Fellow Blogger Recognition!

share-loveGood afternoon y’all! I have been a little slack for the past week or so with continuing my fellow blogger recognition posts and I am so sorry for this! I was fighting a nasty stomach bug that as soon as I thought I was in the clear, reared its ugly head again. I do not think there are many people I would wish this on! However, I do want to share many more incredible people with y’all as I am very sure you will love to read their fabulous posts!

The fellow blogger I would like to recognize today not only writes outstanding poetry, but moment to recognizealso is very encouraging by handling all she endures daily with much grace. Lorraine at https://blindwilderness.wordpress.com/  battles with what cancer left behind for her to live with, blindness and wheelchair bound, which she does with much power!

your courageI truly admire the massive amounts of strength and courage this lovely lady holds within her and how much this shines through with every word she writes. I can’t even begin to imagine how painful and difficult it must have been to relive her story and share it through several posts she wrote. Lorraine is a fighter and hasn’t let anything she deals with hold her down! Lorraine gives me SO much hope!

beautifulSomething that I will never forget is a powerful comment Lorraine left me on a post I wrote last week, “Rain, please stay away”. When I read what Lorraine wrote how she thinks rain is amazing because not being able to see it, she can feel it and enjoys the sound. This brought tears to my eyes, not necessarily out of sadness, but more out of admiration. These simple words were so moving and I just adore Lorraine’s dazzling love for life! I often think that through no fault of our own, we may take our senses for granted because we haven’t been forced to live without them. Unfortunately, I am guilty of this and  really want start being far more appreciative of what I do have in life and never assume these senses will be with me forever. 

sending lots of loveI have absolutely NO doubts when I tell you this, you will enjoy reading Lorraine’s brilliant arts of what she writes. If y’all haven’t already visited her site https://blindwilderness.wordpress.com/I do strongly encourage you to do so! Of course those of you already familiar with her, I am sure you will agree with every words I have said in this post!

Not only is Lorraine a fantastic writer, but she is also a wonderful friend with a very loving heart! Her modesty makes her that much more rare and inspiring! Thank you so much Lorraine for always sharing such amazing poetry and for being the incredible you are incredibleperson YOU are! 

Thank y’all for stopping by my site today! I hope you are having a lovely weekend and you are feeling the absolute best you can! Hopefully the weather you are having is better than the never-ending rain I am still experiencing. A little rain can be nice, but when it has done nothing but rain for well over a week, it is TOO MUCH!! My mind and comfort needs a little sunshine! Please never forget that I am always sending y’all LOTS of          ❤ love, comfort and many positive vibes!

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❤Always, Alyssa❤



27 thoughts on “Fellow Blogger Recognition!

  1. Ooo one I’ve not come across, thanks for this – off to check it out now!
    So sorry about your nasty bug, sounds like it’s on the rebound coming back for you a second time, probably because your body is recovering & your immune system is impaired. I really, really do hope you’re on the mend from that particular nastiness asap. Rest up lovely xxxx

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    • I do think you will love her! She is pretty amazing and I love reading what she writes!
      The nasty bug has been so frustrating especially when my husband tells me it is because I am getting myself too stressed. I am really staying calm about things I just like to talk about it all. I do think it is a bug though and just has taken hold of my weak immune system. I hope when it leaves again, it will not come back for a third time! I really appreciate your kind words!!

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  2. Such a perfect nomination, Alyssa. Lorraine is amazing, I agree. I’m sorry you had a tummy bug – yuck. I had to laugh that you said there weren’t many you would wish it on – implying there might be a few people you would share it with, and I’m sure they’d deserve it – heehee! Hope you’re all better now!! 💕

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