Time For A Change!

no accidents all is meant to beChange is a wild mixture that can be both exhilarating and nerve-wrecking all at the same time! Change gives us the ability for amazing new opportunities, but sometimes it seems very risky or maybe that is just how my brain works. I know the best way to handle change or changes is to take things one step at a time and not over do it by trying to do all that needs to be done at once. I am a FIRM believer that everything happens for a reason and when it was meant to! Sometimes I also think there isn’t such a thing as something happening or meeting someone by accident!

With moving to a new city in a different state and starting a new job, there seems to be aChange lot to juggle right now in life. The funny thing is, before I went into my interview I saw a beautiful butterfly flying around my car! Of course I thought the butterfly was a sign that I was meant to get the job I really wanted and I DID!!

Now, packing can be a fun at times because you can actually throw away or donate things that you don’t use anymore, this gets rid of unnecessary clutter. I think it is best to donate items not in use instead of throwing them away because those items might be very useful to someone else. You have probably heard that saying, “One man’s junk is another’s treasure.”? Even with that said, it can still take a lot of energy that I seem to be losing change-quotes-5rapidly. I tend to feel overwhelmed because I have the need to do everything myself and hate asking for any help, but I am learning slowly to ask for help more!

I am sure y’all understand how stressful moving and starting a new job can be! In your lifetime, when you have moved, how did you manage to handle it without having a nervous-breakdown? I have always been a bit of a walking/talking stress case, but I am trying to handle it better. Of course I do not want to get myself too stressed out and cause myself to have a relapse! Any tips you might have I would love to hear! I always appreciate all of your great advice and to read how you handle similar situations! 

70502da7ecfb161bf5ee8a42face4478-1050x1050My last day at my current job is this Friday!! I am nervous and excited about this. I have been with my company for over three years and even though I am more than ready for a change, it is the change that is a little scary! I will be starting my adventure with my new job on September 28th and I am very excited about this position! I think my new job is the perfect fit for my personality and the hours are far beyond fabulous!

With moving and packing, I might not be making posts as I typically would. Please forgive me if I fail to respond in a timely manner, but I will still try! I hope y’all are having a great week and feeling the best you can! Please remember that no matter what I am going through in life, I am always sending y’all LOTS of love❤ and comfort!

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66 thoughts on “Time For A Change!

  1. packing and moving is a very exhausting event……please pace yourself, you don’t want a hit a wall at the end. i have moved so many times and each time it has become a bit easier but wow, it is a big job but so worth what is waiting for you on the other side!

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  2. One thing that helps me every time I am over whelmed by the task. Make a list, keep moving priorities around. I couldn’t travel without this method. Moving is a much larger task, you have to let people help you with somethings. Stop for a minute, think about what is most precious and you have to do. Then have your husband work on the rest. It won’t be the way you do it but it will get done and it will work out after the move. Keeping your stress level down is most important going into a new job. You have to take time for yourself to destress. I’m glad you are making the move and can’t wait to hear once you settle in. I’m always here.

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    • Funny thing is, I did make a list of what needs to be done and I have set priorities! We are tentatively scheduling the move for Tuesday, so I can get somewhat settled before starting my new job. As long as the bed is set up, my clothes are there and of course the cats need to be there, I will be just fine!! Thank you for your advice!!

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      • You’re moving to your family home? What state are you moving to? You told me but my memory is short. It would be great to have time before starting working to relax and get comfortable for your new job. Now you can leave the negative co0workers behind. 🙂

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      • We are moving to my husband’s grandparent’s family home. I think it will provide comfort and blissful happiness. We are moving 2 hours south of where we are now into SC. I am not giving myself too much time to relax and get comfy before starting the new job, but it will work out. I booked the movers for Tuesday, so I will have 2 days to get situated before starting the new job! I am thrilled to be leaving the negative co-workers in the past!!

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      • I’m sending Good Karma your way. With the high demand in the job market your husband will have no problem getting a job, even if temp at first. In a good economy temp jobs pay higher wages because the employers can’t find anyone to work. The employment industry is where I spent my career. The great thing about temping is this type of economy is you don’t have to take the first job, you can work longer assignments that might lead to perm offers. He has a great chance to turn it around. Having both of you in a happy job would make your pain much better and life less stressful. I can’t wait till you fill us in on the new home details. Be Safe. 🙂

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  3. Unfortunately I don’t always agree with the ‘everything always happens for a reason’ quote. Sometimes it’s true like in the case of losing my previous job as it opened up other opportunities but not always. I’m still asking myself why I have to live with multiple chronic conditions which can’t be fixed and searching for a purpose and reason as to why I have them?
    Good luck with the move and the new job! it’s good that you have some time off before you settle in and commence a new job. What is your new job going to involve? All the best.

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  4. All the best with your new adventures and may the change bring you the happiness you deserve!!… 🙂

    “For time and the world do not stand still. Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or the present are certain to miss the future.” John F. Kennedy

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  5. Change can be so powerful and positive, but daunting and difficult in equal measure. I think you are doing incredibly well and it’s amazing that you’re sharing all of this with us, uplifting your readers while you go through everything that you are. Wishing you all the best for the last day Friday, and last days should be pretty much work-free in my opinion 😉 You’re starting the new one also on a Friday then, is that right (28th Sept)? xxxx

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    • Oh goodness this change is VERY daunting, but I do think this a start to a great journey in life!! Thank you so much for your really kind comment! I am so happy that what I share is uplifting to my fabulous readers. I am beyond excited that my last day at my current job is Friday. This is actually reducing some stress in my mind. I do not plan on doing much the next two days. I do not see a point and really what are they going to do, fire me!? I am looking forward to starting my new job on the 28th!! I just booked the movers for Tuesday, so we will have the weekend to get anything packed that hasn’t been packed yet! I really appreciate your support sweetie!!

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      • So glad that leaving the current job is lifting a little stress off your shoulders, you know it’s the right thing often by the relief when you leave a place! I hope you can ‘pace’ things well over the weekend so you don’t overdo things (preaching to the choir here, and it’s easier said than done where there’s a lot of things to do!) If I could raise a glass and make a toast I would – to the next, brighter chapter and new adventure for you in your life! xxxx

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      • Thank you so much! Leaving my current job is a great feeling. This move is stressing me pretty bad. My husband keeps telling me I am stressed over nothing, but he hasn’t packed anything at all! I know things will be fine, but I am beyond irritated at this moment because I seem to be the only one that really cares. We can do a virtual raising of the glass soon!!!

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  6. How exciting! Congratulations on the move and the new job!

    Moving is always a big ordeal so as the others have said, just try to pace yourself and take it slowly! So excited to see you settled on the other side of this big change.

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      • It’s natural to be anxious, it’s two really big changes. Try to focus on the exciting part and your wonderful new job. x It will be worth all the anxiousness now. Look after yourself though! Dizzy is saying to give her yoga moves a go in bed in the mornings before you get up. 🙂 xxx

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      • I am so glad you have said it is natural to be anxious! This is two really huge changes and my husband thinks I am being too anxious! I am thrilled to start my new job because I think it will be great and MUCH better than where I am at now! I will definitely follow Dizzy’s yoga moves, but I will never look as good as she does!! xxx

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  7. I know how tempting it can be to just rush through it because seeing how much stuff there is to do can be so overwhelming, but just know that it can be done and it doesn’t all have to be done at one time. Try to pace yourself and take it easy. When I have big tasks, I like to give myself little breaks in between with a timer. For instance, if I’m cleaning out a room, I’ll work for 30 minutes, break for 10, work for 30, etc. until it’s done. It might take a while but it makes it much easier! When you come back after that break and see what you’ve gotten done, it can really be a morale boost!

    I am so excited for this new chapter in your life and I know that you are going to do amazing things! Don’t stress yourself out too much and try to lean on your husband to help as much as you can (if he will! 😉 ). Don’t sweat the small things and try to stay positive!

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    • I am doing my best to pace myself with all that needs to be done with this move. Over the weekend I packed part of the kitchen, took a break then did a little more. I also put bubble wrap around the breakables in the living room, put them in a box, then took a break. I have a to-do list which I am trying to follow. My current plan is to pack some Friday evening and then on Saturday drive my clothes down to the house, (it’s only a 2 hours drive) plus leave my car there. On moving day I am planning to ride with my mother in-law with my two cats. Sunday and Monday more packing also packing things we don’t want to go with the movers in my husband’s SUV and then Tuesday is the BIG move!! My husband hasn’t been feeling great, but hopefully that will change. I think I explained that more on your post!


    • Thank you so much Alexis!! We actually purchased my husband’s grandparent’s family home about 2 years ago, I just wouldn’t move until I had a job because insurance is very important to me. I am so excited and extremely nervous, but I believe this all happened the way it was meant to!! I promise I am pacing myself and trying to remain calm! Next week I probably will not be online much, but I will get caught up! I appreciate you and your great advice!!

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  8. Change is both needed sometimes and scary. This is a new chapter in your life and I know you will shine. All the chaos with moving is just like you said, one thing at a time. If I can help in any way just let me know. This is really an exciting time for you. Try to enjoy it and know everything will work out. All my Love & Support, Mom💜

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  9. Hi
    Tomorrow is the big day! You haven’t reblogged in a couple of days, figure you’ve been to busy. I’m still having reblog issues on some sites. Your reblog button didn’t come up. Please check your settings when you can and I’ll reblog until things settle down for you.

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