IMG_0579I can’t believe it’s only Tuesday because it certainly feels we should be much closer to the weekend. It is crazy how fast the short weekends go by and then how LONG the work weeks are. I am thankful I found a job that is close to home and all, but strongly believe 40 hours a week is too much for anyone to dedicate to a job! I think it is even more outrageous that here in the United States we are often forced to wait 90 days before we can even get insurance, not to mention the fact it is INSANELY expensive! I mean, if I were to get insurance for myself and my husband the cost per pay check would be more than a quarter of my paycheck!

I know I have written about this before, but now it is getting painfully more real! The obamacare-pre-existing-conditionsnews I heard, after a long day at work, was so disturbing and caused me so much ANGER, as it would anyone with a heart and any empathy for others! For someone during their campaign they ran to become president, no names being mentioned of course, saying they wouldn’t do anything negative to those of us with pre-existing conditions, to now doing the EXACT OPPOSITE and trying to eliminate protection for pre-existing conditions! I know this person in the white house has some of-nonelderly-adults-with-a-pre-existing-condition-twitter-v1crazy issues with the former president,  but to banish the good things that were done is very wrong. How anyone could still support this person is beyond me because I sure as hell couldn’t and never would! There are millions of people in the United States that will be affected by this and many could even lose their lives if anything happens to their health insurance. 

I try my best to keep my blog encouraging and never talk politics because we are all understandingtheacaentitled to our opinions, but when something can change my own life for the negative, I can’t help but to share my thoughts on the matter! I have been trying to tell myself that no one would ever think about doing something so awful and ruin lives for so many, but it just may happen! Striking down the Affordable Care Act, as has been put on the table, is wrong on so many levels, no matter what your political views are! I wish there was something more I could do to stop anything like this from happening, but I do not even know what that would be! Of course I can write about it, but I don’t know how much that will really change the issues! I do understand there is a chance that nothing being proposed will pass, but what if it does? How can anyone afford the medications they need to live their lives? I know there is absolutely NO way I could ever afford the medications I take to slow the progression of my Multiple benefits-affordable-care-actSclerosis down without insurance. Where would this leave people battling with a chronic illness and does anyone in power really care??

I am sorry for my second rant in a matter of days, but I am hoping we could some how all join together and find a way to help make things better for millions of people! We all deserve WAY better than this and it is shameful we are facing this fear now! I have always heard that there is strength in numbers, so all I can do is hope for better times!

Thank you for visiting my site today and reading this rant! My frustrations are sky-high and the only thing I know to do is write about them! This helps me calm my nerves and ease my stress some! I hope y’all have a pleasant and relaxing evening. I always encourage your comments and I will respond as quickly as I can! Please know that even though I am a little high-strung right now about all this, I am always sending y’all LOTS of love ❤, comfort and many positive vibes!

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21 thoughts on “Outraged!

  1. Health insurance is very frustrating indeed, Alyssa. Did I ever tell you that our insurance would only cover “two lines per lifetime” for my husband’s spinal implant? His doctor wanted him to have four lines to really cover his pain, which is in his entire left side (head to toe), but had to make do with two lines simply because of our stupid insurance. The doctor also said he’d never heard of the stipulation “per lifetime”. Lame!

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  2. It is a solutely inhuman, Alyssa, what you are having to endure in your country. I so feel for you. I feel your outrage with you. No one should have to go through that. I do not know what that man in the White House is thinking about. Well, yes, I do – walls! Well his mind should be on better things. I am so sorry you are having to endure this Alyssa. It must be very frightening. My heart goes out to you. As does my love. Hugs. Xx

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    • Thank you and I really couldn’t agree more! What the president is trying to do is absolutely terrible. I honestly don’t know how he sleeps at night! He is not a good person, but I almost think his cult followers are worse! I hope this comment doesn’t offend anyone, but it is true!

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  3. Yikes, I’ve not kept up with the most recent coverage on this so I’m not sure of the ins and outs of insurance over there, I just know it seems insanely unfair and makes healthcare more like a luxury than a necessity. I’m so sorry, you definitely deserve better. How can the president be saying that things are improving with care and that more people now have access to it and better insurance when it’s gone the opposite way?! I feel your frustrations! 😦
    Caz xx

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    • It is probably best to not keep up with the insanity over here, it is very unfair! They do want insurance to be a luxury as opposed to a right! The president is a complete idiot and shouldn’t be where he is. He destroys this country with every word he speaks and tweets. I hate to say this, but I am often ashamed to be an American because my thoughts and beliefs are not in line with them at all! I am beyond frustrated with how things are going here and really hope at some point, things will change for the better, but I honestly don’t know if they will. Thank you so much Caz!

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  4. I am with you on the not understanding why the US continues to go without state health insurance like most of Europe and, well, most of the civilized world. But this is America, and it’s all about the mighty dollar, and that is the only reason we don’t have it, too many greedy ********** that just want what they can get, no matter what it costs the rest of the world. I love my country, but there are things about it I do hate, and that is one of them. *end rant*

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    • It really is sad that we are the ONLY developed country that doesn’t offer free health care. It seems that those in charge brainwash way too many people into thinking free health care is a terrible thing. The truth is pharmaceutical companies run this country and that jackass that is the president is nothing short of evil. He is kind of like the devil, but not disguised that well. He makes me sick and his cult followers do as well!

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      • I agree with you so so much. The money chasing bastards need to just go away and let the country have things like healthcare and a government that actually makes sense.

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      • I just want someone to be in the office that has a heart and cares about the people. If Trump (I did try to not name names, but it’s impossible) gets what he wants many people are going to suffer and that is heartbreaking!


    • I do know this kind of stress isn’t something I need because it only makes me feel SO much worse. I am just very concerned about what might happen, if the president has any say! Thank you so much for always being so helpful Marie!

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  5. I know you and I discussed this yesterday in a different post – it frustrates me to no end as well. I am on Obamacare and wish I had gone on it years before as I threw away money on healthcare identical to what I get now. I will be angry if they overhaul the healthcare and I have to return to my old healthcare provider.

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