive to events- seeing animals hurt almost immediately brings tears as does watching anything emotionally sad. XXX

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    • Thank you so much! I am so happy to know you enjoyed this piece!! I agree with you, we are who we are! I have always been overly sensitive, but it has gotten worse in recent weeks. I can’t watch the news without tearing up. I hate seeing animals being mistreated. Animals love unconditionally and do not just. I can see the love in my cats eyes!!

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