Beautiful Sunday!

hqdefault-1.jpgGood evening y’all! I hope your weekend has been well spent and you enjoyed every moment of it! Sadly, today is my last day of freedom before returning to the working world. Of course I have my reservations about this, but I am also a little excited about my new journey. I did feel rather lost not having a job and that is because I have honestly worked since I was 15 years old, plus living with a chronic illness that acts up randomly without insurance has been insanely stressful! I think the fear about insurance has been weighing on my mind and probably the reason I have had terrible stomach issues for over about one month! 

The only bad thing I know so far about my new job is, I will still not have insurance for 90 days. Seriously, in a matter of 3 months a lot can happen that insurance wouldhealthinsurance-1516718194 probably be very helpful. Logically, I know thinking about this and allowing for it to cause me stress isn’t going to help matters at all and will more than likely cause me many unwanted issues. Unfortunately,  I am not sure how to let these feelings go and just stay calm when MS has a mind of its own and acts a little crazy sometimes. 

One really awful thing about not having insurance at the moment is, I am afraid I will run out of my Gilenya before I have insurance again. I do plan on calling the Gilenya Go gilenya-oral-pill-msProgram at some point on Monday and just pray they will have an option for me because I can’t just stop this medication. As much as I have fought medications over the years, Gilenya has helped keep my Multiple Sclerosis under control to a point. Currently I do have enough of this medicine to get me through a month and a half. Please wish me luck that I can figure something outhope-quotes-wallpaper with the Gilenya!!

Y’all already know and have sent me many encouraging and supportive words for this new job. I do not have a clue how difficult this job is going to be or if it is going to be stressful, but I am going to still blog when I am able. Please forgive me if it takes me a little longer to respond and or read your amazing posts. Working full-time again is going to take me some time to adjust and figure things out, but I know I can do it! There is a chance I could read posts on a lunch break, but I think I am only going to get 30 minutes, so I am not sure how that would work. 

download (6)I hope you have a lovely evening and you are  feeling well. I always appreciate you visiting my site and love the comments you share! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time not only to stop by, but also for how much you have all given me so much hope in humanity and in myself as well! Please know I am always sending y’all LOTS of love ❤, comfort and many positive vibes!

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❤Always , Alyssa❤

28 thoughts on “Beautiful Sunday!

  1. Sending nothing but Positive Vibes your way, Alyssa! Good luck to you, and just be your wonderful, and lovely self. You’ll be just fine.
    Definitely make a call to the pharmaceutical company, I’m sure they will be able to work with you!!!
    Can’t wait to hear all about your first day at you new job!!
    Love Ya!!! 😊💗

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    • Thank you so much Beckie! I think it will all work out and go well, or at least I am hoping it will.
      I didn’t realize how much of the Gilenya I had. Somehow I always ended up with extra, which is great at the moment! I am nervous what will happen if I am not able to get the company to help me some. I went off this medicine last year and it didn’t go well landing me in a terrible relapse. I really can’t afford being off this medicine!
      I really appreciate your kind thoughts and encouragement. I will let y’all know how it goes tomorrow!!

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  2. Alyssa, I wish you only the very best with your new job. I am crossing my fingers that you will be able to get more of Gilenya until the insurance kicks in. Things have a way of working out and I have a feeling you’ll figure out a way somehow. We are all rooting for you tomorrow, so smile, and kick some butt. 🙂

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    • Thank you so much! I really appreciate your truly kind wishes, it means so much to me! The Gilenya situation is making me nervous because I did go off this medicine last year and it didn’t go well for me. I ended up having a horrible relapse. I hope you are right that I will be able to figure out a way to get this medicine until my insurance kicks in. I do have enough for short term. I am persistent and normally find ways to make things happen! I love your comment about smile and kick some butt! I hope you have a nice evening and your week starts off great!!!

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      • It is nerve wrecking to know that you might run out of the medicine that you need. If only our health care system is in a better place…truly I wish that everyday. Please pardon my rather crude language. 😅 Have a good rest tonight.

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      • It is so nerve wreaking about the medicine, but I think I was able to get things figured out! I couldn’t agree more with you about the healthcare here in the states. In my opinion, healthcare really couldn’t get much worse! We are the only developed country that doesn’t have free healthcare and that is insane! Oh please do not apologize, you didn’t use crude language, I think you spoke the truth! I will say that when I get talking about how awful health care is, I use some pretty bad language!

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      • Alyssa, I am so relieved to hear that you might have gotten it figured out! That’s wonderful! I hope your first day at work went smoothly. Have a great rest of the week!

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    • Thank you Meg! The medicine situation is causing some stress, but that isn’t going to help at all! I am persistent and normally find a way to get things done. This medicine does help me and I really can’t run out! I hope you have a nice evening and thank you so much for your good wishes!!

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  3. You’ll do it Alyssa. I pray too that you’ll find a way to get your meds until your insurance clicks in. I was in a blue mood last week as if a dark cloud was hovering over my head, but it was because I was stressing unnecessarily. So heads up and move forward.

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    • Thank you so much! I was able to talk with someone at the Gilenya Go Program and things are going to work out with my medication. They are really understanding and want people that need medicine, get what they need.
      I am so sorry you were struggling with a dark cloud following you, but I am glad you are better now. You couldn’t be more right that stressing unnecessarily will not ever have good results! I want to thank you for this reminder!


  4. Hi Alyssa. I know you will be great tomorrow. 1 know it’s going to be a challenge working full time again. Just be kind to yourself and try not pushing yourself too hard. I’m always here if you need to talk. I’m also here to help you with the Gilenya. I won’t let you go without it. Try to relax and take it one day at a time. All my Love & Support, Mom💜💜

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    • Thank you so much! Things did go well today and I am so happy that things appear like they will go well with the Gilenya as well. The Gilenya go program is there to help people with this medication as it is way too much for anyone to afford!!!


  5. I believe that you will be provided for with the medication. I know everything is so darn expensive and not having health insurance can be down right terrifying…… you have a free clinic in your area? sometimes they are very helpful with generously handing out samples.

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  6. Alyssa – best of luck again and do try to call the pharmaceutical company that makes Gilenya and see if they can work a little magic for you … good that you have a little time before you run out. Also ask your doctor if he has any pull to get enough pills to tide you over until the 90 days kicks in or try at the pharmacy where you get the pills filled.

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  7. Good luck with your new Job Alyssa! It’s good to get a fresh start so all the best, I will be thinking of you tomorrow (My Tuesday, your Monday). What will your new job involve doing? I hope all goes well with getting access to your meds.

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  8. Waiting a period of time before your insurance kicks in is pretty common practice these days. It is frustrating as hell, especially when folks like us use our insurance much more than the average bear. Having said that, there are some places that make you wait six months, so thankfully yours isn’t one of them

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