you-say-thursday-i-say-friday-eve-have-a-tayzerific-10147394Good morning y’all! Here’s to another week almost over and the first weekend of May in our sights! Do you have any plans for the weekend? Y’all know I try to not make any set in stone plans for the weekend because my work week is always planned out for me and I like to live in the moment when I am able to! Not that I am setting myself up for failure, but I do have several posts that I really want to get out before the weekend comes to an end again! The weekends just go by WAY too darn fast!!!

I found what I think is a great quote to use for a pick-me- up and I hope you will view it the same! I am really looking forward to reading your thoughts and I promise to respond as quickly as I possibly can, which of course won’t be until I get home from work!simple-ideas-good-morning-inspirational-quotes-never-lived-this-day-before-and-make-the-most-of-it-wording.jpg

Thank y’all so much for stopping by my site today! This is a much shorter post than I typically do, but honestly I am just really worn out from an incredibly long week! I hope your week went well and you are feeling as good as you are able to! Never forget that I am always sending y’all LOTS of love ❤, comfort and many positive vibes!

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❤Always, Alyssa❤


28 thoughts on “Pick-Me-Up-Thursday!

      • Oh I think I will. I’m going on a work function. I volunteer for an organisation called friendly call, we call people who live on their own or elderly people living in the community who are vulnerable it’s a really worthwhile job I love it

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      • That sounds like a great organization and the elderly I am sure love hearing from you! This definitely sounds like a worthwhile thing to do and I am beyond impressed!!!!


  1. This quote puts the stark reality into the spotlight very well, and it’s so true. No plans for the weekend for me, just catching up (as usual) on life. Got a GP appointment tomorrow which I’m hoping won’t be a complete waste of time, but I won’t get my hopes up. I hope you have a good Friday tomorrow to kick off your weekend to a positive start 🙂
    Caz xx

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    • I am so glad you liked this quote Caz! I do hope your appointment goes well and doesn’t end up being a waste of time. I am sure it will go better than you expect! It is SO great having no plans for the weekend and I am like you, always playing catch up. I swear, I feel that I am always behind on everything and it drives me crazy! I hope your Friday starts your weekend off in a great way and you are feeling well!! Lots of love to you my dear friend!

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      • I do too Alyssa. There are not enough long holidays in a year. When I was growing up in Canada, Easter was treated as a four-day weekend and in some cases, at least a 3 1/2 day weekend where you got off 1/2 day for Good Friday. They don’t celebrate Easter Monday here. And we used to get a 1/2 day for Good Friday, then they made it just a couple of hours from noon to 2:00 p.m., then nothing. We need more long weekends definitely.

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      • I agree with you Alyssa … just across the border. And I think we should have more long weekends … they are too far between … no long weekends unless you work for the government and get the MLK holiday or President’s Day off. You can’t count Christmas and New Year’s (or even 4th of July) because if it falls on a Wednesday, for example, you get one day, maybe Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve afternoon if you’re lucky.

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      • Call me pessimistic, but it does seem like the states do things all wrong most of time! I feel like the weeks are far too long and if they were shorter, job performance and effectiveness would skyrocket! Working 40+ hours a week only enables everyone to become burnt out! I also feel very strongly that not only the government as a whole, but the justice system is a disgrace. My husband told me the other day about a terrible crime that occurred here. The victim in this situation life was changed forever and the assailants punishment or lack there of did not meet the crime!

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      • I agree with you – and interestingly I heard something on the news this morning about Japan and how they get an annual one-day holiday to do with their emperor and because their emperor just abdicated the throne and his son will take his place, all Japaness workers were given a 10-day holiday. They are complaining because they didn’t want to be away from their jobs that long. Amazing isn’t it? Here is a story on it if you have time to watch the video. I now live in a city with a lot of crime – it was not always like that Alyssa and the punishment never fits the crime anymore – it is not fair at all.

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      • WOW, that is pretty amazing people in Japan are actually complaining about being away from work. I promise I would never complain about being away from work for a paid holiday! Thank you for sharing this YouTube clip.

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      • You’re welcome – yes, when I heard the story on the neighborhood, the news anchor said “well that’s a switch – I wouldn’t complain” … just as you said. We need more time away to unwind from all the stressors. The weekend is not long enough.

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