Relax & Recharge!

fcb9d620299c9c634d6fc9314702aa02.jpgHappy Sunday y’all! I hope you are having a wonderful and peaceful weekend! I think it is possible that today is my first day in the house that I am not busy or battling with a nasty migraine. We have been living in our new/old house for one month now, but our first two weekends were spent driving 2 hours back to our old home to finish up some loose ends. Let me just say that after working the typical  five-day/40 hour work week and having to basically work a 6th day was hell and way too much for my already exhausted and beaten down body.

I always do my best to keep in touch with the positives in my life, which is why I do my best to avoid the news. But let’s be honest avoiding the news is like avoiding the ocean in the middle of an island, it is pretty much impossible. It breaks my heart with all the hate that is breeding not only here in the United States where I live, but it has taken hold world-wide. It seems like hate spreads worse that a wildfire in a rain forest! I do believe the hate here in the states is continuously being ignited by one individual, which is really imagesjust SAD! I might be incorrect, but there has been a mass shooting in the United States at least monthly and sometimes more. What good does it really do to start killing people you do not agree with? I do not know what causes a person to break off from reality enough to start killing innocent people and I doubt I ever will know or understand this.

For the most part I keep all my opinions regarding politics to myself because that is something that is a HOT topic with most people. Some just can’t accept the let’s agree to disagree stance, but continue to fight their beliefs to the bitter end! I had to learn there are some people I can be very open with, but then there are those others I need to walk on pins and needles with because the argument isn’t worth it!

relax-recharge-and-reflect-sometimes-its-ok-to-do-nothing-20756600For so many years I always made Sunday be my “Relaxation Day!”, but in the recent months I decided to make Saturday be my actual relax/recharge day! I guess I thought after working 5 days, I need one day to just do nothing and it has been working rather well. But the funny thing is, I split my household work up over 3 days this weekend, which made things much easier on me! I think changing up what our “norm” are can be a good thing so we do not get totally burnt out from it all! 

I hope your weekend has been great and I hope you are feeling well! Hopefully you used the weekend to take care of yourself and prepare yourself for a new week! It doesn’t matter that I actually like my job, the weekend still went by WAY too fast and I really could use just one more day! Please never forget that no matter how hectic my life might become, I am always sending you LOTS of  ❤love and comfort!

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31 thoughts on “Relax & Recharge!

  1. I also avoid the news!! I don’t mind some political commentary, but I can’t handle the local news, the way they announce quite cheerily that someone suffered a painful, horrific death; and then they send it to the meteorologist to do the weather.

    Great job being so productive!! Good for you!!

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    • My goodness I find the news incredibly depressing! There are way too many killings and it needs to stop. I have a hard time listening to the lies we are told, so I just ignore it completely. I have come to the realization that I can’t allow everything to get me down in life, if there is something that can be done to improve situations, I will, but if there isn’t anything that can be done, I am letting it go. Somethings are just out of control and we just have to trust it is ok!

      I hope you have a wonderful week and I promise to keep things going even working full-time!

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  2. Great blog!! I agree there’s too much hatred in this world and not enough value placed on each other’s life. Sometimes we all need to take a step back before reacting. I think that’s an exceptional quality you have. Things are getting worse everyday in this world and hopefully we can all look at ourselves and see what changes we can make to help the world be a better and safer place to live. All my Love & Support, Mom💜I

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    • WOW Mom, it seems that you might be absorbing some of the great advice I give you! Taking a step back before reacting is incredibly important and can be very difficult!!! It is sad that things are getting much worse every day and I don’t see the downfall ending in the near future. I hate to admit this, but I don’t even think things will improve in 2020.

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  3. I absolutely love the first quote. I can relate to it as drinking tea calms me down. So many benefits of sharing a cup of tea or coffee. Also love the Happy Sunday quote. Sometimes when I ‘m too tired to read the rest of your blog post I just scroll through and make sure to read the quotes you haev posted. Sunday is my relaxation day where I like to do nothing.
    Glad to hear you finally had a weekend of rest and it is so good to hear from you over the weekend.

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  4. Beautiful Alyssa. We have all been shocked, though, by the events in Pittsburgh. Things just seem to be escalating. Nowadays it seems it is not enough just to dislike a particular group of people, or to disagree with them. It seems that the move now is to exterminate them. Which brings back some horrible history as we all know. The same is happening in our country too. I do not know what is happening in the world. We are meant to be getting more advanced, but looking at what is happening. I don’t think so. Great post Alyssa. Hope you feel all refreshed today. Xo


    • Thank you Lorraine! The shocking and horrifying events that occurred in Pittsburgh is not only sad for the lives that were lost, but sad that we all seem to be immune to this. Maybe where you live is similar to the states, but the states is SO full of hate. I know what you mean about bring bad horrible memories in history. I have always heard that history does repeat itself, but someone here in Washington might wish he were more like Hitler.
      Yes, it is 2018 and we all should be progressing not regressing. I am a very open person that accepts anyone for who they are on the inside, not the outside! I hope you have a wonderful week!!!


  5. I avoid the news so much that I think it might be bad but I find lots of stuff to keep me occupied, activities, books, and other sources that bring so much joy in my life. It is so great that you have your weekly day off. This seems to be something so important and so overlooked. Thank you for sharing your love.

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    • It is healthy to avoid the news because it is always so negative! I wish there would be a day that the news was actually happy and positive, but then I guess they would be lost! Finding other things is a smart thing to do and better for your mental health! I really appreciate your kind comment and I am able to share love with y’all!


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