Motivational Monday

5afdae460fa899918ce4403eaf11d0ffHappy Monday y’all! The alarm clock going off on Monday morning is never the most pleasant sound, but it is the start to a new week to do anything we might have missed out on last week. On another note, the weekend does seem to get shorter and shorter each week. Of course this past weekend I dealt with a massive migraine that I thought was literally trying to kill me! My guess is that my miserable migraine on Saturday evening into Sunday morning was all due to the rain we had, but I tend to always blame the rain for anything bad that happens. There was so much rain, my front yard looks like a small pond, but without the ducks! Last week, there was one day that included three season in a 24 hour period! I am not even joking it started off cold like winter is supposed to be, by noon it was more like spring and by 3:00 it was summer! In all my years I have never experienced weather that was so confused. I am starting to think that Mother Nature is going through something pretty serious and she needs help!hqdefault

Today, many companies are closed due to it is Martin Luther King Jr. day and I fully support this holiday. Unfortunately, my company is not closed so I will be at work like normal. I think this man deserves to be remembered and respected for all the sacrifices he made and the determination he held onto!

Martin Luther King Jr. did some amazing things for humanity and equality and sadly it seems too many MLK-2020people have forgotten his work. There is far too much hatred and racial injustice going on and it is 2020. I feel that we need to evolve with the times and NOT continue to devolve. In my opinion, all the American’s that have decided it is okay to discriminate against someone that isn’t white, is disrespecting the great Martin Luther King Jr. and it just isn’t right. We all need to remember the words this man spoke and the fight he was so passionate about, not just today, but everyday! There is no one person of any race, sex, religious beliefs, sexual orientation and so on that is better than another! We are all human and we all have feelings! 1481750406_867_50-best-positive-quotes-with-pictures

My rant about Martin Luther King Jr. can stop now and I will carry on with my normal Motivational Monday quote, because I have a pretty amazing quote I want to share with y’all today! I believe this quote is extremely powerful and can serve to help us all remember that even the smallest steps we make in any direction, can have a huge impact on our lives. Each and everyone of us has great strength, after-all look what we have to live with! I do hope this quote will start your week off knowing how amazing you are and what you are capable of! I of course really look forward to its monday sparkle and shinereading what you thought about it and if it inspired you to keep moving!

Thank y’all for visiting my site today. I hope your weekend was amazing and you felt well enough to enjoy each moment of it! Hopefully your day goes great and there is not anything holding you back! Please never forget that I am always sending y’all LOTS of love ❤, comfort, and many positive vibes!


❤Always, Alyssa❤


9 thoughts on “Motivational Monday

  1. Alyssa,
    I loved this post. It is so important for us to be reminded of the wonderful teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. It is hard to believe that in 2020 everyone does not embrace diversity and care about each other as human beings. Your posts encourage us to be positive and hopeful. I love the quote today. Sometimes we have to tread lightly and cautiously because we are afraid. But the important thing is to take that first step. Thank you for starting my Monday and week on a positive note!!
    I hope your headache is gone and that you will be free from pain all week!! Sending live and good vibes!

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    • Thank you so much Carol, I am glad you enjoyed this post! It makes me so sad that many people have completely forgotten the powerful words this brilliant man spoke. Embracing diversity and equality is extremely important. I am glad I was able to start your week off on a positive note and hope the rest of your week is great!!!
      I am hopeful I will not have anymore headaches this week, but unfortunately I am still dealing with them. It is frustrating because it is the only pain I can’t handle.


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  3. I just love that quote. It’s scary to try something different, right? What if it creates yet another bad decision? What if we fail? What if, what if?? Seriously we can’t live our lives based on what if’s. Ask yourself, what if it’s the best decision of your life and you were too scared to go for it? You’re missing out on something good. You’re missing out on the opportunity of a lifetime. Like your quote says, start with baby steps. Baby steps can lead to that big giant step that will change your life forever. Stop living in fear and trust that something better is just around the corner. Don’t let life pass you by because of fear. Take a risk and believe it’s the beginning of more great things to come. All my Love & Support, Mom!!

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  4. Martin Luther King was a great man. I didn’t know that not all companies mark it with a day off!

    I only knew of this holiday when I worked with international colleges.

    I think it is a beautiful way to remember and reignite the work he did as the world is still unfair

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    • Most companies were closed to honor this amazing man, but unfortunately mine didn’t think the way everyone else did. I love what you wrote that it is a beautiful way to remember and reignite the work this amazing and powerful man did and during a very difficult time in our history.

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