Let It Go Friday!

337828-Have-A-Relaxing-Long-Weekend...happy-Labor-DayHappy Friday y’all! I hope your week has been fantastic and with it finally being the end of the week, you are feeling the best you possibly can. Words cannot even begin to describe how glad I am to have a three day weekend because it is needed for SO many reasons. I think I have already made it perfectly clear how I feel aboutScreen-shot-2013-11-11-at-10.04.50-PM my manager, which is not all that great, but I am learning how to deal with him in healthier ways. I am pleasant when I first arrive at work and then only deal with him when it is absolutely necessary. Most things I can actually handle on my own and in a way that makes our residents and prospects feel understood and respected.

When things become unbelievably frustrating, I try my best to laugh it off and talk about happier topics. Sometimes changing the subject will distract people on bad situations. I think having the ability to add optimism to a negative situation will only increase morale and lessen the negative emotions. The residents at the community I work at respect me and know that if they call, email or come into the office, I will take positiveas much time as required to help resolve their troubles. 

I have already told y’all that I am THRILLED to have a three-day weekend, but there are still many negative feelings I have bottled up over the past week that I need to let go of. Today is the perfect day for not only myself, but for all of us to start letting go of negative feelings. I honestly believe that holding onto those pessimistic and defeatist thoughts will  only hold us back from living that happy life we deserve. The quote I am sharing with y’all today is to help you let go of anything negative you might be feeling and I think it speaks volumes!let go 14

I want to thank you for stopping by my site today❤ and to let you know that I always appreciate your continued and valuable communications. Whether it is on the quotes I share three times a week or something else I write about because I believe your thoughts add so much additional meaning! images (1)

I hope you have an excellent day and your weekend is filled with whatever brings you the most joy because you deserve it. Do you have any plans or are you just going to be spontaneous? I think part of my much needed long weekend will be enjoying not being awoken with an evil alarm clock and other things that I want to do. Please know that I will always be sending y’all LOTS of love ❤, comfort, and many positive vibes!


❤Always, Alyssa❤


38 thoughts on “Let It Go Friday!

  1. LOVE the quotes, and as usual, I’m inspired by how hard you work at getting along with people, especially at work! I just can’t handle the workplace at all, so you’re a constant source of inspiration to me. I think your way of dealing with your manager is brilliant!!

    From midnight tonight until midnight at the end of Labor Day Monday, I’ll be participating in the 3-day novel writing contest. (Best novel gets published!) So I’ve got to write a novel in three days!! Woo hoo!! (As for alarm clocks, they’ll be turned off. I write better on more sleep!) I’m glad you’ll have three much deserved days of rest!!

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    • I am so happy you loved the quotes and even happier to know I can be an inspiration to you. I have found that just getting along with others or at least faking it is easier than being aggravated with those people. I honestly fake liking my manager and he isn’t smart enough to know!

      You must be excited about the writing contest. I have no doubt at all you will do great and you will be the best! I can’t imagine writing a novel in just three days, but I know you will do it with grace and brilliance!

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    • Thank you so much Beckie! I must agree with you that I really need this long weekend! I have a little worn out trying to get along with my manager, it has taken a lot of effort to fake liking and respecting him! I hope you have a lovely weekend and you are able t odo what brings you the most joy!

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  2. My day is pretty lazy, actually. I’ve spent a couple of hours now, reading through some blogs and adding blogs to my site reader. Soon I’ll be starting a craft project. My life is all about having a go at everything before deciding I can’t do something. As for the rest of my weekend, it’s spontaneous lol! I hope you’re well. And yes, optimism is always a good thing as far as I’m concerned!

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    • I am so happy you had a lazy day, those are needed from time to time! What craft project will you be doing soon? I love how you live life! Go before deciding you can’t, but I bet that doesn’t happen often. You are kidding, your birthday is September 30th? My birthday is Sept 30th as well! Libra girls are the best, right!?


      • I started painting. I like painting little boxes and other similar things. I’ll be doing a collage too. My birthday is in August. As for having a go at everything in life, well it depends. I just take every day as it comes. I enjoy life as much as I can. At the moment I’m waiting for a report from a service provider so I can submit it to a Government agency so they can update my current disability plan properly. That way I can go out more often. I’m all about getting out and about. But I do agree, laziness can be a good thing at times!

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      • I bet painting can be calming and relaxing! I think taking things one day at a time is best. Do you live in the states? Government agencies can be difficult, but I hope everything things work out for the best for you! We all need lazy days or we might go crazy or at least I know I will!

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      • I’m in Australia. I’ve got orientation training next week so I’ll be asking my instructor about my assistive technology then. My O and M instructor is also an occupational therapist.

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      • Oh WOW, Australia! I have seen pictures of your beautiful country and I dream of visiting someday. You will probably laugh, but I am in love with kangaroos!! I wish you lots of luck with your orientation, I know you will be great!

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      • I’m going to write about it in my next blog and I’m going to write about my next appointment after that which is 26 September. I receive some assistive technology finally! Watch the space.

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  3. This weekend is my brother and best friend’s birthday! I’m quite sick of cakes at this point. I also hosted a cake sale yesterday…
    I’m going back to school soon so there will not be much time for sweets then! Have a good weekend x

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  4. I’m glad you have a much-needed three day weekend. Labor Day Weekend, right? I hope you can take your own fantastic advice and work on letting the negativity go, on resting and recuperating and being kind to yourself  ♥
    Caz xx

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    • Thank you so much Caz! This was Labor Day weekend and I am so happy to have 3 days off and in a row! I really am doing the best I can with letting go of my negative emotions towards my job because it doesn’t change anything, but increases my pain. I hope you had a lovely weekend and you are feeling well! Take care my sweet friend!!

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    • I have been wondering where you were? Glad to see you again? I am doing the best I can to just tolerate my boss and pretend to like him. I believe in fake it ’til you make it! I am glad you liked the quote as well. Take care Amanda and I hope your week starts off great!

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      • Thanks lovely. I’ve been coping with getting my son off to university across the country, so haven’t been able to think about much more than that. Just got home today. 😢 Fake it till you make it for sure – I’m sooo happy and excited for him! 😥 You have a great start to the week too!!

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      • I know it must be hard on you with your son moving across country. I guess he is still a phone call away and a plane ride. Where is he going to college? What will he be majoring in? Seriously, fake it till you make it in life is very helpful! I live by this belief!!!

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