Pick Me Up Thursday!

132811-It-s-Almost-FridayHappy Friday Eve y’all! I hope you have had a great week and you are feeling well! I have taken this week to focus on taking the proper steps to get away from the toxic environment I have been working in. I have gone on several interviews and still have a few more in the next few days. When we are unhappy with something in our life, whether it be a job, relationship, or lifestyle, we are the only ones that can change that! Instead of just settling for something, we need to get out there and make a change that could help us be happier and more fulfilled. shine and smile

We all know that life can be very challenging. What we go through with an illness can be very draining, but it is important we know that we are strong enough to get through anything. There is an amazing fellow blogger I want to introduce you to, Emma Ortega Negrete. Emma has written some pretty amazing books and I want to share them with you! I have already read both of them and know you will enjoy them as well!

We have almost made it through another week and the weekend is near! Do y’all have any plans for the weekend? The only thing I have planned is to meet up with my mother on Friday for lunch! Considering I am not working right now, (well I haven’t actually quit my job yet, but that is coming soon) I am able to do things I normally can’t because of crazy schedules. The quote I am sharing with y’all today, I hope you will find it as a pick me up to get through the final day of this long week!onesbestsuccess-min

look on the bright sideThank you so much for visiting my site today! I know we are all busy with life, but I do hope you will take a few moments to check out Emma’s books, I know you will not be disappointed. Emma is very encouraging, real, honest, and a breath of fresh air! I hope you have a great day and really hope you are feeling as great as you possibly can. Please never forget that I am always sending y’all LOTS of love ❤, comfort, and many positive vibes!


❤Always, Alyssa❤



32 thoughts on “Pick Me Up Thursday!

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    • Thank you Terri! I have had way too many interviews this week and have another tomorrow. I just hope something works out soon because I don’t want to deal with anymore interviews. I still have not quit my job, but plan to soon. I guess I am a little scared to. I hope you had a great day!

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  2. I hope you find a new job that you like and with a better schedule. Proud of you for getting out there and making a change. I just got a new puppy so I will be busy with him this weekend. Probably find some time to work out as well. Where are those books listed at? I can’t see them. I may need to wake up more haha.

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