Worlds of Pain

HEARTThere are so many awful things going on around the world and it is very heartbreaking. I don’t even know where to start because it isn’t just in the United States; the tragedies are spread throughout the entire world and seem endless. One thing that isn’t new and has been building for at least 3 years is the spread of hatred in the United States and really the entiredont-blindly-follow-any-leader-quote-1 world. I don’t even know why I am surprised anymore because too many people are willing to just follow blindly instead of being fully aware of the damage their hate is causing others. I understand we are only a few weeks into 2020, but you would think by now we would be more progressive rather than have digressed drastically. Unfortunately, I think those that are naïve enough to reality just continue to live like they are better than everyone else, when the truth is we are all humans with a beating heart and emotions.

people-helped-save-animals-fire-australia-fb23-png__700Considering I do have a strong love for animals and humankind, it hurts me to my core with what is going on in Australia. I can’t for one moment understand why some people in this beautiful country would intentionally start these deadly fires. I do not and never will what brings someone to do something so harmful and destructive.

The massive numbers of animals that have lost their lives because of these fires are f295df68-fe43-4c0b-be35-bc383fb4756e_360x203staggering. It is breaking my heart into millions of pieces as I am writing this because there have already been around half a billion animals affected by the fires and millions more have died. According to the Federal Environment Minister, Sussan Ley, almost a third of the koalas have been killed and a third of their habitat has been completely destroyed.

imgonline-com-ua-resize-GUCFfMpS1R6mAt this time 24 people have been charged with intentionally setting the fires. According to the New South Wales police department, there are also another 183 people that are facing legal action. For those that start fires deliberately and act recklessly with the spread of fires, they could be facing up to 21 years in prison. Personally, I do not think 21 years in prison is punishment enough, not only for the catastrophic damage left behind but the deaths of human and animal life.AUSSIE

These horrific fires are in every Australian state, but New South Wales has definitely taken the hardest hit. A state of disaster was declared in Victoria and a state of emergency declared in New South Wales in early January. In November, Queensland also declared a state of

emergency. All of this together has granted remarkable powers and additional government resources to help contain the fires. Thankfully, more than 2,000 fire fighters are working on the ground in New South Wales, with more from the United States, maxresdefaultCanada, and New Zealand on their way to assist.

Another topic that comes with various opinions that is causing difficulties for all living creatures is climate change. I think some are a little confused about what climate change means. Some will even try saying it is “fake news”, but it is very real. Climate change is any significant change in the measures of climate that lasts for an extended period of time. Basically, climate change is major changes in the images (1)temperatures, precipitation, and or wind patterns, among other effects that occur over several decades or longer. Think about how the weather has been behaving over the past few years, do you remember what the temperature was three years ago today? It is supposed to be winter where I live, but it is feels more like spring time. The temperatures significantly  warmer than they were a 2.2few years ago and there are so many rainy days, which I hate complaining about with all Australia is going through right now. I am very curious, do you remember what the weather was a like a few years ago? Do you notice a noticeable change? How can some ignorant people still insist that climate change and global warming is fake news? When are people going to wake up and take action to save our images (1)planet?

In 2020 the amount of hardships throughout the world seem like they are never-ending and strengthening day by day. I did only discuss a few because I didn’t want to torment you by having y’all read a short story detailing everything that is difficult that most, if not all of us are dealing with today. Considering I am logical enough to know I do not have the power to change or save the world. All I can really do is continue to hold onto hope and share information and positivity as much as I can. And I know I went on and on about the tragic events in Australia, but I just can’t ignore this because way too many innocent people had their world turned upside down. Besides from keeping Australia in our thoughts, I think we need to always remember the US military has been sent to Iran at the order from Donald Trump. There has already been one images (2)missile strike out of revenge for the US strike that killed the Iranian military leader, Qassem Soleimani. I think there has already been too many killed and the blood shed needs to end, we certainly do not need another 9/11 because of starting battles between countries.

Thank you so much for stopping by my site. I am sure what I wrote today shows how I feel about everything. I wish CQvxHiZWIAAQ-fqeveryone could learn to get along, be kind and respectful to one another, and stop the killings. I know there probably will never be world peace during lifetime, but I do hope it will happen someday. I hope y’all are enjoying your weekend and you are feeling well. I am looking forward to reading your comments on this post! Please never forget that I am always sending y’all LOTS of love ❤, comfort, and many positive vibes!


❤Always, Alyssa❤



38 thoughts on “Worlds of Pain

  1. Half BILLION animals have died in Australia and it’s heartbreaking…. I can’t even watch the news any more… This is ALL mans doing with his greed and blindness to climate change… who? is reaping what man has sown? The innocent animals… Thank YOU for a great post although VERY sad 🙏🏻

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  2. The devastation in Australia is heartbreaking. So, so much destruction and loss. It’s hard to imagine the full extent of it.
    As for the current political tension and the loss from war already, let alone the events that could still unfold… it hardly bears thinking about. All of it seems so ridiculously pointless. Why all the hate, prejudice, racism, sexism in the world? Why so much need for control and destruction? xx

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    • All that is going on in Australia is incredibly sad. There are so many that lost their lives and so much destruction. This should never happen!
      Political tension is high right now and it is painful to see. There should NEVER be so much hate, prejudice, racism, sexism ever!!!xx

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  3. I couldn’t help but become teary eyed while reading this. A new decade with the same ole’ problems. Realistically, we didn’t expect an eraser to make a clean slate of all the issues in this world, but we hope and pray… And, we are no better.
    The horror that is taking place in Australia is undeniably heartwrenching.
    All any of us can do is pray that sooner than later, our world will heal. 🙏

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    • First, I am sorry to be responding so darn late. Second, I am sorry this made you teary eyed. It is horrible all that is going on. I think it has been longer than I ever realized how terrible people are! I wish I could be a little more optimistic, but I don’t see things changing anytime soon, it ever.
      There is a horrible about of heartbreaking things going on in Australia. I have never been there, but there are several people I follow in the blogging community and they are incredible. I wish there was a way I could fly there to help them. I LOVE koala and kangaroos!!!!

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  4. I did not know people would do such a terrible thing. I agree with the issue on climate change. I don’t remember summers being as hot as last summer was. December was very warm compared to normal. This month the temperature is below zero. Not enough people care that climate change is the cause of many of last years disasters to make the changes needed

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    • I really can’t understand people that are so full of anger and hate, and I know I never will!!! It is so frustrating how many do not understand climate change, I do believe it is a crisis. People that have the nerve to say it is “fake news” make me so upset. Of course the only people I have actually heard say fake news is an idiot that is ruining our country. I strongly disagree and do not support Trump. I am sorry if I offended you with that comment. Sadly, I think people are the cause of most issues with climate change.


  5. Prayers are with all the people in Australia. It is disgraceful how people can purposefully cause chaos in the lives of innocent people. How can people live with themselves knowing so many others lost everything. It’s horrific to know there are people in this world that have no regard for human life. All I can say is they will one day meet their maker and there’s nothing they can say to rectify their actions. There are consequences to every action and in the end they will get what’s coming to them. All my Love & Support, Mom!

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  6. Thanks to Trump and his pathetic attempt to distract from impeachment, Canada just lost 63 of its valued citizens, as did other countries. It’s tragic, and was completely preventable, as are the fires in Australia–who’s stupid enough to throw a cigarette butt into a dry forest?!

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    • I am so thankful for this comment!!!! You couldn’t be more correct saying Trump’s pathetic attempt to distract from his well-deserved impeachment. I have never disliked someone I haven’t know or at least met as much I do Trump! Unfortunately, his truly blind and pathetic cult followers are the cause for him where he is and causing the events he does. There is NO way I can understand how anyone could be as stupid as they are and throw a cigarette into a place so dry and breathtakingly beautiful!!!! I am so disappointed in those Australians. The Australians I have grown to know see kind and full of goodness!
      A little off topic, have you ever done anything with freelance writing?

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  7. I live in Australia and it is just devastating to see so much of our beautiful country just burning.Many of these coastal areas are holiday destinations and have the most beautiful scenery. Now the NSW and Victorian fires have joined together into one big bush fire and so many koalas haev been burnt and wildlife have died as well as firefighters fighting the fires. The horrible thing is that many of these fires are not natural causes and have been lit by arsonists.

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    • I am so sorry for what is going on in your beautiful and breathtaking country is going through. It is devastating to know people are part of the cause. I hate know the animals and people are suffering and they are innocent. I LOVE koalas and they seem so sweet. Do you see them often? And kangaroos are so cute! I am glad those that are at fault are being held accountable and justice will be served, although jail is way too good for them. Please forgive this next comment, those that caused this should face the same horrific pain as the people and animals did!

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      • Yes the little koalas are Soooo cute and to see their little paws and fur burnt off is so sad. Where I live we don’t see koalas very much but you can see them at the zoo any time or in natural parks I think more at night time though. There was a huge roo sitting outside the lawn in front of my house though a few weeks back.

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      • I love the cute little koalas and to see their poor little paws burnt off is heartbreaking. I know the rain y’all got caused other issues, but I am hoping good times are near!


      • I am donating all of the proceeds from the sales of my sleeping Koala artwork towards helping the wildlife affected by the bushfires. I know you won’t be able to enter the silent auction as the shipping fee is too much but here is the link if you’d like to make a contribution.

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