How can this be happening?

images (2)Good evening y’all! Before you continue reading, please beware this is a very emotional post with how I feel about what is going on at the moment. I do hope this does not offend anyone that reads. 

hateHate is a useless emotion that can end up controlling our lives and what good does that really for anyone? Not a damn thing! I will never understand how anyone could be so incredibly full of hate and actually want nothing more but to spread those negative feelings to as many people as they can. Maybe I am the one in the wrong, but I feel we are ALL human-beings with a beating heart ❤ and have real feelings!

If I am being 100% honest with y’all, even though I do my best to not allow hatred to takehate 2 control of my life, I failed miserably last night after watching a horrifying news clip. Seeing the way US Border Protection and Custom Agents are treating immigrant woman and children is disguising and that is putting it mildly. These people being detained are seeking asylum because of the dangers in where they are from.

download (4)I am at a total loss for words that anyone could watch what I did last night and it not leave them full of not only sadness, but pure rage. I sat here in tears for hours because I want to do something to help these innocent people. Woman and children being forced to live with a limited amount of food, water and place to lay their heads, is heartbreaking. It did get even worse than this because children are being separated from their parents and in turn have no one to actually care for them. Sadly the detainees are being treated worse than those in maximum security prisons and even being abused by US Border Protection and Customimages (1) Agents. I would be able to understand what is happening much more if those being detained were causing harm to others, but all they are doing is searching for a safe place to call home.

I have several questions for these immoral US Border Protection and Custom Agents starting with, whose direction are you following? What has caused you to be so malevolent? How the hell would you feel if your wife, mother or child was treated in the horrific way you are treating xrZq6007others? How do you sleep soundly at night and not be haunted with guilt?

For some reason I was under the impression that the United States of America was sanctuary country and was willing to help those in need, but unfortunately I was very wrong about this! There are actually 7 US states that are sanctuary states which include: California, Colorado, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Oregon and Vermont. I want to clarify what sanctuary means. The term sanctuary jurisdiction refers to a city, country or state that has enacted policies that limit local officials’ involvement in the enforcement of federal immigration law.textgram-5

Currently I feel completely helpless with my desire to help those being harmed at the border. I told my husband I wanted to somehow send food, clean water, pillows, blankets, clothing, daily hygiene products and anything else these people could benefit from. It about broke my heart when he informed me that others have tried that, but the products never make it to those in need.

Maybe I am just way too emotional of a person, but my heart bleeds for those that I am unable to help. I do not know any of the people that are suffering under the care of US Border Protection and Custom Agents, but that does not mean a thing. These people are trying to escape their own Spread-lovecountry because of the dangers they encountered and come to where they think they will be safe, but are still in fatal danger. I am having a hard time being okay with this and just saying “All well there is nothing I can do.” At the moment, all I am able to do is spread word of this terrible issue and hope for change.

Thank y’all for visiting my site and taking the time to read this highly emotional post. I do encourage your comments and promise to respond as quickly as I can, download (4)but I am also not pressuring you to comment. I know everyone has a lot they are dealing with in their own lives and we all have our own opinions on everything, which is the way it should be! Please never forget that I am always sending y’all LOTS of love ❤, comfort, and many positive vibes!



❤Always, Alyssa❤


34 thoughts on “How can this be happening?

    • How can this be happening? The world is toxic now. In the UK a messenger fell from the sky. A man who was for some reason in the wheel carriage of an airplane who got into the UK the hard way, and died doing it. Was he a desperate person, or did he some how do something silly as i believe he was an aircraft worker, or did he have a sudden moment of madness and felt that he couldn’t take his life anymore and needed to get away from it. Either way we will never know, but others have done this before to escape tyranny.

      Its sad that the country of the world the one everyone would respect United States of America should treat people this way. BUT really hasnt it happened before if you go through history. Genocide of the Northern American people, border control shooting people burying them secretly, or is that all fiction?

      Its independence day today 4th in USA. The Continental Congress declared that the thirteen American colonies were no longer subject (and subordinate) to the monarch of Britain and were now united, free, and independent states. If they are free independent states why are people being treated this way because they are not true Americans what is it? I have no idea as I live in the UK. In the UK any cause is quickly taken under peoples wings, there would be an uproar. You have two camps. The people who have caring and compassion and the other camp who are indifferent, couldnt care less and just say its ALL there fault they shouldnt be in that situation. We have refugees from Syria, and other places where we went in with heavy boots and destroyed peoples country’s because we didnt like the leaders politics or the way they dealt with the people, and yet when they come here some people show them nothing but hatred and jealousy. Why should they get a house before me? Why should they be able to use our NHS, WHY should they have their own schools, who do they think they are the list is endless.

      We ALL of us, USA, United Kingdom and Europe are responsible for the mess this world is in right now, and mans inhumanity to man has not ceased to exist its just as bad. There are GUY hatred attacks, even now in 2019, terrible rasicm and people are being murdered because they are either white or black or in between.

      I think when i watched film footage recently of the way the jews were treated in the war, I was raging how could anyone do this to children, and mothers, and that was in 1940, and it would appear its still happening in 2019, have we really not learnt anything?

      To change we need to communicate, and make our voices heard. This is not good enough, start up petitions, facebook pages, sponsor refugees, take them into your homes we need to stop the suffering now. I sponsor a young girl from Kenya Purity her name is she is 14. she lives in one room with 2 brothers and an alcoholic step father and her mother who works to try and keep them warm and fed. I pay for her education in order for her to do well in her life she wants to be a nurse. I have put aside 2 years rent and it is with the social services in Kenya to be used if the father fails to pay the rent as usually they end up without a home, and she would not be able to go to school. Its not even expensive. 23 dollars a month. They have very little yet they go to school.

      The trouble is i think is people see a country of the land of milk and honey and want to join, but in essence they are probably better off staying where they were, and try to deal with it.

      I dont know what you were watching but in this country if the same happened there would be a total uproar, facebook would have crashed.

      There is an uproar when people see chickens kept in small cages.

      We have lost perspective I think. What is more important, its changing. Where is the uproar about this programme? Is your voice a silent minority, now that would make me mad to be honest that no other person cares enough. But you do. It is happening because people have turned a blind eye to it, as long as it isnt happening to them why do they care?

      BUT you care. Keep spreading the message make your voice heard. even if you save one soul from this fate its better then sitting silently with our heads turned away.

      MS makes us emotional, i have MS and I find things now very emotional. I am angry at the way the world is shaping up right now. It is full of jealousy and hatred for our own mankind. Not sure what the answer is but perhaps the big powers that be, should stop being narcisstic, and act like God and judge others, and punish them for living their lives a different way. All it has done is bring hatred and death to thousands, because their lands have been raped and their leaders destroyed.

      What makes these people want to come into USA? They know what injustices they will suffer, yet they would rather face that then live where they are. I think the answer is to mend the countries which are broken in order for its people to become more active and productive and not seek to live like their neighbours.

      I reaally hope that man who fell out of the sky wasnt escaping tyranny but was just having a nap and sadly got caught up in it all through a really stupid accident. The thought of a person being desperate enough to do that makes me angry. The BOAT people who drown all the time trying to escape to a better world. We sit in our warm clean homes watching it all the T.V. and yet only one voice is heard in angry, yours. Well you can hold your head up high hun, as at least you care enough. I wouldnt have known about this, if you had not posted it. I am not sure I would want to be American right now if this is ow they treat people who just want to live a better life. I had a quick look on the Internet and this came up. its a UK website, asking for donations to help those in the USA going through the process or lack of it US customs etc.

      People can donate to help.

      HAPPY 4TH JULY…………!

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      • Thank you so much for your fabulous comment. I appreciated everything you wrote and definitely think things have gone very wrong world-wide and it is sad. This was the first I heard about the man falling from the sky, that is scary and sad.

        The crazy thing is, there are a lot of people angry about what is going on. There have been many protests and I am thankful for that. I do wish more American’s would see what is going on and stand up against those in power. I can’t understand how anyone could think what is happening is okay.

        Happy 4th of July to you!

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  1. One thing that I think we can do is try and press our federal elected officials in whatever way possible to discuss how they plan to reform the Border Patrol. I don’t know if you heard about the infamous “I’m 10-15” group, but in summary the group seems to be symbolic of a broken culture at the Border Patrol. Talking about firing people may sound good, but there needs to be wholesale reform.

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    • Thank you SO much! I can’t understand how and why there are some that do not think what is going on all that bad, blames the immigrants and also depending on the new station watch that things, aren’t what we see. I mean seriously, what kind of person would think that way? I have been upset and enraged for this messed up situation. You are also right that people do not give a fuck because it isn’t someone they know! Compassion is missing, but was it ever something these people had?

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  2. I’m not convinced that every station on TV is accurate in what they are showing regarding border Patrol agents. I believe we all need to keep in mind the number of immigrants crossing the border illegally. We do welcome people in our country that come through legally. All other countries have rules and requirements that need to be met before you can be in their country. Why do people believe that the strongest country in the world not have the same requirements? It’s not the United States responsibility to provide food, clothing, shelter, health care for all these illegal immigrants crossing the border. Who do people think is paying for all this? You’re right, our tax dollars, you and me. As far as sanctuary states, I believe they should be illegal. Why is it ok that a state and it’s citizens disregard the laws common to other states and hide illegal immigrants that have committed crimes over and over again? Maybe if people didn’t protect these illegals with criminal backgrounds innocent lives would be saved. I’m quite passionate about this crisis we have at the border and only hope laws change to have people come into our country the right way. I believe it’s a privilege to be a US Citizen and we should all be proud of our country. All my Love & Support, Mom…

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    • Thank you so much for your comment. Sadly, I do not think the government feels any shame and will continue on with their evil ways. I have no idea why the UN isn’t stepping in and putting an end to this extremely appalling behavior.


  3. You probably have a very good idea of how painful this is to me. I still can’t imagine how many ignorant people out there still support the MONSTER IN THE WHITE HOUSE. Why impeachment hasn’t occurred is something that also baffles me.

    But let me say to all those exploiting and abusing this children, KARMA IS A BITCH and Ignorance always gets a wake up call.

    We’re human period and that’s why we feel hard especially when we see this inhumane behavior in our country???

    Bless you and all those that realize that LOVE CONQUERS ALL.


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    • Thank you so much for your comment Emma! It is hard for me to deal with this crap and even worse when people I am related to think this is okay. Impeachment needs to happen and should have already taken place. I just think many American’s with any kind of power are just weak.

      Karma and I have something in common., we can both be a bitch! The ignorant people that follow the jerk in office are a bigger problem that Trump alone. Trump would not be where he is and destroying the country if it were not for his cult followers.

      I sincerely wish more people would see that love is the answer and does conquer all. We need a lot less hate and MORE love!

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  4. Thanks for sharing!… unfortunately most people tend to ignore what is going on unless it affects them directly… 🙂

    “The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom”. Isaac Asimov

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    • I agree 100%! People are becoming more ignorant everyday. If something tragic happens in our country and it doesn’t affect them, they just don’t care. Many have become desensitized to evil ways


  5. I feel the same horror at what’s going on at your southern border. Sadly, it’s so horrifying, and there is so little that the ordinary person can do, that I think a lot of people turn a blind eye, which is how they get away with it. I’m like you, I could drive myself totally crazy trying to think of some way to help, thinking of the suffering all those women and children are going through, needlessly. Good for you for sharing this post and keeping this issue in the spotlight. Hugs to you! 💕

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    • Thank you so much Amanda! I do agree with you that many people turn the blind eye to what is happening and others are just following their cult leader, I am sorry to put it so bluntly. I had one response to this post that I just can’t approve. I thought about responding, but it would not be nice at all. Sadly, the comment came from a family member. I thank you so much for your amazingly wonderful comment!!! I hope things will get better soon, especially for those being tormented at the southern border. Lots of love and hugs to you!

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      • That would be incredibly difficult to have his supporters in your family. I truly don’t understand how anyone can think he’s done anything positive – I never thought I’d see the States in this situation in my lifetime! I hope the next election shows that cooler heads will prevail and that people will take their responsibility to vote seriously. Love and hugs back to you!! 💕

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      • It is so difficult that someone I am related to actually supports that idiot in the white house. It is hard to believe I share blood with someone that not only believes his lies, but thinks he is doing great things. It is scary that state the US is in and I don’t know if it will get better. The next president has a lot of clean up to do, so let’s hope that person is strong and ready! You are far too kind Amanda and I do appreciate your words!!!

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      • I have my fingers and toes crossed that the person that takes over has a lot more integrity and at least one working brain cell because we know the one in power now has none of these qualities. I am trying to not let the insanity get to me, but my heart breaks for those that do not have a voice. I worked today and it was so busy, but I am going to try to rest tonight and a little tomorrow. Unfortunately, I have a few things I have to do tomorrow, but it won’t take me long! I hope you are having a fantastic weekend!

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      • We can only hope. I hope you find some time to look after yourself this weekend. You’re such an empathetic person but, (and you know how much I hate to say it) as a person with MS, you have to be empathetic with yourself first. Hugs, lovely friend. 💕

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      • Thank you so much Amanda! I really do appreciate what you have wrote and find you to be an amazing person! I am not always all that good at being empathetic with myself, but instead just keep pushing on. I hope you had a lovely weekend!!

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