Pick-Me-Up Thursday!

friday-eve-excellentGood morning y’all! I hope y’all have had a wonderful week! I am so very sorry to say that  I am extremely far behind. I still haven’t even been able to read your amazing comments from Motivational Monday and have TONS of catching up to do with your fantastic posts. I am going to do my very best to play catch up on everything this weekend and976093152169a3711862 think I will be able to do so because I do not have any other plans. I think spending some good quality time at home I should be able to respond to your comments, read and comment on your posts as well! It has been a very busy  and exhausting week, we were lucky enough to have my mother-in-law visiting for a few day! 

Even though I am currently  way behind on everything , I still wanted to share a pick-me-up post to get us all through one last day of the week. I know I could use a pick-me-up and hope it will do good things for you as well!Laura_Clark-900x900

I want to thank y’all from the bottom of my heart ❤  for being so incredibly supportive and diy-happy-friday-happy-friday-gamepatient with my late responses. I hope your Friday Eve is absolutely wonderful and you are looking forward to the weekend. Maybe you have some fun plans or maybe your plans are to have no plans and just live in the moment, any of these are great as long as they make you happy! Please never forget that even when I am late with everything, I am always sending y’all LOTS of love ❤, comfort and many positive vibes!

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❤Always, Alyssa❤


55 thoughts on “Pick-Me-Up Thursday!

  1. Enjoy the time with you mother-in-law visiting! Don’t worry about being behind on the blog stuff, so am I! Hahah, it’s never-ending, always chasing my own tail with it and never quite catching up! A lovely pick-me-up for today 🙂
    Caz xx

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    • Thank you so much Caz! My mother-in-law was here a few days in the beginning of the week, but has now gone home. I love how you describe things, I often feel I am chasing my tail lately as well. It’s crazy how that dang tail just can’t seem to chill out! I hope you are doing well and hope you have a very calm weekend!! xxx

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  3. I am so far behind in Reader, having tried the new Gutenberg Editor and done more posts than usual this week … the one good thing is that it is now Friday. 🙂 Thank you as usual for the inspiration. I hope you are out of harm’s way with the bad weather that I keep hearing about in “the Carolinas” Alyssa.

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