Anger is an awful feeling

Anger-Umbrella-Listening-for-Feelings-e1356246263507-2328x1164In my opinion, anger is one of the worst emotions to experience. Anger is an intense emotional state that involves a strong uncomfortable and hostile response to a perceived provocation, hurt, or threat. Despite what some people may think, no one is perfect. We all have certain triggers that create massive amounts of anger within us, some more than others of course. Regardless of the intensity, the trigger may be, anger is a very unpleasant and useless emotion. Allowing anger to control our lives, instead of us dominating the feelings of anger is not healthy.

There are things we can do to help us gain some control of the situation and attempt to anger+6rectify the problem. Instead of throwing a toddler-like temper tantrum, which seldom gets any positive results, venting about your feelings could eliminate some of the harsh emotions before they get out of hand.

There are many anger management tips you might benefit from during a time you are feeling an intense amount of anger.

  1. Concentrate and focus on taking deep breaths. Slowly inhale and count to 4, then slowly exhale while counting to 8. Continue this exercise 4-5 more times, inhale slowly count to 4 the exhale slowly count to 8. This gets our mind off the reasons you were angry and combats your body’s tension, which will help you calm down.
  2. Acknowledge your anger as a short-lived emotion. Even though while in the moment it seems like the feeling will not ever end, try to remind yourself that it will end in a matter of time.TCA-2
  3. Get yourself out of the situation you are in. A slight change in scenery and walking away from the person causing your anger will allow you to clear your mind and calm down.
  4. Express yourself in any way you can! Allowing feelings to be bottled up is not healthy and could cause more problems in the long run. You can call a friend, partner, family member or anyone else you feel comfortable confiding in. Talking about problems is the best way to put things in perspective and help you figure out what you are truly angry about in the first place.
  5. Music can have a powerful effect on the mind and soul. You may have a few songs that never fail to calm you down when your emotions are on high alert and even make you smile again. I have several songs that can always make me happy and actually relaxed. Do you have any songs or bands that help your mind calm down?
  6. Dance around the room to a song that you can draw energy from. Not everyone is a good dance, but you do not have to be. It is just moving around and staying active that can release negative energy caused by anger. If you absolutely hate the idea of dancing around the room, it is okay any exercise can alleviate feelings of anger.
  7. Focus your mind on counting backward from 100. This very simple task can keep your mind occupied for 2 minutes or so. Just think, by silently counting for a couple of minutes, you can enjoy some peace and quiet!
  8. Close your eyes for a moment and imagine your happy place. No matter where your happy place is, having that image in your mind can calm you down drastically! My anger-management-strategies-4178870-478b9bc1a2b648a7b4bcbe7934591cf5happy place is the beach, so whenever I am feeling angry or frustrated, I picture myself at the beach listening to the sounds of the waves crashing down and the smell of saltwater in the air. Sometimes, it almost feels like I am there in the present.
  9. Consider your language and understand that some words that flood your mind are not at all helpful. Terms like always and never can be defeated words that will not allow for positive outcomes. When we are angry we tend to think nothing will ever go our way and life isn’t going to get better. We might be having a day when our pain is higher and we say to ourselves the pain is never going away and it will always be here. I have had those days and thoughts, but that did not help me feel better. Subconsciously, thoughts like these we are convincing ourselves the situation is worse than it really is.

Anger can produce various emotions and can potentially cause us to act in irrational imagesways. In the heat of the moment, it seems like an easier and better idea to act without logic; however when we act in an unreasonable manner it only creates more issues for the long-term.

While we are dealing with angry feelings there are some we should try out best to avoid. One of the worst ways we can respond to feelings of angry is by saying and doing nothing. If we try avoiding those feelings they will only continue to grow stronger because they are left to simmer in our minds. Some people think that going for a drive to clear your mind and calm their emotions is a good thing. No matter how great a driver you might be, driving angry can reduce your concentration, making getting behind the wheel hazardous. It surprises me that some 1people have the ability to go to sleep angry. It is very common that the person going to sleep angry will not get good quality sleep and therefore will be sleep deprived the following day. Sleep deprivation is only going to add to the feelings of anger and frustration. Another awful thing to do when angry is to keep the argument going. Nothing good will come from this situation and there comes a point when a break is needed to calm down! Adding alcohol to a situation with anger involved will only add fuel to the already heated fire! Basically, it is best to avoid alcohol until the situation has been handled and a resolution has been found. It is best to NEVER make any huge decisions while emotions are on high alert. Sometimes we need to place things on hold and make any decision when things are back on track because somethings will be hard if not impossible to correct.images

Thank y’all for visiting my site today. I hope the information in this post was helpful and would love to hear from you. How do you handle feelings when you are angry? I absolutely hate confrontation, so when I get upset enough to deal with this problem it is huge. I follow the rule of choose your battles! I tend to find most things people like to argue about not worth the time or stress. When something is important enough for me to engage in an argument, it just got to the point the situation needed to be handled. Please never forget that I am always sending y’all LOTS of love ❤, comfort, and many positive vibes!


❤Always, Alyssa❤


13 thoughts on “Anger is an awful feeling

  1. All good methods although I seriously believe for some people they have become so conditioned to just venting that many ( myself included) understand that they cannot help themselves, there is no way to walk away once the red mist comes over so to say. We understand that mediation, empathy or even understanding just compounds the venting ! It would be good perhaps to identify the behavior at any early age , impress the methodology then to prevent toxic adults. Sometimes it’s most likely the nature of the beast

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  2. February 28th
    WHEN YOU LOSE CONTROL “The soul is like a bowl of water, and our impressions are like the ray of light falling upon the water. When the water is troubled, it appears that the light itself is moved too, but it isn’t. So, when a person loses their composure it isn’t their skills and virtues that are troubled, but the spirit in which they exist, and when that spirit calms down so do those things.” —EPICTETUS, DISCOURSES, 3.3.20–22 You messed up a little. Or maybe you messed up a lot. So? That doesn’t change the philosophy that you know. It’s not as if your reasoned choice has permanently abandoned you. Rather, it was you who temporarily abandoned it. Remember that the tools and aims of our training are unaffected by the turbulence of the moment. Stop. Regain your composure. It’s waiting for you.

    Holiday, Ryan. The Daily Stoic (p. 68). Profile. Kindle Edition.

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  3. Such good points and I think the sleep deprivation you mentioned can definitely add to it. Oddly enough, I see some element of anger a little differently. Don’t get me wrong, anger is general is a vile emotion that burns away at your insides and can end up spewing hate into the world. But I’ve found some small simmering anger – anger at the women who’ve had their lives destroyed by the same surgeon/surgery I had, anger at the health systems in the world denying those healthcare that need it, anger at feeling I want to give up, anger at the injustices of the world – can sometimes keep me going. Also, when I’m in a position where I need to stand up for myself, I need to hold on to some anger – anger never comes out of me, ever, but I need some of it to keep me level otherwise I’ll just stand there and get embarrassed and cry! 😂 But I’m lucky in that I’ve never been an angry person, but I do think sometimes I’m holding on to too much hurt and anger about the world injustices. As for anger against others or anger in the moment and acting on it? Never going to happen.
    Great post, Alys! xx

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    • Thank you so much! I do agree with you that sometimes small simmering anger is needed. I am not normally an angry person, but I am angry about how awful the US government is messing up our country. I also get angry when people defend those in the government. I mean the facts are in front of us and there shouldn’t be any denying it. Sweetie, you and I are so much a like, I feel like I have a sister I never met. I hope your weekend went well and you are feeling well!! xxx

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