Crazy week of change!

busy weekY’all may have noticed that I have not been all that active with the blogging community because last week was pretty crazy for me. There were many changes, but they were all positive changes. I often don’t care much for change, but they are going to happen whether we want them to or not. To make life a little easier I decided to just embrace the changes and carry on!

You probably remember that my previous job was not working out for several very valid reasons. The main reason was how expensive insurance was going to be for just myself. images (1)The person that hired me, may he rest in peace, knew why I needed to have insurance, but he never told me how ridiculous the cost would be. I was not necessarily lied to, but I also was not provided with appropriate information. I do not think this experience was all that fair to me, but it is what it is. I guess we live and learn, so there is no reason to dwell on the negative feelings from that experience.

On a much more positive note, Monday I started a new job. In the past I worked as a leasing consultant, assistant manager, marketing manager and a property manager for beauty in changeapartment communities. I have been out of this type of work for many years, but I was able to adjust rather quickly. I guess somethings are like riding a bike! I am working for a nice community and my co-workers so far are great! The entire staff gets along rather well and we are able to have a little fun! Working a full-time job means we are working 40 hours a week. Working 40 hours a week seems like we are at work more than we are at home, so it is important to enjoy what we are doing and our co-workers. It has only been 5 days, but I find the people I work with a little crazy in a good way! The new jobother great thing about this new job is insurance for both me and my husband is far less than it would have been for just me at my previous job. The insurance also will start on July 1st and at the previous job I would have had to wait three months. It will be a stress relief having insurance again!

The car accident I had about a month ago was scary, frustrating, time- consuming, discouraging and sad! My car ended up being totaled and the only good thing about this was what the insurance company paid out for the loss of my car. I was forced to try finding something to replace my irreplaceable car. This was a little emotional because that was the car my husband and I left our wedding in, but we will always have 38b54588f572221f762636ac3fc4671cthose amazing memories. Unfortunately car shopping was a real eye-opener to how dishonest people can be. Thankfully my husband was extremely helpful with this aggravating process. My husband did n great job searching for what I wanted and made sure all my requirements were met! I was able to travel with him a few times times, but he did on his own as well and he even went with his mother to once. I am very thankful for everyone that helped find the right vehicle for me. We did finally find the right one at the end of last week and brought it home late Friday night! I had been awake more than 24 hours and it did a number on me. I am still trying to feel normal and alert. My new car is actually an SUV and it so pretty and I just love it! I wanted a Chevy Tahoe that was a dark grey or black, had a sunroof and heated seats, which the one I ended up with had it all! My Tahoe is an unusually pretty dark grey that just sparkles! Even though I understand this SUV isn’t accident proof, I am thankful it is a lot safer than my little car was.

I am slowly getting adjusted to working full-time, getting enough sleep so I do not get sickdownload (3) and or run rundown and of course the nasty southern heat. Honestly I am not great at the getting enough sleep thing, but I am trying. The temperatures have been very hot, which causes my energy level to be rather low. It is not even summer yet, but it has already been in the high 90’s, which means summer might be more like hell!

I definitely want to try to figure out how to continue blogging while working full-time. I have always heard that when you really want to do something bad enough, you will find a way to do so. I am very behind right now, so please forgive my late responses to what you share and my own site. There are no doubts in my mind that I will get everything figured out and I will be back on schedule!

Beautiful Sunday Morning Quotes and + Beautiful Good Morning Sunday Messages - FreshmorningquotesI hope you are having a wonderful weekend and you are feeling well! I think you already know this, but in case you forgot, I appreciate you taking the time to visit my site! I promise if you leave a comment, I will respond as quickly as I can. With the weekend coming to an end soon, I hope you are able to enjoy what is left to the fullest! Please never forget that I am always sending y’all LOTS of love ❤, comfort and many positive vibes.

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19 thoughts on “Crazy week of change!

  1. Great post Alyssa. I’m so happy everything turned out well for you especially your vehicle. Your attitude is amazing and I only wish I could be that positive. I’m definitely going to work at it much harder. I’m proud of the way you never give up. I pray all your dreams come true because you surely deserve the very best. All my Love & Support, Mom!!

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    • Thank you! I am definitely glad things are starting to get better and just hope things stay on the right track. Today was a rather frustrating day at work, but at least it is over. It amazes me how rude and hateful people can be. I just try to smile through the rude attitudes and let go of those negative feelings. I hope you are doing well and those adorable grand babies are bringing you LOTS of joy!!

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  2. It’s all good and the blogging world does take a lot of time – I caught up with long-neglected tasks in the house this past weekend since it was just crummy weather and not nice for walking, especially yesterday. The blogosphere does require a commitment but everyone understands when you get behind – I am behind now.

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  3. While not lying, it’s very deceptive. I firmly believe potential employees should know all the terms and conditions of things they’re signing up for and things they can expect when it comes to policies, procedures, working expectations and insurance. I think you’re doing well trying to embrace the change and take everything that’s happening in your stride. It’s not easy to do.

    You’ve had some interesting jobs, I never knew you used to be a marketing manager, that’s so cool! Did you have to know all the tech side of things, like graphic design, for that? I find that really unfair because marketing consists of lots of elements yet a lot of positions seem to require all the tech/software/graphic design aspects. Anyway, off topic there… congrats on starting the new job this week! It sounds really positive that the people there are nice and the vibe is good, that makes a huge difference, and a definite relief on the insurance side of things.

    Hurrah on the new ride, too. I don’t think I could manage an SUV, the places I go to tend to be supermarkets and it’s annoying enough trying to fight for tiny spaces in UK car parks with my small car 😂

    Want to swap the weather? It’s chilly, grey & raining here, more like winter than summer. I’ll happily swap, just say the word! (Pleeeeease?)

    I think blogging while working full time is doable, but with adjustments so you don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Don’t get burned out or feel you have to be sticking to a strict schedule and replying to comments straight away etc. On a selfish note, I want you to keep blogging; the blogging world wouldn’t be the same without you.

    Get some rest lovely, sounds like a busy week!
    Caz xxxx


    • I am so sorry for my late response! It really is sad how awful people can act sometimes. I will never understand them, but I guess I don’t have to. I am glad those women will not be living on the property I work at. My manager sided with me and said I never have to tolerate that kind of behavior.

      I enjoyed being a marketing manager because I enjoy being creative. I see what some people do and I just shake my head and wonder what they were thinking.

      I am happy to say that I love the SUV I ended up getting! I like that it sits up higher because I am so short that never happens. I tend to never park straight though, but I didn’t park straight with my little car either. I am a good driver, but horrible parking. I am always afraid of hitting something.

      WOW it is rainy and grey skies in the UK? Summer in the south is awful and the heat gets to me. The only time I like summer is when I am at the beach!! My ideal temperature would be in the 70’s! I guess winter is better because you can put enough clothes on to be warm, but nothing I do helps the nasty heat! I was telling someone I work with I really want to visit the UK someday and hope it will happen, but we will see. Things in the UK seem to run much better than they do in the states.

      I am doing the best I can working full-time and continuing to blog. Life has been a little difficult lately because my husband and I have been arguing a little. I hate to argue and tend to shut down completely. I guess you can say I am like a bottle of soda that is shaken a lot and when I hit my limits, I tend to explode. I hate that about myself, but I can’t seem to change. I think the arguing and that frustrations I feel with how the country I live in is acting is too much sometimes. I can’t stand the president, but his supporters are worse than he is. He would not be where he is if people didn’t vote for him! On a side note, I will not be stopping blogging anytime soon because I enjoy it way too much. I have so much love for many people in the blogging world, you definitely being one of them!!!


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