Calming Sunday!

happy sundayGood evening y’all! I hope your weekend has been very pleasant and enjoyable! Considering I am still feeling so much pain and fatigue, I literally have done NOTHING today! Doing absolutely nothing for one entire day has been both calming to my out of control nerves and peaceful! I can not believe I have missed out on this feeling for so many years! I am always one who wants to be on the constant move no matter how I am feeling, partially because when I am still, I feel pain a lot more!. Doing things around the house, organizing my week ahead and ensuring that everything that needs to be completed is done by the end of the day on Sunday has always been the way my weekends flow. It sounds SO crazy when I think about that a little deeper because things will always get taken care of when they are meant to, so why rush things along?

I think everyone is already very well aware that I am very disturbed by how the United States has been behaving lately. I feel strongly that the behavior of those in charge is setting a very BAD impression and example for all Americans, as some of us do still struggles and frustrationsbelieve in EQUALITY and LOVE❤! Of course there are still some Americans that blindly follow those in charge, which is sad and unfortunate! I find it extremely hard to relate to anyone that does not see what is really happening in this country! I am sorry if anyone finds this statement offensive, but it is how I feel everyday of my life. I have and always will see everyone as just human with no other judgement! I do not appreciate being constantly lied to from those in power of the country I live in because I feel that honesty is the best and only way to live!

I want to apologize for the slight tangent I went off on. I try to stay hopeful that things are going to get better and not any worse, but there is no guarantees with those making the decisions that inflict damage on our lives daily! Currently I feel that I am living in a your patienceconstant state of fear that I am going to end up losing health insurance because I have a pre-existing condition that I never choose to live with. I do not feel that I should be punished for living with a chronic illness, as that alone is punishment enough, so for our government to decide I may not qualify for insurance is absurd! This has not happened yet, but I do think it is in the works! Hell I think I already pay WAY too much for insurance! But it is scary for me  to think that Trump could easily have a bad day and have a temper tantrum that will eliminate healthcare for those with chronic illness! 

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for visiting my site today! I do encourage your amazing comments and promise I will response as quickly as I possibly can! I know some of what I have written is a lot different that what I normally write about, but my frustrations have been elevating drastically each day and every day I hear of what is going on in the United States. Trying to find the positive in what is going on is difficult, but I am sure it is there somewhere! I hope you have a lovely and relaxing evening! Please never forget that I am always sending you LOTS of love❤ and comfort!

** I forgot to ask y’all! Do any of you have Facebook as well? As of August 1st, all my blog post do not link to Facebook any longer and I kind of want them to still link to Facebook. Do you by chance know what I need to do, so I do not have to continue posting to Facebook manually?**

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54 thoughts on “Calming Sunday!

  1. How do you post to fb manually from WP? I am upset about this new policy too and fb is continuing to restrict so as to have a monopoly and control. Anyhow, if you could please share how to post manually, I would So appreciate it! And thanks! Hope your week goes a bit smother for you and you are not so physically wiped out.

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    • I guess I am a little glad I am not the only one who is frustrated with this situation! I still do not understand why FB had to make these changes. I am guessing it is because of the trouble they had gotten into recently! All well, I guess I will just continue sharing manually!
      I have just been adding a post to FB and adding the link from my post. Am I doing that the right way?

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  2. Facebook doesn’t seem to make things easy, I don’t post my blog there because it’s very new. I think I’m actually not going to bother with facebook until I need to. Have a great week, glad you got some rest today!

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  3. I’m ashamed of how our government is run, by liars. This so-called “Going to improve benefits” is a crock of crap! Because I needed to get medical insurance, I can’t barely afford food and necessities during the month. I have friends younger than myself who can be on Medicare, but I can’t… It’s just not fair. I’ve done everything in my power to do things the correct way, and all I get in response are lies. I’m at a complete loss, and my depression and anxiety are getting far worse over time.
    Sorry for being a “Debby Downer” It’s just that the powers that be have dragged me down, way down.

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  4. I really, really do hope that you qualify for insurance. I’m sorry it’s all getting so frustrating for you. I wish I could do something to help. I can’t really even help with the WP issue – I thought that if you share via the Publicise thingybobby (tick the box at the top right just before you publish the post) that it would still automatically share. I need to read up on the changes as I’m not 100% sure how it’ll all work…Sending hugs and hoping your week is a little more positive, a little less stressful.xxxx

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    • I still have insurance at the moment, but I feel like Trump wants that to change for everyone with chronic illnesses. I think he is a complete and total idiot! The reason WP blogs are not going to FB now is a FB issue. I am just doing mine manually until they get their crap together! I always appreciate your comments and I hope you have a great week sweetie!

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      • I know and it sounds like you already pay over the odds for your insurance. Just don’t ‘get’ how all of this can change and get even worse, it seems incredibly unfair. I know that FB are ‘prioritising’ friend posts over pages and business, but I’ve still been able to automatically share via Publicise. The issue from there, whether automatic or manual, is that these things may not appear in people’s news feeds… Ugh, I feel like my brain is just not functioning at all this week because of my head, sorry if nothing I’m writing is making sense! 🙂

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      • Oh goodness no worries sweetie! I feel you on this as I have felt pretty terrible this week. I feel like I am just walking in a brain fog that will not end!! I do manually share my posts on FB only because I want many things to be shared. Of course some of what I write about causes conflict with my mother. When I discuss politics and my extreme dislike and borderline hatred for Trump, she gets upset because she is still a supporter and I just can’t understand how anyone, especially a woman could support this creep! I hope you start feeling better and get some rest!!!!

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    • You are 150% right!! No one should ever have to get through so much red tape and then still have kick back! Life definitely should never be so difficult. I also do not believe anyone, whether they reside in the white house or not, should mess with the already horrible healthcare, unless they want to improve it!!

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