Let It Go Friday!

just breathGood morning and happy Friday y’all! How has your week been? I do hope you have a had a wonderful week and you are looking forward to a lovely weekend! Do you have any fun plans for the weekend or will you spend your time recuperating from the week? Unfortunately, I am working this weekend and hoping I won’t busy because it is going to be another HOT weekend!

Today is our day to practice letting go of any negativity we may have experienced Happy Friday 3throughout the week. There is already so much hate and negativity in the world today and we really do not need to ever burden our minds with that mess. Y’all already know how much I am struggling with where I am working currently, but getting myself stressed about it hasn’t changed a thing. I have made the decision to view this job as just a paycheck until I find something that will work well with my personality and not require me to be out in the heat, at all! I am trying to let go of the stress this place has been causing me and use that energy to job search! The quote I am sharing with y’all today is something I will try reading daily!da8d4144332e5d8e53e91b2697c47612

Thank you so much for stopping by my site today! I always appreciate you taking the time to read and always LOVE ❤ your comments. Hopefully this quote will provide you with the push to get through this last day of the week and give you some peace! I do hope you have a fantastic day and you are feeling the best you possibly can! Please never forget that I am always sending y’all LOTS of love ❤, comfort, and may positive vibes!


❤Always, Alyssa❤


34 thoughts on “Let It Go Friday!

  1. yes! you WILL find something else and better and one that doesn’t require you to be outside! Amen! so, this weekend, just do what you have to do and try not to bring it home with you (i realize this is much easier said then done) bless you my friend.

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  2. I pray you find something else quickly! I know it is a stress but please try not to let it worry you. It is definitely not worth it. Your personality comes through your blog post awesomely. I wish I had your motivation and positivity. This week has been a hard one for me. Last Wednesday through Friday, the hubs and I went on a little get away. Well, Thursday night I fell getting out of the shower. Ouch! Nothing broken, just bruises, brush burns and the feeling of stupidness because I couldnt even get out of the shower. Since we’ve been home, I have a had a sore throat so finally went to the doctor when my cognitive was lagging and my movements were slowed, and I have strep throat. So I have been feeling yucky and sleeping just about all day and night. Anyway, on a positive note…My daughter graduated yesterday with her Masters in Education! I was able to go but slept for 6 hours when I got home. I hope your weekend is awesome and today isnt too hard on you!! I know the heat and I despise it!!!

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    • Thank you Jen! I think I will find something much better, it might just take time. I am glad you and your hub were able to do a little get away, you deserve things like that! I do hate you fell getting out of the shower, but thankful you didn’t get injured too bad. Bruises will heal in time, I know this way too well. My black eye and bruised knee from my fall are still healing. I am sorry you are dealing with strep, that is no fun at all! How exciting your daughter graduated with a Masters in Education! That is quite the accomplishment and I know you are proud of her. She gets her determination from you!!!! My weekend was okay. I worked all weekend, which wasn’t fun. I think the heat is trying it’s best to kill me, but I do stay hydrated!! I hope your week goes well and you heal fast!!


  3. Thank you for sharing and hope you have a wonderful weekend, and every day, filled with peace, love and happiness!.. 🙂 do I have any plans?..wellllllllllll…

    Dust if you must, but wouldn’t it be better
    to paint a picture, or write a letter,
    bake a cake, or plant a seed.
    Ponder the difference between want and need.

    Dust if you must, but there is not much time,
    with rivers to swim and mountains to climb!
    Music to hear, and books to read,
    friends to cherish and life to lead.

    Dust if you must, but the world’s out there
    with the sun in your eyes, the wind in your hair,
    a flutter of snow, a shower of rain,
    this day will not come round again.

    Dust if you must, but bear in mind,
    old age will come and it’s not kind.
    And when you go, and go you must,
    you, yourself, will make more dust!

    (Rose Milligan)

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  4. Breathe & let go, definitely a motto to live by! Wishing you all the very best with the job hunt, though I imagine you’re pretty exhausted in between work to do it, so make sure to rest whenever you can, too. My fingers are crossed lovely. I hope the week ahead treats you kindly xxxxx

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    • Thank you so much Caz! You are an amazing person and I do value everything you say! I know the job hunt will work out for the best, it is just a matter of time.

      I also want to thank you for the award nomination! I do appreciate you nominating me and LOVE how you did the acceptance post! Reading your answers were great and I loved you answered questions from various awards! That was a great way to do it! xxxxx

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