Rain, Rain, please go away!

Rain stay awayGood evening y’all! I am just curious, how do y’all feel about rainy days? Personally, I have very mixed emotions about this for SO many reasons. In one sense, rainy days give us the perfect excuse to not leave the house! We don’t have to get up shower, fix our hair and put makeup on for that matter. Staying at home where we can stay warm, dry and cozy snuggled up on the couch with a loving pet/pets or our significant other.

The rainy days 🌧also give the opportunity to binge watch Netflix, which I am guilty of with Gossip Girls. Try not to laugh too hard at me with this, but I know it is kind of rainy days goodamusing! If you don’t care much about Netflix or not have it we can sit around watching our favorite old movies or new ones we want to watch, read that book we have been pushing off far too long, catch up on much-needed and well-deserved rest or even just do literally nothing at all! The part about catching up on rest can be very easy because the sound of the rain 🌧 falling down can be very soothing or at least it is for me!

On the other hand, rain 🌧 can and does produce much higher amounts of horrible i-am-in-pain-you-just-dont-know-it-cause-i-smile-through-the-rain-and-refuse-to-show-it.pain.When you are already forced to deal with massive pain on just a normal day, the additional pain endured can be down right miserable.

When all there is to view outside is rain clouds ☁ and dreary weather, the simple lack of sunshine can cause much sadness. If you combine rainy 🌧 weather with someone who might already be experiencing other personal struggles, this can possibly send someone into a very negative tailspin of depression. However, it is just as likely this horrible combination can simply create temporary isolation from others and the outside world. The temporary isolation and depression can improve in its own time, which really can’t be rushed.

Even though it is very common for rainy  days 🌧 to cause minor drowsiness, it can progresssleep into pure exhaustion. This feeling can also include a lack of motivation and ambition. During this time, it isn’t easy to get the most simple tasks completed because the normal energy we have escapes us for a short time.

When ALL you have seen for 12 days straight is rain 🌧, the absolute WORST thing possible  to do is read or watch the weather updates. I know this because that is exactly what I did on Friday afternoon. It was so sad because the weatherman was predicting 60%-80% chances of rain 🌧 for several more days. I mean come on, it already rained 🌧 for 12 days and there was flooding in many areas. Sometimes I am logical and understand that predictions can change several times without much warning. I guess we are all just at the mercy of Mother Nature and we all know she will do whatever she pleases with little to no explanation!

break-from-rain.jpgNow on a positive note, finally after all those days of rain, I am getting a three-day break from rain!!! Hopefully all of my excitement won’t scare off the sun ☀ in my near future! I was thrilled when I woke up today and saw that foreign beauty ☀ in the sky! It wasn’t really cold today where I live, but it was incredibly windy. Honestly I would much prefer windy, chilly and sunny as opposed to cold and wet any day!

Thank y’all for taking time out of your evening to stop by my site! I do always appreciate all imagesof your support and great comments. Let me just ask, how was your weekend? I do hope you had a pleasant one and were able to do the things that bring you the most joy. I hope the last few hours of the weekend are delightful and you are getting yourself prepared for a new week! I do look forward to reading your comments and I promise to respond as quickly as I can! Never forget that I am always sending y’all LOTS of love ❤, comfort and many positive vibes!

My signature heart

❤Always, Alyssa❤


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27 thoughts on “Rain, Rain, please go away!

  1. I can totally relate!! Too many rainy days in wintertime just make me so gloomy and give me cabin fever! But you’ve made a lot of fun suggestions for activities in rainy weather! I’ve been cleaning the house, and it’s been a great weekend! 🙂

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    • Thank you Meg! Rain does make many people gloomy! In my opinion, if water falling from the sky in the winter, it should be snow. I mean it’s already cold and at least snow makes things look pretty. I do hope some of my suggestions will be fun for you, but please do let me know!!!

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  2. Great post Alyssa. For me the rain is amazing because not being able to see, I can FEEL it. Wow! Beautiful. Injust put my hand out of the car window and let it pitter patternon my hand and it is wonderful. And the SOUND of it too.

    But I can understand howbit can feel terrible too. And very very depressing.

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    • I didn’t realize in rains a lot in Oregon, I honestly thought it would snow much more. Rain or any precipitation causes me so much additional pain, but I guess I am just used to it now. I have learned that a heating pad is magical with the nasty weather! I hope you have a lovely week!!


  3. I have to go out, do my regular day, even with rain. It’s England! It’s quite the norm, though we have been getting some really nice sunny evenings recently. Feeling like Summer over here – though we have frosty mornings! I am releasing a collaboration tomorrow and a question I ask the other blogger is ‘does the weather affect your mood?’. Very coincidental!
    Erin xx

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  4. It was the same thing for my mom Alyssa – she would say that she could predict the rainy weather the day before, much better than the weatherman due to her aches and pains. We had nine weeks of rainy weekends last April 2018 to June 2018. Many of those days were torrential rain storms – horrid weather. The weather has not been normal for over a year for many people and I’ve been hearing about the rain in the South on the radio. Lots of flooding. Stay safe Alyssa!

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  5. Its rained so much my yard is an absolute muddy mess. Like one of our vehicles got stuck in the mud that’s how much rain theres been. I enjoy raining days on occasion– allows me to be lazy but when it’s been like a month of rain with no relief its miserable. Add to the joint pain. The cabin fever.

    Sidenote I love gossip girl. Rewatched it at least twice

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    • Thank you for your comment! It is funny you said your yard was a muddy mess because mine did as well! I think it will be a mud pit for a while! The random things rain does to so many! 😦

      Oh goodness, I am so happy someone else is addicted to Gossip Girl:)! I am watching old episodes because I never watched it when it was on before. It pretty funny! I only enjoy drama on TV, never in my normal life:)

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      • Yeah its ridiculous. The local news said its rained 17/27 days this month. I’m like trust me my mud is hydrated haha and yes I will never tire of Gossip Girl.

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      • The rain is ridiculous and I think we need a break. It seems like Mother Nature is upset about something and is lashing out against everyone. I have been watching Gossip Girl on Netflix. It really is a fun show to watch!!!

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