Motivational Monday

5afdae460fa899918ce4403eaf11d0ffHappy Monday y’all! I hope you had a lovely weekend and you are ready to start this off with a positive mind! Mornings are never easy, but Monday mornings become a rude awakening that we are in for another work week. It isn’t really the work part that that make it difficult for me, it is the extremely early morning wake up. Over this past weekend I decided to take a complete and total rest day, which was Saturday. I tend to think Saturday is the best rest day because it allowed me the rest I needed after a long week. I think many use Sunday as a day of rest, but that never seems to fit for me. Did y’all do anything fun this past weekend? I hope whatever you did brought you the joy you deserve.

I found this really beautiful quote that I father-helping-child-to-bicycle-short-positive-quoteswant to share with y’all! I hope this will offer you the motivation you need to start your week off great! I think viewing life like riding a bicycle is pretty fantastic. Do you remember when you learned to ride a bicycle? I do remember and it did not matter how many times I fell, I did not give up. I remember being outside all day and did not stop until I was riding my bicycle! Life is very similar because no matter how many times things go all wrong, I keep getting myself back up to try again and I know y’all do as well! Last week may not have been the best and it might have come with many difficulties, but this is a new week and the lessons we learned last week will make everything better for this week! The important thing is, we NEVER give up and always keep TRYING until we get things RIGHT

I know I shared a little about how trying last week was for me and I do hope this week will not be anywhere near as challenging. There are a few things about me that I just images (2)can’t change, no matter how much I want to. One of those things is my heartbreaks when I see others going through hard times. When I know someone is struggling it makes me want to help and definitely let them know they are not alone. It is common and normal for someone to be going through a hardship that makes them feel lonely because they do not know when it is time to ask for help or even how to do so.

I know this week will be another of the damn impeachment trial that keeps taking over ahqdefault (1) show I have been watching for most of my life. I know my stupid TV show is not anywhere near as important as what is going on in my country, but I am so SICK AND TIRED of it all! It enrages me when people that are in power think they are above the law. News flash, NO ONE is 58b0f1c7256c4a126d1ddff462805279--inspirational-monday-quotes-happy-monday-quotesabove the law and this includes the police and the president.

Thank you for visiting my site today! I feel pretty honored that you take the time to read what I share and I love reading your comments! I hope you have a great day and your week is amazing! Please never forget that I am always sending y’all LOTS of love ❤, comfort, and many positive vibes!


❤Always, Alyssa❤


10 thoughts on “Motivational Monday

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  2. I like your analogy of life and riding a bike. You definitely were a very determined little girl and you so haven’t changed a bit. I’ll never forget you being outside the whole day until you could ride your bike without training wheels. No matter how many times you fell you’d get back up and keep trying. By night’s end you were like a big girl. Riding your bike without falling down. You are still like that amazing little girl. You don’t ever give up until you succeed. I’m always so proud of you and your accomplishments. You sure live your life by this motto. If at first you don’t succeed try, try again! Keep being the amazing, wonderful person you are. All my Love & Support, Mom!!

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