Midweek Recognition!

Happy WednesdayHappy Wednesday y’all! I hope your week is going great so far and you are feeling the absolute best you possibly can. I am sorry because I am a little behind on most everything right now because I have been feeling a little under the weather. I am not sure if I am feeling so awful because I have a cold or it is probably even more likely it’s the massive amount of stress I am feeling right now, Who knows?

As y’all already know I have many fellow bloggers I admire that A-garden-visitordeserve much recognition. I wanted to share each one of them with you so if you haven’t been able to visit their site, maybe you can soon!

The amazing blogger I want to share with you today is very humble and more than likely will not agree with my views, but I am leaving it up to you to determine who is right! Of course I do think you will agree with me that Beth, at http://bethybrightanddark.com/, is brilliant and her honesty is astonishing. 

Without even trying, Beth offers me SO much hope, strength and encouragement. Beth was 1bd08e94a39f2f317ac499110972374bdiagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in December of 2015 and continues to fight a good fight daily. Through the words she is able to share regarding her thoughts and experiences related to this unpredictable illness (MS), disease modifying treatments (DMT), Physical Therapy (PT) and Occupational Therapy (OT) you can feel her determination! I do think it is the combination of her sass and pure determination she can get through any situation life throws her way. 

Beth is a lot like myself, as we both do not like to cry in front of don't let your illness define youothers. This doesn’t have anything to do with viewing crying as a sign weakness, but everything to do with not wanting to add any additional stress to our families. Beth always inspires me with her kindness, ability to care, never-ending amount of understanding and her killer sarcastic personality!

I know I have already thanked Beth many times before and told her how amazing and encouraging I find her to be, but just in case she has forgotten, “THANK YOU Beth for being your incredible self!” Please never lose that fight within you!sending lots of love

I wanted to thank y’all for stopping by my site today. Each and every one of you have been so fantastic to me during my entire time within the blogging community, especially lately as I have been struggling. Your love and encouraging words are appreciated more than words can even begin to say!

I do hope if you haven’t already been able to visit Beth’s site, you will try stopping by http://bethybrightanddark.com/ when you have a few extra minutes. Without a shadow imagesof a doubt, I think you will enjoy reading every words of Beth’s posts and find her to be extremely strong and motivating!

I do look forward to reading your thoughts about this post and I do promise to respond as quickly as I can. Please never forget that I am always sending y’all LOTS of       ❤ love, comfort and many positive vibes!

My signature heart

❤Always, Alyssa❤


25 thoughts on “Midweek Recognition!

  1. Ooo Beth’s blog is a new one to me I think so thanks, will check it out now! Lovely post to share the love 😀
    I’m sorry you’re feeling so extra rubbish at the moment. I think a combination of a cold and stress (the latter likely will keep the former hanging around for longer) will definitely do that. I hope you can rest up and work on de-stressing a little. Hugs xxxx

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    • Thank you! Yes, definitely check out Beth’s blog, she really is pretty amazing!
      I know you are right that stress will make the cold hang on much longer, which isn’t good. I am trying to not focus on the reasons for my stress, but it isn’t easy. Not having insurance with a chronic illness is terrifying!!! Things will get better at some point, it is just a matter of time! xxx

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  2. It amazes me Alyssa how you can find so much hope and send so much encouragement when you’re going through so much yourself. I know life can be difficult but you don’t focus on that. I admire the love you have in your heart and how helping others is so important for you. Your selfless acts of kindness go a long way and I’m proud of the person you are. Great things are coming your way and so deserved. Hang in there. All my Love & Support, Mom💜💜

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    • Thank you so much Mom for your kind words. I do feel like dwelling on anything I might be going through is a waste of my time and energy. I think if there is a way I can bring happiness and love to someone else, my days will always be much better!


  3. You, as always, are a sweetie pie. Thank you so much for your kind kind words! I feel like I should apologize in advance to your readers who might visit my blog for my, uh, colorful use of language. Hope you’re having a fantastic day my lovey friend!! sending you so much love! ❤

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    • You my dear are more than welcome! I highly doubt anyone will have any issues with your colorful language, I find it great! There is absolutely no need for any apologies because you are just being the amazing YOU!!! I hope you are feeling well and having a great week. Lots of love Beth!

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  4. I have not been following you for too long, but I think you have mentioned Beth’s kindness before, either in your blog posts or maybe in a comment to me. The fact that fellow blogger Beth gives you hope, strength and encouragement as well as being kind is just the cherry on top of the sundae. 🙂

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      • I thought I remembered you mentioning Beth before. Yes, I can imagine it is good to bounce thoughts, questions and feelings off others who understand. This a great forum for meeting warm and caring people. The internet in general and the snarky comments I see on social media sites, especially the news sites, leave me reeling sometimes. This is because people hide behind a profile and often don’t use their own name and think they can say anything they want to.

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      • This really is a wonderful site that offers pleasant communication. I do feel that most other social media sites only provide negativity and drama. I do not like the snarky comments that I have read and really stay away from Facebook and Twitter.

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    • I am so happy to see you enjoy the recognition posts! I still have many more to share and I hope you will enjoy them as well. I do think you would enjoy Beth’s posts. She has real and true character! I am doing the best I can to take care of myself and I am still healing from the job situation. Being without insurance is upsetting, but I am looking with hopes I will find something soon! I hope you are doing well and taking care of yourself as well!

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