Let it go Friday!

242860-Good-Morning-Happy-Friday-Flowers-And-ButterfliesGood morning y’all! I hope your week has treated you well and you are looking forward to the weekend! My week has been a little busy with car shopping. Car shopping has been nothing short of a nightmare and the for some reason it shocks me how many people just LIE. One day my husband and I drove 6 hours round trip to look at a car because the seller “said” it had sharp paint and no rust. Not only was the paint NOT sharp, but it was rusted all to hell! I have decided to not allow these negative experiences get me down and just keep looking around!

With how busy things have been, I did miss my normal Pick-Me-Up Thursday post and I am sorry about that. I might try starting a Friday post to add some additional positivity, so please let me know what you think of this! let go7

The reason I have thought about an additional day for positive quotes is because with how negative the world can become, we could all use just a little extra positivity. I also feel with all my heart, soul and mind that letting go of anything that happened negativespread the positive during the week is very important for our own peace! I am interested to know what you think about this though!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and you are able to enjoy it to the fullest! After so many setbacks, I am finally starting my new job on Monday. I do think it will be a great fit for my personality. I had done this type of work for many years before, but it has been a while. I have always excelled working with people because for the most part enjoy it. Please remember that I am always sending y’all LOTS of love ❀, comfort, and many positive vibes!

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57 thoughts on “Let it go Friday!

  1. Thank you for sharing a part of your life!.. hope car shopping improves and your weekend, and your new job, is all that you wish for it to be!.. πŸ™‚

    β€œNobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” -Maria Robinson

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  2. I’m so sorry car shopping is going so badly Alyssa. Do you guys have a CarMax near you? We’ve bought a couple of different cars from them, and have had really good experiences with them both times. I love that quote – we do let the things we can’t do anything about imprison us sometimes. Wishing you much success with your new job also sweet friend!

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    • It just seems that everyone we tried to buy from was a liar! It is so frustrating, especially because I start my new job Monday. There is a CarMax near us, but they do not have what I really want. I am not trying to be difficult with the car situation, but I lost my little sports car and think I should have the car I want. It might sound crazy, but I want a Chevy Tahoe between 2001-2004, heated seats and a sunroof. Seems simple, but my word it isn’t.
      I am so glad you liked this quote. I do feel that negativity does hold us hostage and it just isn’t worth it!

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      • You may already know this, and if so, I’m sorry, but if you go on the CarMax website you can search for the car you want, and often if they have one at another CarMax they can ship it to the one near you. It’s not available for all the cars, but they do offer it for some. That’s what we did with my hubby’s truck. It was somewhere else and they sent it – we had to wait a couple of days, of course, but he got what he wanted. Also – you’re not obligated to buy if they do that – when we bought our last car, we had them do that with one but then didn’t like it. We ended up going with another dealer completely, but they had no problem with it.

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      • Thank you Terri! We did actually do a search for what I want and unfortunately CarMax just didn’t have anything. I am also working on a budget. I did get a payout for my car being deemed totaled which was great! I will do another search with CarMax. They were great when they bought my old car, so I am sure they would be great to buy from. I am just so sick of car shopping. I don’t know why I find it hard to believe there are so many people that only breath lies. Guess I might be naive or I just try hard to see the good in everyone!!!

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    • Thank you Emma! I did decide to leave my last job because of how outrageous insurance was going to be. I quit when I was given the offer and then there were so many setbacks. But Monday I will start and think it is great! The car shopping really has been a nightmare. For some reason it shocks me how much people lie. One person actually made Trump seem honest and that isn’t an easy thing to do!!!!
      I hope you have a wonderful weekend sweetie!!

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  3. AWW hello I love that you said y’all. I do that too. Well Happy Happy Friday to you and thank you for visiting my blog. I’m so happy you found me. I’ve been looking for new blog to follow! Have a super blessed weekend πŸ™‚ ❀

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  4. You are 100% correct and I applaud you for having that mindset. We must let go of those negative feelings and not let them consume us. I hope you find the perfect car very soon with no further stress!
    Sending you lots of positive vibes.

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    • Thank you so much Alyssa! I have always felt that holding onto negative emotions only brings horrible things into our life and thinking positive will bring positive into our life! My husband is going on Monday while I am at work to check out another vehicle we are interested in. I trust my husband completely to choose the one I will like and it will finally be over! Car shopping is nightmare. I hope you hare having a lovely weekend Alyssa!

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  5. I think the more positive, motivational and/or inspiring vibes we can all get the better!
    I’m sorry the car shopping has been such a hassle. A 6hr round-trip for such a disappointing waste of time must have been infuriating. You’ll find something soon, something that fits your requirements at a decent price and matches how the seller describes it – I’ll keep my fingers crossed! xxxx

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    • I couldn’t agree more! Motivating and inspiring vibes only lift people up!
      The car shopping has only been disappointment after disappointment. My husband and his mother drove another waste of time trip, 5 hours round trip today. I am beyond sick of the let downs. I appreciate your kind words! xxxx

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