When a storm is brewing!

Storm nearing inIt sounds a little crazy to say, but I can feel a storm before it even arrives! Before I actually heard the thunder moving in all of my pain became increasing more intense. As this storm continues to build up in my area my back, legs and right arm have started to become more like a 10 on the pain scale. which isn’t any fun!

Honestly, I felt my pain increasing while I was still at work and was just chalking it up to the insane amount of frustration I was feeling! I was having a pretty heated disagreement with my direct supervisor. I normally would just let things go because I really hate confrontation, but I was sick and tired of being disrespected and thought it needed to be addressed and dealt with. To say the very least though, I ended the conversation by walking away when I saw it was not goingupload anywhere. When I get extremely angry I tend to cry before I yell and I could not give him the satisfaction to see how much he was getting under my skin! I am not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow and hope that he will not continue on with his petty harassing ways!

Anyways I got a little off topic with how the stormy weather causes me to feel so much additional pain! I feel like I could be a better weather person because my body tells me what to expect from Mother Nature! In my younger days, I would hear about how an elderly person can feel the rain in their bones and I never really put much thought into that. Now I may not be a young carefree person in her 20’s, but I am NOT an elderly person either! However, I do feel the rain in my body terribly! When it rains I just want to be able to stay at home where I am comfortable and not have to ever go out in it at all, but maturity with arguementunfortunately I do have to leave the comfort of my home to go to that place I work at, which as I already mentioned isn’t a pleasant place to be! When I add rainy weather and a semi-hostile work environment to my day, I often feel absolutely miserable!!! In these times I find it best to just stay very silent! Do y’all feel the rain in your bones, as I know many of you live with chronic illnesses? 

Thank y’all for visiting my site today. I do not typically do two posts in one day, but this was on my mind and felt it would be good to share this with you! I always appreciate your amazing comments which are always fantastic! I hope your day was much better than mine and I hope you have a very relaxing evening! Never forget that I am always sending you LOTS of love ❤and comfort!

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62 thoughts on “When a storm is brewing!

  1. I am so sorry to hear that someone was disrespectful to you at work love. This is horrible and I know exactly what it feels like as I’ve lost positions due to my chronic condition. I did stand up because I knew it was wrong but things don’t always work in our favour. I always feel a storm brewing up in my body just before an exacerbation. The fatigue, joint pain etc.
    I’m off to work now and I hope you have a better day at work today.

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    • It was not the first time he has treated me like this, but it will be the last time! I do not need that type of treatment! I am sorry you have been through things similar with past jobs. People seem to be very ignorant to what those with a chronic illness deal with and it is very rude!
      I am sorry you will feel a storm brewing before an exacerbation. I guess it is just the way your body lets you know what is going to happen. I hope you have a good day at work and it isn’t too stressful! Thank you, I hope my day at work tomorrow is much better than today was!

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      • It isn’t right for someone to harass you like that, you should feel safe at work. Was it because of your illness? If it makes you feel any better I have been harassed because of my illness.

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      • You are right, I should never be harassed at work, especially by my supervisor! I do not think he harasses me because of my illness, I think he feels intimidated for few reasons. He wants SO badly to work on the computer side, but he doesn’t have the knowledge. My husband use to work for my company on the computer side and I think that just makes him jealous! I have been harassed in the past because of my illness and even terminated because of it! People are just evil!


  2. I am sorry your work environment is less than great right now! I know how stressful it can be when someone at work is being disrespectful, yet you have to continue working with them every day!

    I hope you can find some comfort and peace for that and your pain! Sending positive thoughts your way!

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    • Thank you sweetie! It definitely makes my work life challenging. It seems like our days depend on the mood of the supervisor. I fully plan to avoid him by any means necessary!

      I appreciate your very kind words♡! I hope you are doing well and feeling okay ♡

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  3. Sorry to hear you’ve had a rough day. We are in same area and yes, I feel the rain coming too! We have received so much rain the past month or so and I’m so ready for it to stop! It increases my pain just like you. Add a conflict and it is excruciating. Unfortunately, I know how that feels also. I hope you get some rest tonight and get recharged for tomorrow. Proud of you for standing up for yourself. Keep doing it!!!!

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  4. It makes me sad that you have so much pain and it intensifies with bad weather. I do know that you do your best to not focus on the negative in your life but you take that energy and turn it into something good. With that attitude you’ll always find peace and happiness. As far as your job you of all people deserve respect. You have the best work ethics and take pride in what you do. You’re an over achiever and a perfectionist. No manager or boss has the right to intimidate or harass an employee. I know when anyone feels backed into a corner the situation can get out of control. You on the other hand know will walk away from the situation. That’s admirable. Once you have cooled off it might be a good idea to let your boss know just how he made you feel and it’s totally unacceptable. I hope you’re having a good night and resting. Things will get better. Always stand tall and proud of who you are. Never let anyone break your spirit. You are a beautiful person, inside and out. I’m so proud of the woman you are. All my Love & Support, Mom💜

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    • Thank you so much for your kind comment! I am not the type of person that will EVER tolerate being disrespected and will stand up for myself. These people should feel so much shame for their terrible behavior!!! I kind of believe the reason I reacted so harshly at first is because I did feel backed into a corner and felt I needed to fight my way out of it! I mean seriously, back a wild animal (not saying I am a wild animal( into corner, they are going to attack!! I refuse to allow this immature and very ignorant person take the strength I have from me. I am WAY too strong for someone like him to make me feel any less about myself!


  5. Sorry you had a bad day but I’m very glad you stood up to your boss. Jerks need to be checked! But hopefully things are better tomorrow and no pain.

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    • Thank you! I am not the type that likes any confrontation, but I also will never tolerate being disrespected. Today was not horrible, we just did not speak. I did go to him once because I had a question, but the look on his face made me change my mind and I just said “Never mind!!!” Yes, jerks need to be checked, even if that jerk is your boss. This wanna-be man means NOTHING to me!!

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  6. Grrrr….😡🤬😡 I cry when I get angry too – I HATE it!!! Love the quote: “Let go. Surrender. Taste freedom.” We can swirl ourselves in anger about the stupid sh*t other people do but it really only hurts us. So much better to release their negative, toxic energy and move on with our life. So sorry you went through that today though! Pins in his virtual voodoo doll!!! Hugs 💕

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  7. Grrrr….😡🤬😡 I cry when I get angry too – I HATE it!!! Love the quote: Let go. Surrender. Taste freedom. We can get caught up in the swirl of anger from other people’s stupid sh*t, but it’s much healthier to release the negative, toxic energy. Still, what a dick!! Hugs 💕

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    • Oh my word it is SO frustrating!! The way our day is going to flow all depends on his messed up mood! He is so worthless and just a jerk! I told myself this morning I was not going to speak with him, but then I had a question. When I went to ask him, the look on his evil face made me just say, “NEVER MIND!” I will never understand mean people!! xxx

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  8. Sorry that you had to deal with people like the individual you mentioned… life always comes full circle and I am sure the day will come when that young man will regret his past and behavior … you are a much better person than he because you refuse to let it get the best of you and you are continuing to live your life!! 🙂

    “I’m not afraid of storms, for I’m learning how to sail my ship.” Louisa May Alcott

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    • I certainly hope he gets what he deserves, I only wish I could witness it happen. I hate sounding like a mean person, because I am anything but mean! I will never stop standing up for myself and what I deserve. Thank you so much for your comment, it really meant a lot to me!

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      • I understand how you feel and I know that you are fully capable of determining your destiny and living your life…. just do not dwell on him, because when you do that, he impacts your life both personally and work, will bring misery to your life and he will win…. just give him a few minutes of fame and then move on.. 🙂

        “Holding on to bitterness is like taken poison and expecting the other person to die”…

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      • I do know how right you are and he isn’t really worth the time it takes to speak his name, none the less write about this issue. He really doesn’t even deserve a second of “fame”


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