Motivational Monday!

good-morning.jpgGood morning y’all! I hope you had a wonderful weekend doing whatever makes you the happiest! I did spend my weekend mentally preparing myself to start my new job today and I also rested up so I wouldn’t be to rundown. I do think it was the best way for me to spend the weekend because not only will I be working full-time again, but I am still fighting the nasty stomach issue I have had for way too long! I do hope whatever is going on with my stomach will end soon because this got really old weeks ago!

Are you ready to tackle a new week that may hold much promise for better times? I good things comethink I am as ready as I am going to be. Starting a new job where I know absolutely no one might seem a little nerve-wrecking, but I think there is a reason for everything in life and it all works out the way it is meant to!

With all the changes in my own life, I definitely think a motivating quote is necessary! Once you read the quote I am sharing with y’all, you will see why I love this one as much as I do and I do hope you find it motivating!everyday

I do look forward to reading your thoughts on this quote and I will respond to all comments as quickly as I can. It might take me time to adjust to actually having a schedule again, but Igreat day to be amazing will learn and still make time to do what I enjoy!

I want to thank you for stopping by my site today and let you know how much I appreciate all the kind words you have shared with me. I hope your week starts off great and of course you are feeling the best you possibly can. Please never forget that I am always sending y’all LOTS of love ❤, comfort and many positive vibes!

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❤Always, Alyssa❤


53 thoughts on “Motivational Monday!

  1. I love that quote – that’s a keeper! Thanks for sharing, will print that one out as it’s so comforting to remember these things but also empowering and encouraging too.
    I really hope your first day went well. Will look forward to hearing about it when you have the time & energy to post again, but remember, no pressure! 🙂
    Caz xx

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    • Oh no worries at all! We all get busy and that is just life! I think I am going to end up being behind for a little while. The new job has a long training program, which is great. It is just lots of note taking and SO much information. I am always exhausted when I get home, so I am try to respond to comments in small amounts. I know I will get into the swing of things at some point.
      I am so sorry you are dealing with fog right now. I do hope it passes soon, but in the meantime, please take time to rest and care for the most important thing, YOU!!!

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      • Thank you so much for your never-ending kindness and understanding! Training has been LONG, but I am making friends through it as well and we work together. I might wait until the weekend before I actually do another post, which means I will miss the pick-me-up Thursday. I will get things in better order next week, hopefully!

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      • So far so good with the snow Alyssa and it is a big adjustment starting a new job – there are mental as well as physical aspects you have to battle – take your time … we will await a full report … do it on the weekend when you are more relaxed – HAPPY SPRING ALYSSA!

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      • Thank you so much! I can’t believe today was the first day of Spring, it was rather cold early in the day, but did warm up in late afternoon! I am going to try doing an update over the weekend when I am a little more rested!!!

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      • Yes, cold here too Alyssa and a little snow on Friday morning – last year we still had snow in early April. Our cold weather started early last year – late September we had had a hard freeze – pretty much unheard of. I would wait ’til the weekend as well Alyssa. The flu bug is still going around and no need wearing yourself out and getting the flu from lack of sleep. Three days down and two to go til the weekend – yeah!

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      • Thank you so much! I am so sorry the cold weather started early for you, but hopefully it will not last until April. I remember when I lived in VT, the snow would start insanely early and not end until April. I do not miss that! I have had this darn stomach issue for well over a month and it doesn’t seem to want to end. It is miserable!! I hope you have a great weekend and stay warm!!

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      • Yes, Vermont is pretty but all that snow – it is worse than Michigan. I would like to live in a warm-weather state, though all the warm weather states are now experiencing snow and cold from time to time too.

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      • Oh goodness Vermont was insane with snow. My last winter up there snowed 3 feet in one snow fall, which shut things down. To shut businesses down in VT is unheard of because they are typically prepared for it! It did snow here in the south once this year and things shut down for about 3 days, it was only a few inches!!

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      • I could not deal with 3 feet in one snowfall – oh my, I’d be housebound for weeks. I hate driving in the snow as you know. I thought of you earlier today as they were advertising maple sugaring time in Vermont and there was a place you could go to watch the process and get maple syrup on ice cream (a freebie I believe).

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      • Maple syrup is so yummy!! The fake stuff down the south doesn’t even compare. That last snowfall I went through in VT wasn’t fun at all, but they did get roads passable. I do not miss it at all though!

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      • I am from Canada and we like our maple syrup as well … Vermont and Canada have the “real deal” when it comes to maple syrup. I am not a big fan of honey in my oatmeal as I find it too sweet but I know it is good for you.

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      • I am a fan of maple syrup, but never really been big on honey. I might try to find something I will like with honey, but not sure what that would be! I am thinking more and more daily that moving to Canada might be a good plan at some point, especially with the news I heard when I got home today. I am going to try to do a post about it because I am totally outraged about things in the works for the states!!!

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      • I’m with you – now they want to mess with the Obamacare again – I heard that right after I got up this morning and I was not a happy camper either. I was paying much more for my insurance before going on Obamacare and for the same coverage (no dental or optical) but I hope they don’t mess with it.

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  3. ‘Life is what you make it’ can also be related to that quote. Thank you for the motivation! I have started waking up at 5:00am in order to get things done before school (being a morning person helps) so that my after school time can be just for homework and not pleasure activities! Great post Alyssa, good luck with the new job.

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  4. The first week of every new job I ever had was like a blur. There was always so much to learn. Hopefully you are not overwhelmed like I use to be.

    I understand your exhaustion. This brings back memories.

    As for the quote: Take hold of the moment, is how I see it. Take full advantage of all the good that comes your way.

    Happy Wednesday!!!

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    • The first three days has been a lot of new information, but I think I will get there. I was feeling a little overwhelmed with LOTS of note taking, but a friend in my training also takes really amazing notes so we are sharing with each other! I always do Pick-Me-Up Thursday, but I think I am going to allow myself time to adjust to the job before doing all I was doing. Next week will be better, I hope! I do come home so exhausted and just want to not think and rest.

      I want to thank you for your amazing comment! It is nice reading such great words from another!! Happy Wednesday and First Day of Spring to you!!!


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