Let it go Friday!

1665142_1000x0Happy Friday y’all! I hope you had an amazing week and you have a fabulous weekend! Do y’all have any plans for the weekend? Of course, I do not have any plans and I really doubt I will leave the house all that often. I guess I am at the point I don’t think it is all that safe to go out in public. There are a few reasons I think it is safer to just stay at home, one reason is obvious, I do not want the coronavirus. The other is, where I live people can’t drive! It is terrifying to be on the roads when there are awful drivers everywhere! I can’t believe how many people are on their phones not paying attention at all. The crazy thing is once people stop at a red light and the light turns green, they seem to think the light is going to do tricks because they don’t go!

We have all thankfully made it through another week. I still haven’t found a job, but I am not giving up. It is crazy that the bills don’t stop when you don’t have the money to pay 235453-If-You-Can-Not-Do-Anything-About-It-Let-It-Gothem! The quote I am with y’all today resonated with me with how my life has been going lately. I hope this quote will touch a part of you and it will help you the way it has helped me. I think there are many times people face extremely difficult times. It almost feels like after one bad thing happens, there is a snowball effect and a million other things follow. It gets painful to handle, but giving up would be worst than the troubles! I am very headstrong and refuse to allow anything to defeat me. 

Thank you so much for visiting my site today! I will never pressure y’all, but I would love to read your thoughts on the quote I shared today. Y’all always have incredible insight and your thoughts add so much dont-be-afraidto the quotes I share. 

I hope you have a wonderful day and you are feeling the best you possibly can! Your never-ending support means more than words can describe to me. The friends I have made in the blogging community are amazing and so encouraging! Please never forget that I am always sending y’all LOTS of love ❤, comfort, and many positive vibes!


❤Always, Alyssa❤

17 thoughts on “Let it go Friday!

  1. I am always trying to change one thing in my life that just will not change no matter how hard I try! I’m not giving up but I’m going to work on other things that I can change! You can’t change things that don’t want to be changed! I’ve had s hard time with this!

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      • Alyssa I have been reading a book and if I have to read it a million times to keep remind myself I will do that! It is called a walk with God. I have a really hard time understanding the verses in the Bible and it’s helping me to be a more positive person! It also says that stress is the number one killer besides heart disease and stress causes heart disease. This book is helping me lean more to God and to not stress over things that I can’t control! If we can beat MS we can do this!

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