What do you do to unwind?

Happy Friday forget the weekGood morning y’all and HAPPY FRIDAY!! I think the weeks start feeling longer the older we get, but maybe that is all in my mind! What do y’all think? With the weekend finally near, I am looking forward to my two days away from work and getting up early! I might not sleep in as much as I should, but just knowing I do not have anywhere to be is a breath of fresh air!

Do y’all have things you enjoy doing to unwind from the long work week? Some of the things I truly enjoy doing and help me relax are similar to what I do in the evenings, but with more freedom and knowing the alarm will NOT wake me in the morning. I think some of what I actually enjoy others might view as stressful, but for me they WORK! Writing is something that helps me get mychristianlouboutin1 feelings and stress off my shoulders. This is something that I need because otherwise I would be even more of a massive stress case. Even though I write several hours before bedtime or when I should be preparing for sleep, I have been told (by the NP), I should not be doing so. I have said this numerous times before, but I am the only one that knows my body and what is beneficial to me. These are the types of comments and or advice I have learned to ignore or just let pass on in my mind. 

It can become a little difficult during the work week when I am too tired from work to give my nelson-mandela-quoteblogger friends the true attention they deserved. If I am too tired or in too much pain, I save reading others posts for the weekend, when I can really absorb what I am reading and then leave the best comments I can. This produces amazing friendships❤!

I honestly enjoy writing and making strong connections with others around the world. This  allows for me to learn from others different ways to handle life and the struggles we all face.  

I also really love trying to spread positivity to as many as I can! Life can get so complicated and really frustrating and we all have bad days! Even though my posts are full of reality and come straight from my heart❤, I do not sugar coat anything EVER. If I am having a horrible day my post might start off on the negative side, but they always flip to positive before it is done. The reason this happens is because I am getting the frustrations I am feeling out and finding a different way to view my struggles before I end the post. 

Now that I have shared something that actually helps me unwind and chill out, what helps y’all unwind and relax? I am interested to hear what you find beneficial as I knowrelax unwind and chill we all have different methods. What works for me, might not work for another.  Just as what works for you, might not be as helpful to me. All of this is okay because we are all uniquely different, which is what makes us special.

Thank you so much for stopping by my site today! I always appreciate you taking the time to read and LOVE❤ your comments. I am also very excited to read what you find helpful to relax after another long week! I hope you have a very lovely Friday and hope your weekend is fabulous! Please remember that I am always sending y’all LOTS of love ❤ and comfort!

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❤Always, Alyssa❤

76 thoughts on “What do you do to unwind?

  1. Great post!!! 🙂 I love the artwork with the bathtub and butterflies! And your upbeat approach to life!

    I like to unwind by fantasy shopping online. Sort of like window shopping, but more virtual. 😀

    I hope you have a great weekend! Here in Louisville, my dad and I are going to a local art festival–my favorite one of the year! Yay!!

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    • Thank you Meg! I love pictures and try to find great ones. I also play with pictures a lot to try to make them personal.

      Fantasy shopping is SO much fun!! I prefer fantasy online shopping instead of window shopping because it is easier!

      I hope you and your father have fun at the art festival. That sounds like it will be exciting. I enjoy art!!

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  2. Hi A,yssa. Well, since I am in bed a lot and don’t go out to work, it is lively to just go for a drive out when I am up to it. But also, .ike you, writing is the best thing ever. Believe it or not I can make myself laugh hysterically with my own limericks lol. But also, playing music. Oh, and I almost forgot, I play the native American Indian flute – a most BEAUTIFUL instrument. So I find that very de- stessing too. Have a lovelyweekend Alyssa.

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  3. One thing I look at is this hobby something I can start and come back to at another time. I made jewelry for years, a long time ago I did needlepoint. I’ve tried crochet and knitting but there not for me. One thing I can’t get enough of is Ancestry work, you can spend years and I have tracing one side of my family back to 1500’s. It also makes me appreciate what I have and could do. In past times women were servants with no rights. Daily living was so different even for the most wealthy. I have to be able to take a break when I need and be able to pick right back up. Short term hobbies are to stressful for me, I don’t need that.
    I know you say you know what your body needs but there are proven methods for better sleep. No computer work 30 minutes before bedtime, it’s hard for me for I do rest better. I don’t lay there thinking about what I just wrote or read.
    Everything is balance and sometimes you need to listen to NP, they are trained medical professionals with a degree.
    Good luck finding something or many things that work for you. 🙂

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  4. To start with, my son and I are going to be watching Buccaneer with Yul Brynner (sp?). Tomorrow afternoon, two sets of neighbors are coming in for muffins and coffee. Not relaxing, I know, but fun. Being long retired, I don’t have weekends like others. But reading posts like yours, knowing what’s behind them, is inspiration for me to get off my duff and live, even with my disability. So here’s to you, kid, may you inspire many others, like me, to go and do whatever it takes for them to have a life, no matter what might ail them.

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  5. unwinding is something those of us with chronic illnesses need to do more of………..here are some of the things I do, walk, watch a movie, take a sauna, read, meditate, drink herbal tea, pray for others, write in a journal………….love your blog my friend!

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  6. “I do not sugar coat anything EVER” – This is part of what I love about you and your blog, how genuine and authentic you are which is so relatable. I must admit the whole ‘unwinding’ process is something I struggle with and I need to find new ways to do it. I guess if you can find a really good series to watch, then sitting down with something and fully absorbing yourself in it for half an hour or an hour can help, pair it with a good cuppa tea and a snack. A good book is usually what I go for. Getting out in nature, having a little walk. Being around animals can be quite relaxing and grounding. I love the idea of getting a combined thought-process going of what others find helpful.xx

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    • Thank you so much! I kind of guessed that you do not sugar coat things, that is why we get a long so well! I think sugar coating just causes other issues and it is best to get everything out in the open with nothing but truth right away! My two cats are great therapy and tend to help me relax, unless they get into an argument with each other, but it doesn’t last long. What types of books do you enjoy most?

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      • I wish my cat was more affectionate; he’s cute for photos and when he wants attention (or when it’s cold and rainy outside!)
        Must admit I’m quite stuck on American crime thrillers; I do read other things, but I’m such a sucker for that genre! What are you into at the moment?xx

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      • Both of my cats can be annoyingly affectionate and needy!! I think they all have a unique personality!
        I absolutely LOVE James Patterson! He is a brilliant writer. His series, The Women’s Murder Club”, is addictive! I am waiting until April for the 18 book to come out as I have read all the rest. Waiting isn’t fun for me! Who is your favorite author?


      • Yes, I’m looking forward to that one too! Patterson is fab! I like a lot in the genre, like Karin Slaughter, Michael Connelly, David Baldacci, Tess Gerritsen etc. Couldn’t pick a favourite!! 😛

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  7. After work I unwind with a beer on the deck, if it’s nice, and read a couple of chapters of whatever book(s) I’m working on. The boys come out with me and I’ll spend some time between pages throwing the ball for Ludo or cleaning brush off of Moxie (who loves to find the driest patches of lawn and roll around, the turkey). If the weather is bad (or, like this summer, too smoky), I spend a lot less time out there and I hit the computer for some immersive Madden football fun. That gets a beer, too.

    On the weekend, the Mrs and I unwind together after we both get off work on Saturday with a RPG session. We have this superhero RPG campaign we’ve been running since the early Clinton administration and it’s her favorite escape. Okay, mine, too. 🙂 I love creating universes and storylines, she loves running her character through them.

    On Sunday, well here comes football. Regardless, I usually spend Sunday mornings at the watering hole catching up with the gang (gals and guys alike, so I can’t just say “fellas”) while Mrs C does her favorite winding down thing: sleeping in. Then we’ll BBQ or watch a movie or do some chores around the house in the afternoon and spend the evening together in much the same way. Ours is a long and welcome routine. 😉

    Also, of course, I do some writing and catching up around in here (or on my favorite social media platform) in the spaces in-between. For me, though, writing isn’t so much “winding down” as “gearing up.”

    Good thread. Thanks for letting me “gear up” in response!

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  8. Like you Alyssa I truly find great joy in connecting and sharing with others. Writing in my BLOG has been such a positive experience. I have met some of the most amazing people. Truly BLOGGING has been such a unexpected joy!

    I also love love love art!! I enjoy painting, coloring, knitting or crochet, reading about art, looking at art, taking art classes — currently interested in an oil painting class.

    And I can’t forget my family, friends and dogs!! Daily those souls bring smiles, hugs and great peace.

    I’m adding more MINDFULNESS TECHNIQUES and EXERCISES like 🧘🏻‍♂️ YOGA!

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  9. I really enjoyed this post Alyssa and I also enjoyed reading the responses for how everyone else unwinds! I have a few of my own. I’m with Tom where football is concerned – you can find me on the couch on Sunday’s, Thursday’s or whatever day there are games on hoping to catch my beloved Denver Broncos (living in Canada now, we don’t get every game, but I stream them if I can or I will head to a sports bar somewhere to catch it). I also write like the majority of us bloggers and of course, cooking is one of ways to wind down, there is nothing more relaxing that getting in the kitchen and whipping something yummy up! Thanks for the post Alyssa!

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    • I am glad you enjoy the amazing comments others share. Tom is definitely a football man, but at least he helps me understand it more!! I hope the Broncos do great this year!! I think I must have forgot that you live in Canada. My memory isn’t that great at times. I might have already told you, but my husband and I have a goal to move to Canada! It sounds like Canadians have a lot more common sense than the American’s, but I guess “maybe” I could be wrong. Do you like Canada?

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      • My husband is Canadian and I am a Permanent Resident meaning I am still an American Citizen which I likely will never change. It leaves us some options as well as to where we need to live for work or whatever. That being said, I absolutely love Canada for many many reasons. It is a very forgiving country, the scenery is amazing and so varied and having MS, I am so very thankful for the medical system here! I think you should come for a visit, you always have a place to stay if you do! ❤️

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      • That is so amazing! I have heard nothing but great things about Canada! Of course living in the states, we are fed negative information about the medical system up there. I can’t for the life of me see anything at all wrong with it though! Living with MS for 18 years, healthcare here has diminished drastically and is crazy expensive. What part of Canada do you live in? Is it hard to become a Permanent Resident? It was not until recently, well within the last year I am completely on-board moving up there!! The Prime Minister seems like he is logical, which doesn’t seem to happen in the states!


  10. Great post as always! So upbeat and positive, I simply love it.
    This weekend was dedicated to doing nothing but relax, unwind, decompress, and read and write. I listened to the rain outside my bedroom window all day and had my soundscapes playing in the back round. It felt wonderful.
    I agree with you… The shorter the week is, it always seems longer. I never understood that one either. LOL! 🙂

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