Pick-Me-Up Thursday!

Happy Friday EveGood morning y’all! I hope your week has gone well and you are feeling well. I am a little behind on reading and even doing some posts I wanted to because I have had a nasty stomach bug for several days now. It has been difficult but I am on the mend and do have so much I want to share with you!

In preparation for the weekend, I think a great quote will help through the last day of the week! I do hope you enjoy this quote as much as I do!present situationWe all go through difficult times in life and in that moment it isn’t easy to remember that things will get better. I do believe that everything that happens in life happens for abe someones sunshine reason and when they are supposed to. There is a part of me that believes there is no such thing as an accident and everything is just part of life we were destined to live. 

Thank you so much for stopping by my site today. I am really looking forward to reading your thoughts on this post and I will respond as quickly as I can. I hope you have a great day and lovely weekend!! Please remember that I am always sending you LOTS of love ❤, comfort and many positive vibes!

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❤Always, Alyssa❤


45 thoughts on “Pick-Me-Up Thursday!

  1. It’s a rainy day in Georgia. And it feels so gloomy. I want to go my Zumba class; but am feeling down. I’m glad to know that this isn’t my final destination, thanks for that quote. It is well.


  2. So pleased to hear you are on the mend now. I totally agree with you! I believe everything happens for a reason – good or bad! Life will always take us along different paths, and paths we never envisaged. Continue feeling better and have a beautiful weekend. 😊

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  3. Love the pick-me-up, I needed this today!
    I’m sorry you’ve been more poorly with the stomach bug. I really do hope it clears up and leaves you alone asap, these things can really drag you down on top of chronic illness. Sending gentle hugs xxxx

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    • I am so glad this pick-me-up was helpful for you today. I do hope the rest of your day goes well!
      Thank you so much! This stomach bug lingered for over a week and I am just ready to feel normal again. I do appreciate the gentle hugs!xxx


      • Glad to hear you are feeling better Alyssa. You’re right about that – I haven’t done any errands in weeks and if it snows, I won’t go out – I don’t like driving in the snow. I’m a Winter Weenie! Back at you Alyssa!

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      • Yes, and the ones with the high SUVs often think they can drive in any conditions and be fine – I don’t like driving on the expressway either – people drive too fast for me. I take surface streets every chance I get. I just saw an ad for a beautiful butterfly exhibit – it looked wonderful – thousands of butterflies loose in a big room but it is in Grand Rapids – only can get there by expressway. I looked for surface streets … a 3 1/2 hour trip … so I will skip that unfortunately. I know my limits and my comfort zone Alyssa.

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      • Hi Alyssa – I am finally here – was working on a project most of today and stayed away from WordPress. We are getting a new computer system at work and I have to get a Windows 10 computer – I use Windows 7 … I have been trying to go through pictures and my blog posts and archive them off. I used to keep them pretty organized, but I had a real mess. Sigh. We were supposed to get snow this morning – I just went on a quick walk. We never got a single flake – that is good, but I believed them AGAIN. How could four weather stations be wrong? I’d have gone a little run with the car and take some pics. As to the butterflies, this is the article I read. I was amazed at one person who said they were there with their wife 8 times. It says they are a “member” – I hope that means it is free because it is $14.50 for an adult. Yikes! But there are 60 types of butterflies just flying around – I imagine it would be gorgeous … and it is very warm in the building to accommodate the butterflies. Very nice trip I would imagine. Here is a link to see it: https://www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/2019/03/popular-butterfly-exhibit-ready-to-open-at-meijer-gardens.html

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      • I do find it amazing how all weather stations can be wrong. I think the weatherman is the only job you can hold, be wrong most of the time and yet still have a job! It just isn’t right! I am glad you didn’t get the snow they were all calling for! I LOVED the article you shared. I believe butterflies have a lot of happiness and have much power. I used to think that butterflies were a sign from my grandfather and they always give me stress relie!

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      • Hi Alyssa – and they got it wrong today because they said the snow would not arrive until later afternoon and it was swirling around while I was driving – you know me with snow and driving … I made it home okay and about an hour later, here comes the snow … lots of accidents as it is not a lot of snow, just enough to slicken up the pavement … we are getting about an inch over night they say. The butterflies flying around one building would be so beautiful – like you, I would love to see that. They say that cardinals are signs of departed loved ones – have you heard that before?

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      • I am so glad you made it home safely! It is best to just stay home where you are warm and safe!! Oh goodness, I haven’t ever heard that about cardinals before, but that is great to know. Thank you so much for sharing this with me!!

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      • Thanks Alyssa – that snow kind of threw me … I’m not big on Winter weather at all. Glad I got home before it started – I am quite behind in Reader right now due to the long post I wrote yesterday … that always happens. Here is a nice story about the cardinals – my mom loved cardinals, so I like this story about the cardinals that I see nearby: https://letterpile.com/poetry/Spirit-Visits-From-Loved-Ones-Cardinal-Spirit-Poem

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      • I hope the snow doesn’t stay around too long and maybe you can even have some warm days ahead!
        Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful cardinal story. I must share this with my mother in-law because I know she will love it. We have so many birds that fly around our house and many are cardinals!

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      • We have some really cold weather right now (-15 wind chill) so I think the snow is going to stick around unfortunately. I think Mother Nature is determined to show us who is boss! I am glad you liked the cardinal story. My mom always liked cardinals and there are some figurines that she had and also had some Christmas ornaments as well with cardinals on them. I have not put out Christmas decorations in forever, but they are tucked away for safekeeping.

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  4. Love the quote that the best is yet to come. So positive and helps me look forward to the future. I am so sorry to hear you have been unwell with an awful stomach bug. They really knock you out and can take weeks to build up strength and feel normal again. I really hope you start to feel better soon. Rest up and take care. Xx

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