Truths of stress!

the-biggest-killer-in-this-world-is-stress-and-the-14748167.pngHave you ever asked your self what exactly stress is and what the heck causes it? I know I have more times than I can count, using all ten fingers and toes! Do you know what stress can actually do to you both physically and mentally? It is a difficult thing to control and even harder to eliminate it from our daily lives.

Stress can feel like a reoccurring nightmare that you just can’t wake up from and it can happen anytime. Often you might feel you have it under control because you think you have identified and solved what was causing your stress, but it always seems to return with an evil vengeance! It can actually make you feel like you are drowning in the darkest and deepest ocean without a life vest available.2stress_jokes_600x4502-600x400

Stress can make us feel overloaded and leave us wondering how we will ever cope with the stress that was put on us. This issue can change our views and perspectives on life and it isn’t ever for the better, or at least it never is for myself. I am sure you have heard before that stress is a killer, well sadly there are many reasons this is very true!! There is absolutely NO logical reason why I can’t stop feeling like this more often than not!

stress 2Y’all probably already know the difference between stress and stressors, but I just want to clarify this a little more. A stressor is the agent actually causing the feelings of stress. These are things we respond to in our environment and can range drastically! Stress is the numerous feelings we have when faced with pressures!

I know how incredibly difficult and painful it is to live with stress. Even though I am stress-illustrationfully aware of the dangers, I continue to battle with this. Personally, I have battled stress for 37 years and tend to worry about anything and everything! I think it is highly likely I was even a stress case while my mother was pregnant with me! Damn, I imagine I was a difficult child and probably worried if my dolls and other toys were happy. Can you even imagine dealing with a toddler that has these feelings? I think my mother probably does!

There are many emotional and physical disorders that are linked to stress. A few of these disorders include: depression, anxiety, heart attacks, strokes, hypertension (high blood pressure), stress-info.pngimmune system disturbances that increase susceptibility to infections, common colds and so much more. Now for those of us living with an already weak immune system, it really should be a no brainer stop stressing, if only it was that easy!

There are many signs and symptoms attached to stress, but I am only going to list a few so this  isn’t an insanely long post. Many of these I was fully aware of, like headaches, pain and panic attacks, but there are also some I wasn’t aware of. Just a few of these signs and symptoms I may have symptoms of stressknown about, but never associated them with stress are dizziness, fainting, dry mouth, ringing sounds and cold/sweaty hands/feet.

My doctor and Nurse Practitioner (NP) have been telling me for decades that stress can and will cause my health to deteriorate, but I never listened to them because I don’t know how to not worry. I mean, how crazy is it to tell a person that already becomes stressed easily something that would cause anyone to worry? One of usatcollege-CollegeUSAT-567808-stressthe last times I saw the NP she told me I shouldn’t write on my blog much because it would cause me to feel anxious. Even though I do value her opinions because she did work closely with my first specialist, I told her she couldn’t be more wrong. Writing has always provided me the absolute best form of therapy and relaxation!

As I wrap this post up, let me as y’all a few questions. Do you face a lot of stress in yourLoyola-why-is-nursing-school-so-stressful-4-stressors life? Obviously I know living with a chronic illness does cause unwanted feelings of stress, but how do you handle these feelings in  a healthy and beneficial way? Knowing how incredible each of you are, I will value and appreciate learning how you combat these feelings.

Thank y’all so much for stopping by my site today! Of course y’all already know that I do encourage your comments, but I also will never pressure you to do this. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend and you are able to do what brings you the most joy because that is what you deserve! Please never forget that I am always sending y’all LOTS of love ❤, comfort and many positive vibes!

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47 thoughts on “Truths of stress!

  1. Yeah, stress is a killer!! I have constant physical tension in my body which never goes away, not even when I’m sleeping. I ought to get a massage, but I don’t like to have other people in my energetic field. One thing I do to relax is lie down in the middle of the day and think about what I want to accomplish next. It helps me shift gears and focus. Obviously, though, you can’t do that if you have a full-time job!! 😮 Come to think of it, work places ought to have beds!!

    Great blog post!! Very informative!!

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    • Stress is my enemy that I can’t seem to avoid! I do think some of my constant pain is a result of the stress I constantly feel. I think having nap time at work would be incredible! If I am not mistaken, they have siesta in Mexico, so employees can take naps. It produces more productivity which I would think companies would want. I am so glad you liked this post and really appreciated your comment! Your thoughts and views always mean a lot to me!

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      • Thanks!! Yeah, having a siesta here in America would rock! My dad explained to me that they do that because of the angle of the sun, and how it exhausts people midday. They gotta escape the heat!

        I hope you have a great day tomorrow!! 🙂

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      • You father sounds like a pretty smart man! There are a lot of people that aren’t familiar with Mexico’s siestas! I do think productivity would increase drastically, but I also think working 40 hours a week is inhumane and shouldn’t be done! I hope you are having a nice and relaxing weekend Meg!

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  2. I 100% believe that stress is a contributor to chronic illness and autoimmunity. In fact, I recently did a blog post on the role of chronic stress in autoimmune disease, I hope you check it out here: I de-stress by exercising (especially yoga), and going for walks in nature. Also, I’ve been using a new meditation app with my hubby that we both enjoy. I think getting enough sleep is another important aspect, since if I’m sleep-deprived, I get even more anxious. Avoiding caffeine helps because too much caffeine can make my mind race too! Finally, writing in my blog, journaling, or talking with a friend/loved one also helps to vent my feelings.

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    • Thank you so much Isabel for not only reading my post, but for leaving this wonderful comment! I know stress can do some pretty awful things, so it doesn’t make sense at all why I can stop because I am typically a very logical person.
      I also did just read you post about stress and it was incredible! Thank you for writing such an amazing and brilliant post!!

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  3. Do you ever realize the more you try not the think about or worry about something the more it consumes your mind? It’s not a permanent solution, but I do find distraction helps me immensely. Going for a walk or completing a chore just to give myself a break…the stressor will still be there when i “get back to it”, but maybe I will have more energy for it…if that makes any sense

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    • I really could not agree more Grace. The more I try to not think about my stress, the more I feel it. You my dear sweet friend always make perfect sense! I try to write, do laundry or crochet to hide from stress, but it doesn’t fix it permanently! I hope you are doing well and I know you are enjoying your precious grand babies!!!

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      • I used to have a headphone radio that I got from Radio Shack years ago. Had I known they would be going bankrupt, I would have gotten another one. It had a set of buttons to pick all the relaxing sounds from. I would put it at night sometimes – my neighbor next door, has a hot tub right under my bedroom window. Nice! She takes herself, her yappy dog, her drink and her cellphone and yaks, yaks, yaks. So I used to put the radio on to not hear them. She still lives there but moved the hot tub right outside her back door. SMH sometimes.

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  4. I love a good informative post! All my friends seem to be a bit insomniac but I am the total opposite. Stress is something that we can’t deal with but I try my best to be organised. This helps because I am a bit OCD!

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