Motivational Monday!

monday 3Good morning y’all! I hope you had a lovely weekend, spent doing what brings you the most joy! I worked over the weekend, so I did not have much time to relax or rest. Not only did I work both Saturday and Sunday, but I also went grocery shopping. I think I need a weekend to recover from my weekend!

The good part about working the weekend was that I was able to help at least two families get the apartment they wanted ❤. Honestly both of these families took a little bit of creativity to make it happen, but I am proud to say I was able to think out side the box and find solutions. ❤It is a great feeling when someonebenefits-of-gratitude-1 says with pure gratitude, they appreciate what you have done to help them because no one else took the extra time to do so.

Are y’all ready to start a new week with a fresh mind set? Monday morning is normally a rude awakening with that evil alarm clock, but it is more like a new beginning. We all have our bad days or bad weeks, but at the same time we do not allow anything to stop us! The quote I am sharing with y’all today is something I have said numerous times before and I still believe it wholeheartedly! I do hope you will find this quote a good way to start your week off!Stress11

Thank you so much for visiting my site today! I hope you are feeling well and you have a wonderful day! I do look forward to reading what you think about the quote I have shared and I will respond as quickly as I can. Please never forget that I am always sending y’all LOTS of love ❤, comfort and many positive vibes!


❤Always, Alyssa❤


18 thoughts on “Motivational Monday!

  1. Love the quote – it shows how we can’t control everything, but we can control how we respond to what happens to us. I bet you could use a day of rest after this weekend, Alys! But it’s great you got to help those families, I’m sure they’re super happy & grateful for you! xx

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  2. Wow what an inspirational blog!! It makes starting a new week exciting instead of dreading another week. Keep writing because you have a way of motivating people to do better and striving to be better. All my Love & Support, Mom!!

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