The rant about healthcare & insurance!

charlie-ergen-quote-to-use-a-poker-analogy-if-the-deck-is-a-bitHave y’all ever felt like the cards were stacked up against you? Living with a chronic illness already gives the house a much better hand, but I will always refuse to fold! We have all learned various ways to cope with what we live with and to keep up a good fight despite any additional struggles we are forced to face. I learned many years ago that the storms of life will only gain more strength, but weathering these storms can and will be done.

I do think the unexpected issues that arise can be the most problematic and perplexing ones. Losing my job for absolutely no reasonable or seasonable reason really did send my mind into a downward spiral. I have tried my best to stay positive dda6dd8c8211c5c345ce66f0f5558197--quotes-about-worrying-quotes-about-stressthrough the time I was without a job, but the continued nagging fear of being without insurance while living with a chronic illness is beyond terrifying. It almost feels like being on a roller coaster without a safety belt on and this feeling gets the best of me more than I like to admit. I know I have complained before, which isn’t helpful at all, about how crummy and expensive insurance is, but being without it with Multiple Sclerosis or any chronic illness is very unpleasant. Medications and doctor’s visit are expensive with insurance and I hate that I know how much these things are without insurance. Thankfully I have only been forced to go to one doctor’s visit without insurance which was very expensive and I found that does help reduce the price of medications! Even though I have found ways around the doctor’s visits, I am still always in a constant fear of what will happen if I have a relapse or if these corrupt idiots corruption-power-quotes-01.jpgrunning this country mess with pre-existing conditions because this could happen. I do know that thinking about these things is nothing but stressful and will only create additional health issues, but it is impossible for me to let go of these thoughts and feelings.

Y’all already know that I have been battling with a crazy stomach issue for over a month and I am avoiding seeking medical attention until I have insurance again. I mean who stomach issuescan really afford these various appointments and all the tests doctors think they need to run on their patients? I am not, never have been and never will be in the tax bracket that can afford this. What kind of person can look at someone with an illness of any kind and only see dollar signs? To me, that is not a good or compassionate person, but they are the ones on top. It is really unfortunate that some can be as evil and corrupt as they possibly can be, but not ever face the consequences for their bad behaviors.

gilenyaThe Gilenya I take daily to keep my Multiple Sclerosis under some kind of control costs $8,500 per month without insurance. This is completely absurd and absolutely ludicrous! Unfortunately, GoodRx isn’t able to assist with this medication. I don’t know about you, but I sure as hell can’t afford these high costs. I have been going through an amazing program called Gilenya Go Program since being on this medication and my cost has always been $0. I don’t even want to think about what I would have gilenya-go-programdone if this program didn’t exist. Considering I do not have insurance at the moment and only have about one month left on hand of this medication, I did panic. I have spoken with an amazing representative for the Gilenya Go Program and she told me all I would need to do is call them when I am down to one week left and they will send this medication to me free of charge and can do this for about 2 months. By the time they aren’t able to assist me any longer, I will have insurance again, so thankfully I will not go without. This is just me, but Gilenya has been helping keep me semi free of relapse and further progression.

GLN01260I also take Neurontin, three times a day. This is another medication that is a little expensive, but nowhere near the crazy cost of Gilenya. A one month supply of Neurontin with insurance was only $10, which is very affordable. Now without insurance this will end up costing me close to $300 per month! If I do go through the GoodRx,com website, I might be able to get this medication for around $47 per month which is still high but a lot more feasible than $300!

Now there are a few other medications I do take daily that are rather expensive, but the GoodRx website has been very helpful with these. How is it that the United States of othercountrieshealthcarecs.jpgAmerica is the ONLY developed country that doesn’t offer free healthcare? An even better question is why are the American people so scared of having free healthcare? My guess is, these people are blindly listening to the ones in power that say this will never be a good option and much more negative lies about it. Free healthcare has been great for all the other developed countries with the citizens only saying great things about their free healthcare! In my personal opinion, those that say nothing good about free healthcare need to dig a little deeper and far beyond what American leaders say, until they can think for common sensethemselves with a clear mind and actual logic!

I want to thank you for visiting my site today and reading my rant about how awful healthcare is in the United States. In all honesty I do not like to complain because it doesn’t fix the issue, but I needed to get my thoughts out and really want to know your thoughts on this! I hope you have a lovely and peaceful Sunday. I feel that the weekend went by way too fast and I have to get up early again and back to work tomorrow. I mean seriously, where did the weekend go? Is it really too much to ask to have our weekends be a little longer? I promise to respond to all your comments as quickly as I can and considering it is Sunday, I should be able to do this! Please never forget that I am always sending y’all LOTS of love ❤, comfort and many positive vibes!

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39 thoughts on “The rant about healthcare & insurance!

  1. I know that I have been out of the loop, so let me try to recap what I THINK I know. You moved and got a new job. You were let go from that job? But you have another one now and are waiting for insurance to kick in? Please keep ranting…anything you can do to keep your stress levels down

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    • That is all correct Grace! Moved, started a new job and lost it for NO reason at all, but I did find a new one. Waiting for insurance is a pain in the butt, but what do ya do? I will say this rant did help reduce some stress, which was much needed! I hope you are doing well and those adorable babies are keeping you in line!

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  2. Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry you have to deal with all this. I still think you should look into federal disability, if you ever become incapable of working full-time (which is how they define it). But you ARE working full-time, and quite well, so I hope you manage to get through this period before your employer will give you insurance!! It must be so stressful!

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  3. Alyssa, I have been advocating for so long about free Healthcare in our country but there always seems to be people brainwashed that their taxes will increase. As you already know, I will not stress myself further with ignorant people. America has to change. The costs of medications is ridiculous and pharmaceutical companies are thieves. The medications basically costs pennies compared to what they are being sold for. I just continue to put my trust in God that my Healthcare will be taken care of. Goodrx helps alot with my meds. Let’s pray for a Godsend change in Government and finally free Healthcare.

    Big hug girl. May God’s blessings be upon you and your family. 🙏🙌

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    • Thank you SO much!!! I couldn’t agree more with everything you wrote! Pharmaceutical companies are without a doubt greedy, selfish thieves with absolutely NO heart! It breaks my heart with how brainwashed more American’s are and is so difficult when I have loved ones that have been brainwashed and fight me on anything and everything I say! I have made in perfectly clear, we have to agree to disagree, but most still want to argue about it. I am FIRM in my beliefs and feel we should have free heathcare and even free education!
      Something must change with our Government and things need to improve drastically! I am a very passionate person and will never give in to anyone that not only thinks freehealth care is a terrible thing and can’t be done or those that were brainwashed enough to believe everything our lying and very corrupt president says or even think he is doing good for our country. The amount of mass shootings based on hate is because of the massive amount of hate our government has.
      I can’t thank you enough for what you wrote because you spoke the truth and I appreciate that!
      I hope you had a nice weekend and hope your week goes fantastic!!! Big hugs to you always!!!


      • You are a very intelligent person and you have great ideas! I really do think healthcare and education should be things we all should have, not as a privilege, but a right! I heard some horrible news when I got home today about what Trump wants to do with pre-existing conditions and it has be outraged. I am thinking about writing about it, but maybe when I calm down a little!!!


      • Yeah, I just saw it and decided to not watch any of his bullshit. He sounds like the devil in disguise.

        There are so many people who need meds and other healthcare needs. I believed he just back on the Healthcare issue because he’s upset about the accusations of him with having to do something with the election. It’s truly a joke and insane how they still have this insane person in office. I definitely believe, in my gut, he was involved with Russia in order to sway the vote. Hillary Clinton was winning and, all of a sudden, things change?

        Bottomline, there’s enough people to make a change and God will persevere by touching the right people to rid the toxicity that has infested our COUNTRY. It was never like this with such division among people.

        My advice is to ignore his demonic behavior and don’t let that rob you of your joy each day.

        You and I know what it takes us to numb our pain to find joy. I get tired of taking meds throughout the day but I’ve got no choice otherwise I would die of the pain. We can only endure so much and I know God knows this. God won’t let us down.

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      • He really is the devil! A horrible man doing horrible things to so many, I know he will pay for this someday. We are not the ones that can make him see this and we are not the end all be all.

        I did hear what he is doing when I got home and just did a post purely out of anger. He did say he wasn’t going to do anything with pre-existing conditions, but I knew that was just another lie that came from him! It really just caught me off guard and I am so upset and sad about this. I just hope nothing he wants will actually pass! I would never be able to afford my medications, if I lost health insurance permanently. I too would die from the massive amounts of pain I feel every moment of every day!!! Thank you for your comment and it’s nice to know I have another person on my side!


      • Well, the majority of celebrities and athletes are on our side. I, too, have family members that have been brainwashed. But, as my book says, remove yourself from those that cause or further your health into a downward spiral. Even if it’s for a short or long time. You have to do everything in your power to keep yourself sane and joyful especially with chronic pain. I don’t put up with any bullshit anymore. I figure, they ain’t going through my daily struggle with pain so their opinions don’t matter. 😁✊💥

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      • I am glad there are a lot of people on our side, I just wish the idiots in office saw how wrong they are! It breaks my heart on how many people in my family that have been completely brainwashed and they also have pre-existing conditions! I know how right you are, sometimes we have to take a break from anyone that causes us any unnecessary stress, but it isn’t easy at all! I do the best I can to keep myself sane in the insanity of the world and not putting up with bullshit is helpful!


  4. Thanks for the great post. I am from Canada, moved to the U.S. about 2 years ago now, and it is really troubling to see how many people forego healthcare here because of the lack of affordable health insurance. Have you tried contacting the MS foundation to ask if they would help with compensating your medication? I used to work for the MS society in Canada, and they provided some monetary help for patients who couldn’t afford the full cost of Gilenya. Sending lots of positive vibes your way!! I just wrote a post about the link between stress and autoimmune disease as well, it may be helpful too.

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    • It really seems like everything is much better in Canada, but please tell me if I am wrong. Things here in the states is awful and those in charge are just mean! My husband and I are considering moving to Canada for so many reasons, but I would LOVE to know your thoughts! I really appreciate your comment and look forward to learning more from you!


      • I think there are pros and cons to the Canadian healthcare system. The main advantages are access for all and the fact that you won’t lose your healthcare if you don’t have a job. Whether you are emplployed full time, part time, are a contractor, self-employed, student, unemployed or retiree, you always have access to the same care. If you have a major illness or injury you won’t go bankrupt from medical bills. My grandfather had a triple bypass open heart surgery after a heart atrack and the entire surgery was free.

        The main disadvantages are long wait times and access to specialists (you always need a referral from a family doctor). Also, it takes longer for prescriptions to get approval (from our version of the FDA) and on the market. If you live in a rural area there aren’t as many healthcare professionals. Vision, dental and prescription medications are not covered under the public healthcare system, so you need to budget for those or purchase an insurance plan to cover those items.

        Hopefully that gives you an idea of what our system is like!

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      • I really appreciate you giving this explanation. Even with wait times being longer and prescriptions having their own issues, I do think Canada must be better that the states. Insurance costs so much money and then to see the doctor costs more and anything else needed costs a crazy amount. Normal people just can’t afford this and I am on the site of Bernie Sanders for free health care for all. What I will say is, if things don’t change in our next election, we will be looking more at moving away and live in a Trump free area! All in all, do you think healthcare in Canada is better or worst than in the states? What made you leave Canada to begin with? Sorry for all the questions!!!

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    • Hello! Sorry to hear about all this! My wife is Canadian and really wants to move us back there so I can get an idea of how healthcare works up there. I currently work for a hospital system in the states. One thing you might consider if you have a gap in income is financial aid (if they offer it). Usually, even if you are over the income the prior year but have extenuating circumstances (like a gap in income/job loss) they will approve it. Also, since most hospitals are “non profit” they get special tax exempt status for funding these programs so they literally are required to provide it. A lot of clinics surrounding clinics will also honor the hospital financial aid programs as well. Probably won’t help with the prescription costs though. Wish you the best!

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  6. I just wonder how much your medication would cost in Canada or Mexico. I know you have to be careful where you get meds but I lived in Michigan and at that time people took buses up to Canada just to get their meds. Drug companies should be ashamed!

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    • You are welcome, but thank you for reading and commenting. I wish there was more I could do to combat the corruptness in the government, but there is NO getting through to the cult followers of the president. I will never surrender to this though and always share my opinions as much as I can!


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  8. Thank you for your view. It is needed to hear from the community that is suffering with health conditions and not able to afford care. Change is vital for this country. “The big sharks are eating well”

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