Pick Me Up Thursday

9d71b2f65a0b1d323b8b8cc91c5df29fHappy Friday Eve y’all! All I can say is, “What a week” and I hope your week was better than mine has been. Unfortunately, I had to miss work on Tuesday due the nastiest migraine/ headache I have ever experienced in my life. This was a type of pain I would not wish on anyone, even someone that is not the kindest of people in the world! It started while I was still at work and only continued to get worse. Thankfully, it did get better by Wednesday, but I still had a manageable headache. If I must have a headache I would definitely prefer the more manageable type!

Anyways, enough with the negative, let’s have a wonderful Friday eve with a fantastic 42ed034f7ea8cce244164a64fdd23412quote! Personally, I think the quote I am sharing with y’all today holds so much truth and it can be easy to forget. Life gets so difficult and sometimes we might say somethings we wish we hadn’t and whatever it is we said in a moment of frustration may have caused someone else emotional pain. Of course, none of us ever mean to say something hurtful to anyone, but words tend to fly out of our mouth before we can stop them. It might not be right, but it does happen to all of us and at the end of the day all we can do is apologize for whatever we said and try to do better next time around. 

I want to thank you all for stopping by my site today. I hope your week has gone well images (2)until today and it only gets better, especially being so close to the weekend! My hope for y’all is you are pain-free and not going through any hard times!  I am looking forward to reading your thoughts on the quote I shared with y’all today! Please know that no matter what I am dealing with I am always sending y’all LOTS of love ❤, comfort, and many positive vibes!


❤Always, Alyssa❤


11 thoughts on “Pick Me Up Thursday

    • Thank you so much! I think everyone here knows I do not like the president at all and I am not sure I would wish that headache on him. Who am I kidding, I might! I hope you are doing well and you have a wonderful weekend full of happiness!

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    • I hope it was better! I do understand not wanting to get out from under the blanket. It is so nice and comfortable there. I am not sure where you live and if it is cold, but it has been a little chilly where I live, but I guess it is winter and supposed to be cold. I hope you have a relaxing evening!!


  2. So…. wanna hear something weird? I had the worst headache I’ve had in months on Tuesday also. I wonder if it had something to do with a front moving through or something since we’re both on the east coast? I thought mine was from having to hold my neck in an uncomfortable position while having my mammogram, but now that I hear you had one too, I wonder….. I’m glad yours has gotten somewhat better. I love your quote for today. It’s so true, and something we need to keep in mind when we’re dealing with others. Sending hugs your way sweet friend!

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    • I am SO sorry you had an awful headache as well. Now I am wondering if it was due to a front moving in. I guess I might have forgotten you were on the east coast too. Goodness, mammograms scare the heck out of me. I know I am going to need to get one soon, but seriously I don’t know how they will because there is nothing there, lol! I hope your headache got better and they stay far away from us!!! I am so happy you loved this quote. There is so much truth to it! Lots of hugs and happiness to you!!

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  3. So true about the things we might say or how we can snap at someone sometimes when we’re not in the best place, we’re only human after all, and that’s what apologies are for.
    I’m so sorry you had such an awful migraine. I get them a lot and know what you mean about there being some that are just the worst of the worst – let’s hope that kind of level migraine is the last you’ll have! I’m lucky in that Sumatriptan works fairly well for me, but the prescription is limited so I have to take it sparingly (not easy with chronic migraines). Do you have anything prescribed you can use? Sending hugs and really hoping you have a positive, migraine-free weekend! xxxx

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    • I try to keep my mouth shut when I know I am either in pain or frustrated because I have no control over what will come out if I open my mouth. I also think I am being ugly, when others do not see it.
      I am actually not taking anything, but over the counter medicine for the migraine/headaches, but I will mention the one you take to the doctor.Thank you for your kind words, as always I do appreciate them and YOU!


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