Let It Go Friday!

welcome fridayHello y’all and HAPPY FRIDAY! How has your week been? I certainly hope your week has been great, you are feeling well, and you are looking forward to the weekend.I spent my week either searching job a new job, going on interviews and torturing myself with deciding if I should turn in my resignation into the the boss (jackass). Considering I have been extremely miserable in my current job, I do not have a clue why it has been so hard for me to type up my resignation letter and how I will turn it in to the boss (jackass). I have finally managed to get welcome-weekend-please-stay-as-long-as-you-like-1my resignation letter typed up, but still have yet, but at least it has been typed which was a good first step. 

I am so glad the weekend is here and I do not really have anything that has to be done. As crazy as this will sound, I am glad to have the weekend to clean my house. I finally have the time to do a complete clean of the house and not miss a single thing! I am hoping that between cleaning the house and laundry, I will be able to give my sanity a break with this job issue and rest my brain.

Of course I love the quote I am sharing with y’all today because it couldn’t be more true. I am hoping you will enjoy this as much as I do and I can’t wait to read your thoughts!b56a6c743d7157cdb1bec91fc1d6a87b--take-ownership-quotes-fun-quotes

I do believe whether it be good or bad, we should always take responsibility for our actions. Some of our actions could result in something unpleasant and result in difficulta95738fb473dbf38072051114f6e1565 times, which of course is not easy to deal with. I think we can’t grow and become better if it weren’t for mistakes. However, our actions can result in positivity. What do you think? 

I wanted to let y’all know that there are several posts I am working on at the moment. I might have gotten a little OCD about them changed things multiple times because I want these posts to be great and helpful. I wasn’t going to give any further information just so you kind of know what to expect, but I couldn’t wait to share with y’all what has been in the works and that I hope to have them completed by Monday, but we will see!

  • Alzheimer’s Awareness Month– I find COMING-SOONthis to be a very interesting topic and I am just wanting to be sure to share information about this condition. Thismight be a sensitive subject for anyone that has someone in their life with Alzheimer’s, so I am writing this with a sensitive touch 
  • How to write a killer cover letter
  • Interview questions you might be asked in an interview
  • Ronnie & Randy Winter from the band Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. Unfortunately these two men and I have something in common from our childhood.What would you do if you won a million dollars?

welcome fridayI want to thank you for taking the time to stop by my site today! I hope you have a wonderful Friday and your weekend is full of joy! Try to let go of anything negative or upsetting that occurred throughout the week. The good news is, the week is over and there isn’t anything you can do to change what occurred. Use today as your day go just let go of any and all negative emotions. Please never forget that I am always sending y’all LOTS of love ❤, comfort, and many positive vibes!


❤Always, Alyssa❤



18 thoughts on “Let It Go Friday!

  1. I hope you solve your dilemma about whether or not to quit your job. Thankfully I’m on pension and no longer have to worry about that, but I painfully remember being in your position. Here’s my opinion: if you can financially swing it, leave the negativity behind. I know it’s a huge risk, but if you ‘hate’ it, it’s not worth the emotional trauma. Fingers crossed that you find a new opportunity soon.

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    • Thank you so much for reading and leaving a great comment! I think I have pretty much decided to not return to the negative environment. It really isn’t worth dealing with so much for so little. I have been on several interviews and currently have one more for Tuesday and I just hope something will work out. I do think the job was causing me way more pain and hardships, which isn’t worth it.

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  2. I sincerely hope you can hand over the resignation letter soon! Heck, I think I want you out of that place more than you do. LOL!
    A weekend of cleaning usually settles me and my mind. I like whe things are orderly and clean.
    After a sit down with my roommate yesterday, she finally cleaned the pig-pen that was downstairs. OMG! It was so disgusting.
    Then when I went down last night, I barely recognized it. What a glorious day in the neighborhood! LOL!

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    • You are too funny and I do appreciate you! I think I have decided to either drop my resignation letter off tomorrow or Sunday. The manager will not be there, so I won’t have to deal with him. I will have to deal with this hostile and bitc*y leasing consultant, but I will ignore her.
      I am glad you understand me and how cleaning can settle nerves. It has been a while since I did an intense cleaning in the house and it really needs it!
      I do hope you have a great weekend and do what makes you happy!!

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      • I wish I was a fly on a wall to see the reaction on their faces when they read your resignation letter. 🦟😲
        Cleaning and decluttering always makes me feel better and empowered for some odd reason. I hope you enjoy your cleansing time!
        I hoe you have a wonderful weekend too, Dear Friend!!! 😍😘

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      • I think the idiot boss knows it’s coming and if he doesn’t he is a fool!
        I didn’t have the energy today to do any cleaning. It was rainy and cold, so I was in a lot of pain all day. Hopefully I can be more productive tomorrow. I hope your weekend is going well!

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