Motivational Monday!

new-monday-new-week-motivational-gym-quotesHappy Monday y’all! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and you are ready for a new fabulous week! I am starting my new job today, so I am a little nervous, okay I am a lot nervous! It is just jitters from not knowing anyone and learning something new and I am sure the jitters will end after a short time. Changes are always nerve-wracking, but it is also needed!

I found a wonderful quote to start your week off on the right foot and I hope you like it!weightloss-quotes-michael-jordan-1564154654.png
We all feel like we are running into a wall at times and it is SO important to find a way through it or go around it! Y’all know how awful my last job was and how incredibly look-on-the-bright-side.jpgnegative it was, so I made the change to something new that should be much better! We are at work more than we are at home and working in a hostile work environment is SO unhealthy and not worth it. It takes a lot of determination to quit a job when you do not already have an offer and stay on top of the search!

I hope your week starts off great and only gets even better! I just want to say, please do not ever let anyone bring you down, you deserve better than that! More than likely they are so unhappy in their life they just want everyone positive mondayto suffer with them so we just can’t let it happen that way! I am looking forward to reading your thoughts on the quote I shared. I promise to respond as soon as possible, which is going to be when I get out of work. I also promise to share with y’all how my first day at the new job went! Never forget that I am always sending y’all LOTS of                 love ❤, comfort and many positive vibes!


❤Always, Alyssa❤

I also want to give a HUGE shout out to a fellow blogger, Holly for helping me so much while I try getting into freelance writing! Holly is an amazing person with a huge heart ❤!!! Holly has her own blog she maintains and I love reading her posts. If you have time, I think you would love her as well!

Oh yeah, when you have time please check out the amazing books written by Emma!!


25 thoughts on “Motivational Monday!

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  2. I hope you are having a great first day at your new job. I know you’re nervous but I also know you are going to be amazing. Change is difficult but that’s how we grow. You have so much to offer and I only hope this new job appreciates you. Obstacles will always present themselves when we least expect them. We have 2 choices. Let them deter us from achieving our goals or push through with determination to do what we set out to accomplish. It’s easy to just give up but where would we be in life if we allow that to happen? We all are stronger than we think. Don’t let anything stand in your way of having the life you deserve. All my Love & Support, Mom!


  3. Ooo I’ll check out Holly’s site now as I’ve not come across it before. I’m attempting freelance writing. Not easy! Where the heck has time gone..? You must be wondering the same, I thought you still had a little time left before you started. Wishing you the very, very best – I really do hope this job is better, that the people there are kind and the management are decent! Sending lots of love, hope you have a good week there! xxxx

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    • Holly is really amazing and I know you will love her!! WOW, you are starting freelance writing? That is so great because you are amazing! Time is flying by, but I guess that is the way it is now days. My first day was good and I learned a lot. I am sorry I didn’t respond yesterday, but my goodness I came home with an awful migraine!!!

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      • No no, you never have to reply at all so certainly don’t feel pressured to reply quickly. I’m glad the first day was good but I’m sorry about the migraine. Doesn’t help with lots going on and probably built up stress and anticipation for the new job, too. How’re you feeling today? I hope it’s eased off and that the rest of the week goes as well as possible ♥ xx

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      • Thank you so much Caz!!! I am trying to stay as caught up as I can, but my goodness I am so tired when I get home. I get up way too early, but at least the job is going well. I am way too hard on myself because I think I should just know everything right away. Thankfully, the migraine is under control now! You are right though, I am sure it was partially caused from stress and anticipation. I have WAY TOO much on my plate. I hope you are doing well and I know you will do great with freelance writing! Holly is very helpful and absolutely wonderful! xxx

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