Motivational Monday!

6dd4fb5264d72b598fa2e12899fc773aHappy Monday y’all! I hope you had a delightful weekend and you are looking forward to the week ahead. I was finally able to make decision that I do consider to be life altering,  I turned in my resignation! Not having a job is a little stressful, but at the same time I feel a huge load off my back and mind. I know I am going to find something better soon.images (2)

Are y’all ready for a short week? With Thanksgiving being this week, that is one less day of work and one more day to show what we are thankful for. What are y’all thankful for? I am thankful for the life I am able to live and the loved ones I hold dear. Even though I have a rather small family, I am thankful for each and everyone of them. There are some that are unfortunately not still with us, but they are all thought of daily! Y’all already know just how much I loved ❤ my Poppy, but that man will live on in my heart and soul! ❤

It took my a while to decide on what quote I wanted to share with y’all today. I have so many that have a lot of meaning, but the one I decided on was very powerful to me❤!never let the world change your smile

I do believe there is so much in this world that can bring a smile to our face, but then there is also so much that tries taking that happiness away from us. We can’t allow that to happen! There seems to be so much going on in the political world that just will never make sense to me. I believe in fairness and justice, but that doesn’t seem to take place with

I know this is a little off topic of Motivational Monday, but I think it is extremely important to say! In my eyes, I think we can all make a huge difference in someone else’s life. It doesn’t really take much to show compassion and empathy for others, at least I don’t think so! It might just mean a smile or kind words that can make an enormous difference in another’s life. We never know what anyone is going through because we do not live in their shoes. 

Thank you for stopping by my site today! I do always appreciate your continued support and kindness! I hope your week starts off great and only gets better for you. Of course, I also hope you are feeling the best you possibly can. Please never forget that I am always sending y’all LOTS of love ❤, comfort, and many positive vibes!


❤Always, Alyssa❤


54 thoughts on “Motivational Monday!

  1. wishing you a happy week lovely! And fingers crossed you get an acceptance from one of the jobs you applied for. I wonder what your ex boss is thinking today, but you know what, which cares also! You made the best decision for yourself and we need to think about our health at the end of the day. Wishing you good luck and oodles of happiness! X

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  2. Good morning Alyssa! I’m glad that you are doing well and that you’re keeping yourself busy. Thanksgiving already passed in Canada (it was in October). I hope that you get to bake some delicious food and eat delicious food with your loved ones. Cooking and baking can be really therapeutic! ♥️

    Coming from someone who literally spent the past 8 months sleeping in and procrastinating on a whole new level I didn’t even know existed, it helps to have a schedule that you can stick to even when you aren’t working. It’s tempting to sleep in and watch Netflix all day, sip mochas all day, and browse funny cat videos on YouTube all day.

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    • Hi Hilary! I never knew people in Canada celebrating Thanksgiving in October! I learned something new today! Unfortunately, I will not be cooking because we are still waiting on our stove, but my husband and I will still have something good to eat. My in-laws are travelling to see their in-laws, but my mother in law will be coming to our house on Friday.

      I did get a job offer today and won’t start until 12/2 or 12/9 so I have time off between jobs! I will be able to enjoy the time off now that I am not stressed about not having a job. What do you enjoy most on Netflix? I LOVE funny cat videos!!!!!

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      • Congratulations on getting the new job! Sorry I missed that – must have read between the lines 🤭 Not having to cook seems a lot less stressful. Yep, our Thanksgiving lands on a Monday, usually the second weekend in October. 🍂🎃

        I actually don’t have Netflix, but I watch documentaries on YouTube. Most videos I watch are the boring educational ones with the occasional cat video. 😅

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      • Oh no worries, I just got the job offer today! Yes, not having to cook is a lot less stressful, but I do look forward to the day I have a working stove!

        Documentaries can be interesting. My husband watches a lot of them on YouTube.

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  3. Good Morning, Alyssa! I am so very proud of you for finally leaving that gawd awful place that was stealling you happiness away.
    Something will come along and it will be so much better, I just know it in my heart.
    You asked, what am I thankful for. Other than my mom who is number 1, I’m so tahnkful to my little baby boy while he sits here on my lap watching me type. But, I am really grateful to all the wonderful friendships I have made here on WP.
    God Bless You, Dear Friend!!

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  4. Thank your for sharing!… sometimes one has to do what one has to do in order to realize happiness!.. Obviously I am not aware of your circumstances but perhaps you might wish to explore the possibility of working from home or freelancing… my daughter works from home for a company… there are legitimate organizations and companies that do that… 🙂

    “The only thing that stands between you and your dream is the will to try and the belief that it is actually possible.” ― Joel Brown

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  5. Sometimes the smallest of things can make a big difference in someone else’s life, I totally agree.
    And congrats on handing in your resignation! Yes, I think that deserves a congratulations! 😉 It’s a big step, especially without having another job lined up. I’ve done it myself before and it’s scary but the feeling of relief afterwards is worth it, as is knowing you’ve been assertive and done what’s right for you. Good riddance to them, they’ve lost a precious gem with you leaving but there’s something better out there for you, so it’s only a matter of time. Wooohooooo!! How long do you have to work there after handing this in?
    Caz xx

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    • Thank you Caz! It did feel good handing my resignation in and I sense of relief! I made my resignation effect immediately. I almost felt bad for not giving proper notice, but the way I was treated, they didn’t deserve it! I was terrified not already having another job in place, but also knew something would come along. I did get a job offer already and even countered the rate they initially offered. I will be starting my new job December 9th!!!

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      • Waaah that’s amazing!!!! Fingers crossed it’s better than the last. Congrats, Alys!! That is such fab news! And at least you get a short break for a little breathing space before starting the new job 😄xxxxx

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      • Thank you Caz! I hate to say this and be wrong, but I don’t believe any job could be worse than what I just left! I can handle being mistreated, but what I can’t tolerate is other hard working people being treated in a negative manner. It also is so wrong not giving your top performer the bonus they earned and deserve. I am glad to be putting this place behind me and hope the new job will be pleasant. I am glad to have a short break in between jobs to gather my thoughts and enjoy the rest! xxx

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