*Rest & Alone Time Good for the soul!*

let-discuss.jpgLet’s have an open and honest discussion about something that is very important to all of us! What do you do when there are several things you either want to do or need to do, but your body is screaming for you to stop and rest?  Do you try your best to ignore pleads from your overworked and weary body and keep going on? Or do you take a step back and listen to what your body is begging you for? Honestly, even though I know it would be best to rest, I tend to push myself not to stop or even slow down at all.life changes

Considering I do want to start making positive changes in my life, I wanted to find out how beneficial restful alone time can be for a person. This is going so sound a little crazy, but I almost felt like this information was granting me permission to have my pleasant alone time and not feel guilty or selfish for doing so.

Unfortunately, finding peace in the world today isn’t an easy task to take on and can exhaustingPositive Life Affirmation and Old Thought Patterns

to try. We see so much hatred and negativity every single day and that is SO WRONG! Even with that said, I do still believe, although it may only be short lived, there are minor things we can do for peace and comfort. I am going to list a few benefits to having your own personal and quit alone time!

  • Alone time gives you the opportunity to unwind and reboot your brain. If your brain is constantly turned “ON”, you are not giving your brain a chance to replenish itself. Time alone with no distractionsimages (7) allows for you to clear your mind, focus, and think a lot more clearly than before. This gives you the chance to revitalize both you mind and body!
  • Alone time can help improve concentration skills and even increase your productivity. If we can remove distractions and interruption from our lives the best we can, our concentration abilities will improve, which will help you get more work done, images (8)is less the time. Spending time by yourself gives you time to discover who you are and to hear your voice. When you are in a group with other people, you tend to just go along with whatever others said, even if it isn’t the action you think would be best.
  • You will have an opportunity to think far deeper if you are left alone with your thoughts, rather than in a group. On a normal day we are thinking or stressing about what our to-do list entails. Try to take short periods of time to sit alone and allow your thoughts to come alive!deep-quotes-every-saint-has-a-past-every-sinner-has-a-future-oscar-wilde-wisdom-quotes
  • It is often difficult to work through our troubles when we are surrounded with interruptions from either other humans or electronics. We do have a better chance to solve our problems if we take time and process things alone.
  • Spending time alone can improve your relationships. If you have spent time by yourself, you will have a better understanding of who you are and who you want to surround yourself with. Once you spent time alone, you will be able to appreciate Zenspirations®_by_Joanne_Fink_Blog_12_4_17_Let_Ypur_Creativity_Shineyour relationships with more love and honesty.
  • Alone time creates a space for creativity to grow and expand! Spending time alone allows your mind to wander candidly activating the brain’s default mode network that is responsible for most original thoughts and ideas.
  • Spending time alone increases self-sufficiency. This gives you the chance to self-reflect and even become comfortable with who you are. You will also be motivated to form your own opinions, free from judgment and criticism from others.

I hope you have found this information as interesting and helpful as I did. I believe allb0c97863a133d3e681c89beadb0f7a6b--art-tutorial-inspirational-posters of us should be learning more and evolving. I really appreciate you taking time to read this. I am not pushing you make a comment, but I would really like to encourage you to do so. I look forward to reading your thoughts because all of you are pretty great. I hope your weekend has been full of happy time and pain free! Please always remember that I am always sending y’all LOTS of love ❤ , comfort, and many positive vibes!


❤Always, Alyssa❤

P.S I hope everything came out okay with this post, WP was giving me troubles this evening


13 thoughts on “*Rest & Alone Time Good for the soul!*

  1. Great blog post! I totally agree with all your points, and I love the rainbow creativity image!!

    I always take time to be alone, but I have to say, you work full-time, and so it impresses me that you can find down time!

    When I lie down in bed, I can have a power rest and think through my plans. Also, if I’m writing a novel, I can figure out where the plot’s going.

    Great post!

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  2. I love alone time. I almost feel sort of angry if someone invades my silence when my brain is in the mood for quiet. It does as good to just be with ourselves. I find now humans are so exhausting. they dont come anymore with off switches and have no idea how to read someones aura.

    rabbit rabbit rabbit on and on, and my brain is screaming and I am trying so hard to not say OH FOR GODS SAKE SHUT UP.

    I know part of it is my MS, i do suffer with hypercusis, and when this is in a positive phase i simply have to shut myself off away from people but it never seems to work that way.

    I wonder if hypercusis comes with other chronic illnesses?

    I love chilling with music on low in the back ground and just staring out the window not sure if my brain is taking anything in, but i can feel my body relax.

    My biggest issue is i do PUSH myself. always have been active working sometimes 60 hours a week so its very hard for me to slow down and shut my brain off for a bit.

    My only worry is I am slowly leaning more to alone time then mingling with the human race, who now I find truly hard work. I mean really i live in sheltered with people over 60 and all they do is moan or bitch about each other, i really dont need this toxic environment, so now trying to work around a way to move into a place just for me and my pets. Who needs bitchy? I need positivity about me.

    Even my family can be hard work. My sister for example is older then me. She forwarded an message to me via Messenger one of those send this to 10 friends …………… it was about the signs of stroke.

    Came from australia. ok may have been genuine, but i dont do links, and nor do i bother my friends with this kind of thing, as some of the links actually hold hacking viruses. Now she isnt very savvy with the Internet, so i simple said thanks for information but just to warn you that sometimes these links can hold viruses so just be careful hun ok and yes knowing the signs is good as i knew them and used them on my husband as i thought he had actually suffered a stroke. .

    Well she came back with INDIGNATION, and said to me “why do you always have to CONTROL everything. I was quite shocked and taken aback, and spent all day worrying do i try to CONTROL everything? I even mentioned it to my brother who said he deleted the message as he got caught out with a forwarding chain letter, so ignored it, perhaps my mistake then was I should have said nothing?

    I wont in future. What I did do before i wrote to her in the first place was checked the message was correct information, and I posted it openly on my wall about the signs of stroke, so others would benefit from it.

    No i am slowly finding humans hard work. Its not the same anymore with or without a chronic illness the world is just a stressed place. too much information down to the Internet I think.

    Anyway its sunday in the UK the clocks went back oh my I hate that, as for the first day it makes no difference as you still have to get up at the same time whether its 7am or 6am when you have animals to tend too, and routines with bladders and bowls and tablets.

    BIG HUGS sorry I seem to have waffled a bit. xxxxxxxxxx

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  3. Resting to me is simply stopping to let the body heal, I may watch TV or read. Even write a post, as long as writing doesn’t get me jacked up and I can stay relaxed it’s a good time to write. It’s hard but I have finally given in to what my body needs and quit beating myself up for what I think I should be doing. If you keep pushing yourself in the end you are worse off and out of commision or in much more pain. 🙂

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