~Get Your Life Back~

images (1)There is no denying the fact that life is difficult. Going through hard times at some point in life is inevitable and often totally unavoidable. Everyone deals with these troubles in different ways, some might face them head- on, and others may try to downplay the hardships hoping no one sees through the pain, this tends to be the way I had them. How do you deal with troubles that literally knock the wind out of you? Those struggles that come out of nowhere and leave you with your mind spinning out of control are extremely upsetting and painful to accept. It takes time, but it can be a long road.

Recently, I went through an ordeal that was not expected at all and it left me feeling lost.life-difficult I feel like my life was torn apart and there are no honest answers as to why. Not knowing the real reason or reasons, but understanding what I was told makes accepting much more difficult because I know it is a LIE.

Right now I am doing my best to pull myself together and start over, but this has been a terrifying situation that is causing more stress than I have ever felt before. What I went through recently is what inspired this post for today and I hope it will be beneficial to you if you are ever faced with a situation that brings you down lower than you ever knew was possible.

Keeping-Your-Life-Together-When-Things-Fall-Apart15 Ways To Get Your Life Back

1.) Quit Talking to Only Complain. No one wants to hear what you think is wrong with your life. Constantly listening to someone complain about anything and everything can be draining and in the end, will do more harm than good. Dwelling on problems you are faced with will worsen depression, anxiety, and cause more unneeded stress.

2.) Don’t live life in a reactive manner, but live your life in a productive manner. Many people procrastinate by putting things off for tomorrow, possibly to get out of the extra work and or because they do not want to do anything. The problem with procrastinating is it makes it easier to forget about that thing you were putting off. Continuing to put tasks off for tomorrow will leave you with a mountain of tasks to do, which will cause stress. Something that could have been avoided if you had taken care of things, instead of pushing them off for later.

On the other hand, you can live your life in a proactive way. By being proactive you are a lot more likely to get important tasks are taken care of as soon as possible, which will result in having less weighing on your mind and in turn cause less stress.

3.) Get and stay organized. Being organized is a very important ability to possess and images (2)an essential puzzle piece to success. In order for plans to work best and efficient, staying organized is required.

There are several methods for being organized:

*Chronological Order- place information in a sequence of dates or time frames.

*Order of importance- you can go from most important to least important and vice versa.

*Compare and Contrast

*Geographical organization

*Inductive method- Arranges information by complexity and puts facts before conclusions and recommendations.

*Deductive Method- Beings with a recommendation and follows with information that supports the recommendation.

4.) Set Goals for yourself. Setting goals can pave your way to where you want to be in life. There are three types of goals:  

main-qimg-eb0d2bc22d1837e47b003eb472418167  a.) Long-term goals are something you want to accomplish in the future and they take  time. This type of goal might be at over a year away.

 b.) Mid-term goals are goals you want to accomplish between 3 and 5 years. This goal can help to make sense of many short-term goals we may have.

  c.) Short-term goals are you want to accomplish in less than a year.

5.) Remove toxic people from your life. Toxic people are those that may belittle you, which can make it difficult to keep a positive attitude and stay focused on the goals that have been established. Toxic people tend to cause harm to another’s well-being.

6.) Put more effort into your physical health. It is often challenging to make a change and actually focus on our own health. With this change, we may need to take baby steps. You can start by limiting sugar and caffeine intake, which will improve energy levels and offers a better night’s sleep. Eliminating processed foods with large amounts of refined sugar will be beneficial as well. The combination of a healthy diet, proper sleep, and regular exercise can provide an enormous benefit 635213034708795798IMG_1227for physical and mental health.

7.) Tune in to what you are passionate about. It is important for our mental and emotional health to be able to balance work and something we enjoy and we have a passion for it.

8.) Understand & Accept yourself. This can be a long and difficult journey, but once you are on that road, it is possible. Take time to get to know yourself, what you are passionate about, and what your gifts are (you do have many gifts)! We all go through difficult and painful times, and life isn’t always going to be fair. As a matter of fact, life can be extremely unfair. The hard times we battle in life do not define who we are, but we will always remember them. Find the time to accept who you are and learn to love yourself.

9.) Quit chasing superficial happiness and validation while practicing more gratitude. Constantly chasing superficial happiness and validation is the same as a hamster running on the wheel in their cage. You will pretty much be on a continuous race, but you are not going nowhere. If you think about it, superficial happiness is not genuine and you really are feeling it the same way you would if it were meaningful. Happiness is something that is peaceful and quiet and should be enjoyed not pushed.

10.) Don’t stand by waiting, take action NOW. You will never succeed in what you want to accomplish if you do nothing. It is important to take time to plan ahead for whatever path you want to take, but also important to jump in and take ACTION! It is okay if what you planned for doesn’t go well at first, this may just be a minor setback and means you need to TRY AGAIN!

11.) Create an effective routine. Your daily routine consists of the things you already do 33. Life is not always fair. Sometimes you get a splinter sliding down a rainbow. - Terri Guillemetsdaily without having to think about them at all. Once you have a routine that works for you completed, this can take the pressure off of your mind and help you to worry less about what needs to be done.

12.) Face your fears and learn to overcome them. The first step would be to take a little time and be honest with yourself to determine what your fears are. All our fears do is create obstacles to achieving our goals. Once you know what your fears are, do not attempt to rid yourself of them, but keep moving forward inspite of those fears.

13.) Set Clear Boundaries. Declaring boundaries with people in your life is important for your own well-being. Try to not get drawn into people that only bring you down and cause stress. People that cause you additional hardships and bring absolutelygoal-einstein no benefit to your life. It isn’t selfish to be choosy about whom we allow into our lives, but it is perfectly acceptable because we are putting our own needs first.

14.) Remember what motivates you. Motivation is basically a desire or willingness to do something. There are several types of motivation, but I am only going to discuss the two main types.

        a.) Intrinsic Motivation is those that are motivated with their own internal feelings of satisfaction. They have a strong desire for feelings of satisfaction, pride, and contentment that come along with reaching a goal.

        b.) Extrinsic Motivation is from recognition given from external factors and other                    people. Those motivated by external factors do things for various reasons that      artworkimage-medium-21902316-7336573don’t fit in with predictable behaviors.

***Please take a moment to consider what motivates you. Are you motivated by others or your internal feelings? ***

15.) Live your life just one day at a time. Try to remember that you can’t change yesterday as that is in the past. There is nothing you can do for tomorrow because it is in the future and there, therefore, has not arrived yet. Today is the present and what you do with today is what matters. It is important to not dwell on what happened yesterday or what may happen tomorrow because you will miss out on what you have some power over, TODAY!unnamed (1)

Thank y’all for visiting my site today. I hope your week is going well and of course you are feeling well. I am looking forward to read what you think of this post because I know you have excellent ideas. I do promise to respond as quickly as I can to your comments. Please remember that I am always sending y’all LOTS of love ❤, comfort, and many positive vibes!


❤Always, Alyssa❤


12 thoughts on “~Get Your Life Back~

  1. What a thorough post with so many good tips. I’ve faced situations before that I literally couldn’t see clearly into the next minute let alone how the rest of life would keep going…it can be really scary. My faith has helped me through for sure. Hang in there ❤

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    • Thank you so much Savannah! I think what I have gone through recently has been the most stressful time I have experienced. There are times I just break down in tears and I know that isn’t helping. Too much going on and I can’t say what is more stressful, it is just a bad combination.

      Liked by 2 people

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