Motivational Monday!

monday 3Good morning y’all! I hope you had a nice and very relaxing weekend! I did my best to rest over the weekend so the pain I was experiencing from my accident would improve, but I wasn’t that great at resting. I could not help but to do a few loads of laundry, which I know was a mistake. On Saturday after the first load I did, the pain in my shoulders was horrible. Honestly though, I did much better than normal with the relaxing thing!

Monday is here again and will hopefully provide us with the opportunity for a much life-goes-onebetter week. Last week was not great for me, but I am planning to let it go and move on. No matter what goes on in our lives, life does go on as it was planned to and all we can do is move on with it. I decided to share two quotes with y’all  today as I could not decided which one I liked best.

I am looking forward to reading your thoughts on both of these quotes. I am certain your views will be enlightening and wonderful!

I do hope your week starts off great and of course you are feeling the best you possibly can. I also want to not only thank you life-quotes-life-skillsfor visiting my site today, but also for all your caring and concerned comments after my post about the accident I was in. It was quite frightening, but at least I am still here to talk about it. Things could have been so much worse than they were. Please when you are out on the roads, be very careful and aware of other drivers because way too many people do not pay attention and cause terrible accidents. Please never forget that I am always sending y’all LOTS of love ❤, comfort, and may positive vibes!

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40 thoughts on “Motivational Monday!

  1. I hope you feel better this week Alyssa.

    I like the Meme about the 10/90 percent. Life is all about our perspective. How we see and react to things will imrpove our outlook and often our results. So many times, a person has “one of those days” because they had the wrong attitude and it snow balled.

    Be well my friend. Have a great week.

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  2. I hope this week brings you lots of happiness and blessings. I believe in the quote that life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we respond to it. I think if we stop and think before we react to something our reactions would be different. Our first reaction to a bad situation usually makes things worse. It’s an instinct when react before thinking. Let’s all try stepping back a moment and think before we react. I believe our response will be much kinder and good for all. I pray that you feel better soon and so thankful what happened to you wasn’t worse. All my Love & Support, Mom.


      • Yes, I am so ready and my boss was supposed to go to the cottage tomorrow morning until Tuesday afternoon and he said this morning “the weather will be crummy … I think we’ll wait and maybe go Saturday” … I was so looking forward to those extra days … sigh.

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      • He ended up going late this afternoon (thankfully) – he said might as well be in the rain there as here and had already cleared his schedule to go. Yeah – still have to be here but nice to get a break. One more day of work – even though we’re having a rainy/stormy weekend (again) it will be good to be off.

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      • This is very true Alyssa – I saw someone mentioned in a post today that their mother told them always “Bend like Gumby” … interesting. I have heard the expression “bend with the willow” … I am not a flexible person about a lot of things, especially the weather!

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      • Weather is not easy to deal with and down here in the south, we are facing deadly heat for the next few days. I think summer is going to be terribly HOT! I hope you are able to enjoy the long weekend!

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      • We had 81 today but cooler tomorrow and that heat brought a round of thunderstorms (we were to have severe weather this afternoon but escaped it, although we did have a noisy thunderstorm and torrential rain). It is too early for all that hot weather you are enduring.

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      • I can’t wait until it is 81 here again! I know severe storms can be very dangerous, so please stay safe! I don’t know how it is where you live, but where I live people can’t even drive when the sun is out and roads are dry so when it rains it is crazy! I agree with you, it is way too darn early for it to be this hot!!!

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      • We dropped 10 degrees today thankfully – the heat and humidity was a killer – last week we were in heavy coats. I understand SC is very hot (I have a friend that grew up in Charleston and now lives in Richmond, VA).


  3. Letting things go & moving on with positivity is a brilliant approach, even though it’s often easier said than done. Sounds like you’re as good at resting as I am! Hahah, even that’s hard sometimes isn’t it! xx

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    • I have found that holding onto things we can’t change is pointless! It isn’t easy, but much better to move on and stay positive! Yes, I think you and I are a lot alike! We are pros at resting! Now there is a great joke!!

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