Sunday-QuoteJust for a moment try imagining if the unimaginable could actually be a possibility for you. What if there was a visitor’s pass that would allow for us to embrace and talk to a loved one that has passed away, would you do it? I can say without a shadow of a doubt, if this was an option, there would be several people I would love ❤ to see and talk to again

During difficult and emotionally draining times in life, I would give anything to have just one more minute with my grandfather. He had an ability to make even the craziest download (6)situations make sense and easy to handle. Any problems I would talk with him about, he would always tell me I would make the right decisions and they would be the best decision for me. In the rare times I felt like giving up, he would remind me that I wasn’t a quitter and even though I felt helpless, someone else was facing something a lot worse. This might seem crazy to most people, but I feel the presence of my grandfather every time a butterfly goes by me!

What would you do if faced with a situation you could go visit a loved one that passed away? We may never be offered a visitor’s pass to visit loved one’s that have passed away or feel their embrace or hear their voices, I do believe our loved ones that passed away are still living within our hearts and soul.

images (1)Thank you for stopping by my site today! I hope you have been able to enjoy your weekend to the fullest. I don’t know about y’all, but I am NOT at all ready for the new week to start, but it is going to happen regardless. I am sure it shows from this post, I was a having a slight emotional day. My emotions seem to be heightened when I have increased pain and do not feel 100%. I guess I might be on the mend from not feeling well at all on Friday, but it is taking it’s time. I was able to rest most of the weekend considering I really did not have any plans, but grocery shopping which I dread! Please know that I am always sending y’all LOTS of love ❤, comfort, and many positive vibes!



❤Always, Alyssa❤


22 thoughts on “Unimaginable!

  1. i enjoy reading about the special bond you have with your grandfather. no matter where he is, that bond still exsists and remains. what a blessing for the both of you to share. i know he is very proud of all you are doing……….

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  2. I love this post!!! 💗
    I’m such a strong believer that angels exist… Mine are my grandmother on my mom’s side, and my ex-husband.
    When I’m really struggling, I know they are there listening to my prayers… I know too, they have guided me through the depths of hell, and guided me out. Of course, I know God had his hand on the matter too, but I know the two of them are really watching over me. 💕👼🙏
    LOL! I’m with you on the shopping detail. I just got home. I loathe food shopping, I’d rather be cleaning than food shopping. LOL!
    Is it really hot and humid by you today? I know I’m always so sore, but today especially. The heat is 90 something, and humidity is right up there too.
    I’m testing out cbd oil for the chronic pain… I hope and pary that it goves me some relief.
    I hope you just relax the rest of the weekend and do a lot of nothing in preparation to go back to work, come Monday.
    ((((Hugs))))) 💗

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  3. I had 2 cats I got to spend 19 years with. They passed away after becoming seriously ill. My mom made the decision to have them put asleep because they were suffering and there was nothing the vet could do to help them. It was a tough decision I wasn’t able to make. I loved them too much to lose them. I would give anything to spend time with them again. It has been a few years since I lost them but I still cry and miss them every day.

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    • Oh my goodness I know how difficult that was for you. I am so sorry for your loss Michelle. We have two cats, one is 14 and the other 7. Our 14 year old has been with us since she was a baby, she was recently diagnosed with early stage kidney disease. Before we adopted our 7 year old we had another cat. Her name was Lexi and she ended up getting cancer. Her cancer spread and I was doing everything I could to keep her comfortable. The day before her appointment to be put to sleep, she passed at home. I did not have the strength to have her put to sleep any sooner because I was being selfish. The poor girl was always in pain. I do understand the never-ending love for our sweet pets and hate you went through that. I love our cats more than most people, I know that sounds cruel, but our cats are our children.

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  4. gosh I would ask god for all my loved ones to be there, but the one person i would love to talk to again face to face is my beloved husband who only passed october 2017. I would tell him how much i loved him, how much he really did mean to me, and that i should have not listened to him that day in hospital when he said “go home hun your tired out and the animals need you i will be ok honestly you need your rest, come and see me in the morning”. I listened to him as we had a dog, 2 cats and 20 chickens who were all out in the yard.

    I never saw him alive again. I saw him again that night at 9pm when i was called back to the hospital and i stayed with him until 5am when he finally took his last breath and left me.

    I have so much to say to him now and tell him. I loved him so much but we didnt have a passionate love we had a comfortable fit love, where we just enjoyed being with each other. each doing their own thing in the house, he would sit in the conservatory watching the chickens and the wild birds whilst i would rest and chat on my computer. at 11am he would get up and make me coffee and give me my little cake treat. we didnt need many words we had been together since 1991 and just joined together in heart and soul and spirit. I talk to him but its not the same.
    Yesterday from my patio door window I could see my bird table i had brought with me. It reminded me so much of Mike. Suddenly from nowhere came about 5 what i found out later rare long tailed tits. It was a family of them. They move together and these stayed with me all morning back and forth eating the niger seed, and the block fat with mealworms. When i first saw them, i almost instinctively looked for Mike to shout him. Mike mike look what we have on the bird table, he would have been so excited to see them. i have never seen them before and i know he had not either. It overwhelmed me with the sense of loss yet i had joy too. I hoped he sent them to me.

    I feel him and my mum and dad around me all the time. I know they are there, and when it is my time to pass i know they will be with me to guide me on my last journey.

    it made me feel very emotional yesterday. I loved my husband so much but when i got sick and he was sick too i felt i neglected him. but when he was in the hospital he did say to me in front of my dauhter, “zen, hun I have had the best and most amazing 28 years with you, its been great I never thought i could be so happy and he squeezed my hand and i kissed him, with tears coming from my eyes, as he was the love of my life i met him finally late in life”. I had the best 28 years too, he was a kind a gentle man, a loving man, caring to all he knew and would do anything for anyone. He never got angry with me, he worked until he was 71 so that we could have a good life, but sadly he never got to enjoy his retirement.

    I would say to him, you have left a huge hole in my heart and my life, and I can’t wait for us to be together again. I would rather be with you in uncertainty of the after life then live without you in this life. xxxxxxx


  5. Alyssa you’re absolutely right. Your loved ones are watching down over you and will always have a special place in your heart forever. All the memories will stay in heart and mind and bring joy to you when thinking about them. Your grandfather loved you very much and would only want you to remember him with joy and happiness. No tears!! All my Love & Support, Mom!

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  6. Alyssa,

    I believe I was led to your site this late night due to my emotions running on high as well lately.

    Your grandfather sounds a lot of my Mimi. I bet they’ve met and spoke with each other already.
    I’m proud that you have the strength to show that you are human and have difficult days. Hang in there. We will all get through it together!

    It seems normal for me to follow pain filled days with raw emotion for a couple days, at least until I catch up on sleep, as well.

    You’re not the only one in this fight, dear. Hold on for dear life, as many of us are also doing the same!❤️💞

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    • I am so sorry for my delayed response. Sometimes life and work get out of control and it is hard to keep up. I am so glad you came to my site and look forward to getting to know you.

      I am sure that my dear sweet grandfather and your Mimi have met! I think it is important to keep things real and light because life is a battle only we can win!

      I really appreciate you reading this post and leaving such an amazing comment. Thank you so much and I hope you are feeling well!!

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      • I apologize for my late response to your comment and also here as well. I agree that life and work get crazy sometimes!!

        I always try to stay light, but I have a hard time with that sometimes! I just get so overwhelmed with everything that stress turns to million emotions and I don’t even know what I feel at that point.

        I appreciate your stop by my site as well!! I also am looking forward to getting to know you. Feel well today!!❤️❤️

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      • No worries about late responses, life gets so busy. We all are doing what we can and at least we try!

        Keeping things light when we are high on emotions isn’t easy. I am a very emotional person and with all that is going on in the world, I get even more upset.

        I hope you had a lovely weekend and I hope your week starts off great!

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      • You are just precious. Thank you so much! And I agree. I’m very emotional too. It’s been worse here lately. For as much as my tears are driving me crazy, I can’t imagine how my husband feels!!🤦🏻‍♀️

        I hope that you have a wonderful beginning to your weekend and that you feel up to do anything that you’ve wanted to do for a while!!

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      • I am so sorry I am late responding. I think it is okay to be emotional because at least we are in touch with our feelings. I believe too many have lost that compassion for others and therefore are emotionless.

        I work the weekend, so it isn’t all that great. I spent 3 very long and exhausting hours with 2 elderly couples. My goodness they were so sweet and yet so demanding. I hope you are enjoying your weekend.

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      • I apologize for my extremely late response!!

        I agree with you girl.

        I hope you enjoy your upcoming weekend! If you watch the elderly couple every weekend, I definitely hope

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      • No worries, I am actually just getting back from vacation and trying to get caught up on things. I didn’t really do anything with blogging while on vacation and missed out on so much! Vacation was absolutely amazing and very needed!


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