Lies and Deceit!

images (1)I think it our society today, politicians and even BIG corporations have glorified their skills with lies and deceit. We watch many of these individuals make speeches with hardly any truth to them, but yet many people believe each and every lie they hear! For the life of me I can’t understand why so-called smart people can actually fall for the blatant lies even when there is solid evidence of the lies that were spoken. 

The truth will always come out and the liars will be revealed for what they truly are. It download-1-1.jpgseems that those that believe the lies they hear from, let’s say politicians, often think it is perfectly acceptable to do the same and only speak lies themselves. Of course there is a slight possibility those that constantly tell lies actually believe what they are saying to be true, but it is also possible they just get some kind of insane thrill when they tell lies, which is really sad! 

lies and deceit 1I do believe people can change, BUT only if they can admit to themselves what they are doing wrong and work to correct their unacceptable behaviors. None of us are perfect, but most of us do learn from our mistakes and do our very best to not make the same mistakes again! 

We live and learn to become better, not worse. Our lives should be about finding ways totime-will-inevitably-uncover-dishonesty-and-lies-history-has-no-place-for-them-f3ae1e880f2fbb24bd5e1e51d026a4ad not only better who we are, but to also progress into something more than we were. It does seem like SO many people choose to digress, which really doesn’t do much for them or anyone around them.

Is anyone else just completely sick and tired of hearing nothing but lies daily?? I think I have heard more than I can take and am choosing to eliminate anything to do with lies from my life. I guess this means I can’t watch the news or read images (2)about it anymore, not that I intentionally watched the news before, but my husband does and tells me what is happening! If someone can’t be completely transparent and truly honest with me, I just don’t have room in my life or tolerance for it anymore! The only thing that lies accomplish is hurt and disappointment. Even holding onto these words, “Enjoy the good times, but always expect the bad to return,” isn’t helping anymore!!

Please forgive me for yet again another rant, but seriously downloadwriting is the only thing that helps ease my troubled mind. I do appreciate you taking the time to read this post and I am looking forward to reading your comments! I hope you have had a lovely and relaxing weekend and of course feeling the best you possibly can! Never forget that I am always sending y’all LOTS of love ❤, comfort and many positive vibes!

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37 thoughts on “Lies and Deceit!

    • Thank you so much for this amazing comment! I honestly do not watch the news, but my husband watches something online that is more progressive. I just get SO irritated listening to the small amount I have. You already know how pissed off I am about the low life president is trying to mess with pre-existing conditions!!! Right now, I am almost more pissed about lies that are told to me from family!!!!

      I really do always appreciate reading your insights! I think we understand each other so much and I am honored to have you in my life!! Lots of love to you as well!!

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  1. Oh, I HATE the news. When my dad has it on, I glower at him until he hits the “mute” button on the remote. Like, I can’t tolerate the news AT ALL. Scary stuff. I agree that transparency would be good! It’s horrid to conspire with lies, and to mislead everyone! I wish there were more we could do! But I definitely think it’s okay to avoid the news!

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    • The news really is scary and just terrible! I think if they ever reported positive things, they would be out of work. It seems that people just love drama and negativity, but I am against both! The news just makes me SO angry and that isn’t like me!

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  2. My husband and I are the opposite: I keep up with the news and he would really rather not know (unless it comes to voting time – then he does his research). I have a need/hate relationship with it. I have this crazy need to know, yet I absolutely hate the majority of what I see and read.

    I’ve often wondered why people don’t mind looking stupid anymore. If I am wrong about something and you show me evidence of that, I’ll change my mind. If I don’t research something and tell someone a falsehood I feel like a total idiot and that motivates me to not want to do that again. Some people seem to have just left this thinking behind. Cognitive dissonance seems to be getting worse and worse lately.

    I do agree that the truth will come out – it always does. I just hope it does before too much damage is done!

    Again, great post and I think you should rant whenever you want! ❤ ❤ ❤

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    • Thank you Hillary! The funny thing is, I hate knowing what is happening in our country, but also want to know about it. Everything that is going on only infuriates me, which causes WAY TOO much stress! It scares the heck out of me to think pre-existing conditions could face some really hard times at some point. It makes me so angry that the lies being told are obvious and yet many people continue to believe them. My husband watches The Young Turks online because they are more progressive and who knows if that is even true.
      All the insanity with politics have caused my feelings to change and I am often full of hate, which isn’t like me at all. I just want a politician to actually be honest and do what is right for the American people and I don’t know if that will ever happen. I think the reason I get so angry is more out of fear because I don’t want to be without the expensive insurance that I need. My medicine would cost me$8500 and I can’t afford that, so I would end up disabled more than I am now.

      I am scared that when the truth comes out and people start seeing the lies and liars for what they are, there is going to be too much damage done to repair.

      Thank you Hillary for reading my post and leaving a wonderful comment. You are a brilliant person and I am always thankful for everything you say!


      • I haven’t been posting as much since the loss of the old, but the new is very much alive. In fact, I just blasted the deceptive interpretations of the Mueller report in my latest. You’ll love it. 😏

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      • I am so glad you are still blogging! Working full-time again, I am normally pretty exhausted when I get home, but I can’t wait to read your interpretations of the Mueller report!!! I didn’t really expect much from him, so what wasn’t a shock to me.

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      • Not a shock at all, and neither was the reaction to it (on both sides). As usual, I take my own opinion of the whole thing, and take the opportunity to again express my opinion of the clown-in-chief. 😉

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  3. Very well said! I love the part about how we evolve to better ourselves and be better than we were, I totally agree. And also agreed on being sick of lies and deceit. At the moment in the UK all I hear or read about is Brexit. It’s all suck a load of rubbish, not what we voted for, our country is going down the toilet and it’s us as citizens who pay the price, and it feels like there’s nothing we can do about it because of greedy, lying politicians! Arrggggh! Feel I could do with a rant on this topic myself! xx

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    • It is really sad how awful things are everywhere. I have heard about what is going on in the UK and it is not good. I would love if a day would come where everyone could get along and no drama going on at all!!! The rants I have had in the past few posts were the shorter versions to what I actually feel! If I wrote everything I was feeling, it would go on far too long!!! xx

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