Weekend of loss

lives lostOriginally, I had decided I wanted to write something about dreams, partially because of the awful ones I have been having lately. I was very curious to find a reason behind these dreams because they felt so real, which was a little scary! However, due to the horrifying tragedies that occurred this weekend not even 24 hours apart, my heart and mind is consumed with sadness and heartache for all those affected by these tragedies.

I cannot even begin to wrap my mind around what has happened, yet again in the Unitedel paso States. So many innocent people out on a Saturday for back to school shopping and then others just out for an enjoyable Saturday night have had their lives taken from them or changed forever. No one should ever fear going out in public because of the mentally damaged people that want to cause harm to others.

Everyone always wants to know what the motives are for these mass shootings. The shooter in El Paso TX is said to have published a manifesto an hour and a half before the shooting happened about his reasons. el paso 2The shear hate for those that are a different color or ethnicity is wrong on so many levels. The shooter thought there was an invasion of Hispanics in Texas. Logically, where do think this person heard about an “invasion” of Hispanics? What political leader has made similar comments?  Unfortunately, this 21 year old man killed 20 innocent people and left 26 injured.

The shooter in Dayton, OH was clearly very unwell. It doesn’t appear he was targeting adayton specific type of person; he just opened fire in an open historic area surrounded by bars, restaurants and theaters. Sadly, the 24 year old man killed 9 people one of which included his own sister.

It is incredibly heartbreaking that there was 13 deadly hours this past weekend, leaving 29 dead and dozens injured. How can this continue to happen with no one taking any action to make dayton 2improvements? What or who is creating the intense amount of hate in the United States of America today?

It really does seem that there is at least one deadly incident every week and this needs to stop. I do think many have almost become desensitized to the insanity, which is something we should show a lot more sympathy for. When I heard about the first shooting on Saturday morning, I cried for those that lost their lives or lost someone they loved.

It is August 2019 and there have already been 250 mass shooting in the United States,2042563-Anonymous-Quote-Death-leaves-a-heartache-no-one-can-heal-love which is FAR higher than any other country. The president has made harsh comments about other countries calling them “shitholes”, but these countries have not had anywhere near the mass shootings the United States has had. So how is a country with little to no amounts of mass shootings a shithole and the United States with the most mass shootings a great country to live in? This does not and never will make any sense to me.

asasfasfI am sure it is clear by what I have shared the amount of innocent lives lost breaks my heart. I almost went to the local Wal-Mart on Saturday, but for some reason didn’t and chose a different store. It is upsetting to me that I actually fear going out to stores and malls now because it seems very unsafe. You never know when mentally unstable person will decide to go on a shooting rampage. I believe that everyone needs to stand up together and fight back against the hatred in the world. Sadly, if there aren’t policies implemented about gun control in the United States, this is only going to continue to happen.xBpZ8970

Thank you for stopping by my site today. I am sorry if anything I have written was offensive, but the tragedies that continue to happen are hard to accept. I strongly feel that everyone’s life matters and no one should ever live in fear. As unpleasant as this post has been, I hope your weekend was as lovely as possible. Please know that I am always sending y’all LOTS of      love ❤, comfort, and many positive vibes.



❤Always, Alyssa❤


31 thoughts on “Weekend of loss

  1. Although I live in Canada, I find the level of violence and guns in the USA astonishing and how tightly people cling to the “right” to have them. All of the victims have a right to ave lived in safety. I am so sorry to see what is happening in your country. I know there are many like yourself who want change. 😢

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    • The amount of hate and violent behavior in the states has increased drastically and it is alarming. I know many people would think I was wrong saying this, but that’s okay, no one should be able to own a gun because until they can value another person’s life. They are all about their rights and yet do not think like you said, people have a right to live! Sadly, the amount of people that want change doesn’t seem as high as it should be. There are way too many sheep that listen to their cult leader. I think is shows that I am very much against Trump, but his followers are why he is where he is now. Canada seems like a peaceful and fair place to live!!


  2. Hi I live in UK. we have some issues at the moment with stabbings especially in London every week someone is stabbed to death. Motives who knows, gang related, drug the list is endless but what we don’t have is this mass shooting as it’s illegal to own firearms here unless for certain things. after one shooting we had years ago it was banned.

    It seems anyone in the states can own a gun or two.

    If you want to know where it is coming from visit facebook. It is a cesspool of hatred and the hate can be passed so easily. I have seen hate and arguments just on silly groups like talking about poultry, dogs or cats, horses, it’s like the world has gone mad. People are stressed, angry, they see others who own more than they do, and perhaps they are a different race, and i have heard people say why should they get a house, when i have to buy one, why should they get free prescriptions, or NHS (free medical), when they have come here as refugees the list is endless and this breeds hatred. we will have it worse in the UK, but our government will not mess about it stops it quickly.

    Yesterday i was sad as there was no one on facebook even talking about the awful loss of life. Like oh well it’s the states what do you expect, the states is full of drug heads, gang warfare, no one living there can be sane. the concept is not good to be honest. I have friends from the states and fear for them constantly.

    You see politicians want mixed races in the countries they want to bring in refugees and other cultures, but the trouble is by doing this it has caused a huge shift in people’s thinking. It has brought jealousy, hatred, envy, so many things. Why? Perhaps us human beings are simpley not a very nice race no matter where we are born or what colour skin we have, as it only takes one or two or are good communicator, who can target the weak and vulnerable and they listen and it builds up this resentment like brainwashing, and i fear we are going back to the time before World War 2, when such a man turned a normal happy race into a hate filled populace who turned their heads and closed their eyes to mass slaughter of a human race, and it has happened in other countries, where genocide is still rife. Only they do it via the governments. Not individuals.

    we are in a way breeding spors of people like cells full of hatred who want to wipe out a certain race, they think they can do it by targeting and shooting and in their sick minds everyone they kill is another one less to live or breed. Its coming back full circle. I have no idea what the answer is but complacency from the powers of be is not going to cut it. I think all the heads of states need to meet and discuss this issue before it’s too late for mankind. who will simply implode.

    Perhaps its your own government’s fault for invading so many countries, and taking away their leaders, invading countries breeds hatred, as then people start to resent those people as they then become tomorrows refugees etc etc. not sure i am making sense, its early in UK 4.30 but I fear for the world i really do. Unless something is done urgently there won’t be a world worth living in at the rate this poison is spreading. Maybe we need to control the people more stricter like in china so many hours only on Internet etc, as I am convinced its this media which is spreading vile hatred towards mankind. Like i said you see it everyday on simple groups just imagine what the underground is like on the WWW. A scary place i expect. full of secret societies. Like facebook you can start a group and simple turn it SECRET.


    • In my opinion, he shouldn’t be allowed to speak because all he will do is lie! He is the reason there is so much hate against anyone that isn’t white. Gun control needs to be at the top of the list of what needs to be changed. There also needs to be talk about what a white supremacist he is. I will never understand why or how these people think. American’s stole the land from Indians and they are brown. I am so ashamed of this country and it makes me sick to see how many deaths there have already been. What is it going to take for people to open their eyes to the real problems??

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      • But Alyssa. Didn’t you know it’s the “Fake News Media” that’s to blame. Sorry for the sarcasm. Unfortunately, gun control will not be meaningfully discussed until we vote Trump and his supporters like McConnell out of office. And as far as racism, white supremacy and white nationalism, all I can say is that Trump and his minions, including his propaganda machine at Fox News, have very successfully mainstreamed hate.

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      • I love your sarcasm! Totally sounds like something I would say! Everything you have stated is unbelievably true! I do not understand how everyone cannot see Trump for what and who he is. Trump, his minions and supporters are a HUGE problem. I almost blame his cult followers more than him alone. The only thing about Trump that is true is he is a worthless, hateful, stupid, racist, white supremacist and nationalist low life piece of shit (please excuse the language). I am not a hateful person, but this man brings it out of me. Before this jerk took office we did not have anywhere near the amount of hate there is now. Not only is he tearing this country apart, but he is putting family against family, friends against friends, white against black, black against white the list continues. It really makes me feel a little less frustrated knowing there are good people like yourself that see Trump for what he is! Thank you!!

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      • It really does give me some comfort that there are others out there that stand against the hate created. Life is too short to life like that. I am looking forward to 2020, when Trump is out of office. I feel bad for whoever takes over because they have a HUGE mess to clean up!

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  3. its heartbreaking! Makes me glad ireland has strict gun laws! We dont have guns in our homes! some people do have them, but mostly criminals, and gangs, not the regular person. Sad for all the innicent lives lost.

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    • It is extremely heartbreaking. How many more of theses attacks do there need to be before someone does something about it? Ireland has the right idea, I bet there are no where near the amount of shootings in your country, even if only criminals have guns.


      • we are not allowed guns in the United Kingdom. we rarely have a death by shooting.

        You want sick. well this is sick.
        Picture this. A young mother at the weekend had taken her son for a lovely day out in London. The went to see the views from the Tate modern over 10 floors high. It turns out the mother was french.

        The were on the 10th floor on the viewing platform when suddenly from out of know where some nut job of 17 years old, snatches the boy out of the mothers arms and chucks him over the railing.

        10 floors up. His intent was obvious. His reasons not so much but i believe it will turn it was hatred racial. he had been by all counts following families and listenting to them. He choice his victim.

        No one knows how but the boy survived he landed on a 5th floor roof and is at the moment stable but criticial. I beleive god sent one of his angels to carry that boy to safety, as there is no way he should have survived.


        this is how sick this world is and we dont have TRUMP. how many shootings did you have BEFORE TRUMP. its easy to blame one man, but its not one man pulling a trigger, its a mass of hatred borne over years of discontent from others.

        yes trump has his own issues, but i dont think you can just blame it all on him.

        its way too easy to do that. 1975 was one shooting, 2012 a mass shooting in las vegas the list is endless.


        they wont get rid of the guns as they make big money out of it.

        someone has to be the best and stop it. who will it be?

        god is the best and he may yet stop it his own way. I am not overly religious, but for me it was a miracle that young boy did not die.

        the world is a horrible place. and its getting worse.

        Perhaps the people need to rise up and get their voices heard.

        before its all too late.


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      • That is terrible about the boy that was thrown off the roof. He was so lucky to survive it. I hope his recovery continues to get better. The world has become a really scary place and it is so sad. How anyone can hate another because of their race is beyond me. As far as I am concerned, we are all humans with a beating heart.
        I do know that all the horrible things happening in the USA is not all Trump’s fault. He may have run for president, but he never wanted it. No one in their right mind would have thought he would be the president. The bigger problem is not Trump, it is the people that put him in office. His followers are way worse than he is.


  4. The state of the nation and its people is very sad anymore – I heard the El Paso shooter’s mom speaking today and she said she contacted the police a month ago about her worry about her son having the gun and possibly not using it properly – if only they had acted. It is so sad and every day another story touches our heart.

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    • WOW, that makes things even worse! Why in the world did the police not act? In my opinion, the blood of the shooting is on their hands. It is so heartbreaking! There is far too much hate in this world and I am not sure I can blame it solely on the president. I do blame a lot on him, but how did he get where he is now?

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      • Yes, there is too much unrest right now – it is not just an immigration thing like the El Paso shooter. It seems like everyone has anger against something, or someone, and I think social media/the internet is playing a big part of it – reading the comments on news stations posts on social media is just amazing to me. People hide behind their profile picture, and spew out hate and others join in. Very sad.

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      • I couldn’t agree more!! All these people that type the angry words, just hide behind their keyboard. Most of them probably wouldn’t speak half of what they type. The way this country is now, is very sad. I know I have blamed a lot on Trump, but seriously, he wouldn’t be where he is if his supporters didn’t think like he does. I just wish people could see we are all human. Immigration issues are just an excuse to be mean to others. I do not like it at all and will still continue to be nice to everyone, no matter where they are from.

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      • Yes we do – people have to try to reason and think things out before acting, as is so often the case these days. But, if people are on a mission to create violence because of their beliefs or their anger, there will be no stopping them, no matter how hard the government tries. They can invoke laws about gun control and they will get someone else to buy the weapons … that is not the solution. Everyone has a workaround these days … I just heard of a NFL player who had to undergo a drug test by urinanysis and he used his wife’s urine so no drugs could be detected … the tests came back negative for drugs, but positive for being pregnant!. Let’s you and I be in charge Alyssa!

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      • I do wish people could be more reasonable, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem possible. You are right, even if the government invokes stronger gun laws, those that want them will find a way. I don’t know how, but the message of love needs to be spread around. That is actually pretty funny about the NFL player. Imagine his surprise his wife was pregnant! What a way to find something like that out and then loose your high paying job!

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      • Yes, nothing will change as much as they want it to – we are stuck with this new norm unfortunately. I thought the NFL player story was pretty funny too … busted and surprised in one fell swoop.

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