It’s time to show thanks!

what are you thankful for todayGood morning y’all! Y’all know I typically do not do multiple posts in a day, but this is an exception! With this being the week of Thanksgiving, I think we should all be thinking of what we are truly thankful for. Life gets so busy and we tend to forget to take a moment to acknowledge what we want to give thanks for. It might not be easy to do, but I think we should try to everyday think of and write down just one thing we are thankful for! It might be pretty interesting to reflect back on these at the end of the week!0

Today, I want to say how incredibly thankful for I am for the very loving ❤, accepting and helpful family I am blessed to have! I am lucky enough to have my mother and step father that always show their love❤, support and appreciation. I am also blessed enough to have married into another wonderful and loving family that I couldn’t have asked for better than them! Two loving families is just twice the love and support!❤

For the first day of this week, what is one thing you are thankful for? I hope y’all have a lovely day and I am looking forward to reading your response! Remember that I am always sending y’all LOTS of love ❤, comfort and many positive vibes!

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❤Always, Alyssa❤

27 thoughts on “It’s time to show thanks!

  1. 2 things actually. 1 is my amazing family= husband, daughter , step son, step daughter, my mum and my in laws.

    2. Linedancing. This amazing hobby I started in January gives me well deserved but also easily forgotten to alleviated a bit of me time. Had not been able to get for a few weeks and to get back this evening was amazing which makes me so thankful

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  2. Love this post. Yes I noticed you have posted about three times and I can’t keep up. But what a lovely post.The first thing I would be thankful for would also be my beautiful family. I only have one of course but at least I was born into a loving one.

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