Pick-Me-Up Thursday!

Pick me upHello to y’all! I am sorry to be late with this post, but it has just been an insane day! I hope your week has treated you well and you are feeling the best you possibly can. As the week will be coming to an end soon, is there anything about the week that stands out to you? I am hoping that y’all have received lots of good news and much happiness!

The quote I want to share with y’all today stands out to me so much for so many reasons. I hear people talk negative about and to others daily, and this kind of behavior just is NOT right! I hope you will find this quote uplifting and encouraging!1_-cgfWQ1evxKgmxl_PdBbIQ

I am a firm believer in treating EVERYONE with respect and kindness! Speaking out-of-turn can and does hurt others. Making fun of someone that is different than yourself is kindness is freenot only shallow, but extremely weak! Teasing someone because of their appearance should NEVER be tolerated. Unfortunately, we see this hateful and juvenile behavior anytime we watch the news or read an ignorant tweet. 

Thank you for visiting my site today! I always appreciate your continued support and patience as I adapt to this full-time and VERY busy job. It is honestly way more than the fast pace work, it is dealing with various different personalities that are very difficult to handle. I hope you have a wonderful day and it is stress-free! Please never forget that I am always sending y’all LOTS of love ❤, comfort, and many positive vibes!


❤Always, Alyssa❤


8 thoughts on “Pick-Me-Up Thursday!

  1. You are doing great keeping up with this blog and sending us all those happy thoughts! Thank you so much for offering us your thoughts ,prayers, and inspiration! Hang in there the weeks almost over!

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    • Thank you so much for your comment! I am even more late with blogging because I had a terrible fall Wednesday night. I plan to do a post about it soon. I will always do y’all as much love, comfort and good vibes because I do believe positive thoughts will bring on positivity and deter the negative!!


  2. Absolutely! I swear some people have nothing better to do in their lives, or use being cruel as a way to feel better about themselves, which is why they comment/tweet/talk down others. I’m not sure whether you’re working this weekend or not, but hopefully not so you can take a breather! Hang in there lovely xxxx

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    • Thank you so much! Honestly, I have not been too much in the blogging world since Wednesday. I had two falls and the 2nd one I hit my head pretty hard. I have an awful looking black eye and still dealing with dizziness. It was so horrible, my husband took me to the ER. It is a little hard to stay focuses, but I am sure it will get better and hopefully by Monday when I return to work.

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      • Oh my goodness, Alys! I’m so sorry. I don’t want to ‘like’ this comment either! Jees, you really do need to rest up & I hope the dizziness eases off, please take good care of yourself (and no more falls!) Sending lots of hugs xxxxx

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      • Thank you so much! I just did a post about it, but didn’t share any pictures. I have been taking pictures daily to see how much if any it is getting better. I think it is due to my fall, but my dizziness has increased. When I stand from a sitting position, like on the couch, I am very dizzy. I just have to stop for a minute or so until it passes. Thank you for your kind words and the hugs!!

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  3. I can’t believe with everything going on in your life you find the time to spread kindness and encouragement to others. You are truly an amazing woman. If we were all like you this world would be such a nice place to live in. It’s sad that it’s not just high school kids that are down right mean to each other. Adults can be just as terrible to one another. How shameful is that? You would think that we’d know better. I love your quote and you’re right. What a person says and does tells all. Look at you for example. You say and do the nicest things for everyone and you are the nicest most genuine woman I know. I pray for a speedy recovery and no more pain for you. All my Love & Support Always, Mom!!

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