Music Therapy is the BEST!

Happy-wednesday-good-Morning-have-a-lovely-dayGood morning y’all! I hope you are having a great week so far and just think we are half way to the prize of the much-needed weekend! My week thus far has been a little busy at work because one person is on vacation. I mean I guess we all need a vacation, but the “team” I work with was already down one person. I do use the term “team” loosely because most of the time we are anything but that! There is way too much lack of communication, which in my opinion never results in success for anyone involved! Y’all probably already know my how my personality is and that I will push myself a little too far most of the time. Prior to this week I was struggling to work just 6 hours, but I am pushing myself to do more this week! I have been doing 6.5 hours early in the week and plan to do 7 for the rest of the week! I know this sounds pretty crazy considering 6 hours was killing me, but at least I do have the evenings to rest!

It seems that life just has a way of becoming iincredibly difficult at times. There are My-music-takes-me-places-that-my-feed-can-never-go...-Best-Quotes-Decor-sayingstimes that I honestly feel trapped in the shell of my body and want to find a way to escape from it! When my pain gets out of control and or the heat takes the life out of me, I just want to find a peaceful place to run to! I have found that music is absolutely the best therapy for everything!!! Suffering with pain, I turn the music up loud to distract my mind from the pain I am feeling. Battling with stress, I turn the music up even louder to drown the negative thoughts out. Crying with sadness, I will submerge into the music for comfort and peace. Frustrated with your job, which I normally am, I turn the music up even louder to avoid music-noteall the negative energy that is surrounding me!

Maybe it is just me but I can get completely lost in music! There are certain songs that resonate with what I am feeling at any moment in time. There are even songs that can turn a really bad day into something a lot more positive! To me there is more to a song than just the words being sang, but the musicality of a song that can take me to another place far away from any pressures I am feeling! Sometimes the mood I am in might require lots of base to drown out my thoughts and other times I just need a nice soothingMusic-is-my-life-music-5797397-376-298 song to ease my mind.

This week I was fortunate enough to be nominated to do the song/lyric challenge which was absolutely amazing! I shared with y’all two songs from The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, but what I failed to  share was my husband and I were able to see this band play live last Friday! Having the opportunity to see one of our favorite bands, which also holds SO much sentimental meaning was a wonderful way to end the week! The funny thing is, we almost did not go because I was in a lot of pain. Even though I suffered the consequences on Saturday, I am still SO incredibly glad we went! The music music is my medicineand being able to interact with this amazing band after the show was well worth the pain I endured! I am also still thrilled that I was able to meet Erin Winter, which is Randy Winter’s wife. Randy is one of the amazing guitarists from this band and has always been so kind to my husband and I! I had gotten to know Erin on Facebook, so finally meeting her in person was wonderful as she really is an amazing woman!

Thank y’all so much for taking the time to visit my site today and I definitely look forward reading your comments as I know they will be great! I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday and really hope you are feeling the best you possibly can! Please always remember that no matter what I may be going through, I am always sending y’all LOTS of❤ love and comfort!

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❤Always, Alyssa❤

66 thoughts on “Music Therapy is the BEST!

  1. You will just have to experiment, making gradual adjustments…and with everything constantly changing, like the rest of us, you may not ever get it exactly the way you wish… the important thing is to keep trying and living life!… 🙂

    “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” Plato

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      • I’m still stuck in the grunge era from the 90’s, good music that helps vent my frustrations with MS quite well. I’m a Rock and Roll boy at heart, I listen to stuff from Marilyn Manson to Charlotte Martin. 🙂

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      • YES!!!! Rock and Roll is great!!!! I like a lot of 80’s rock because it was a time when bands took pride in their work! I am going to have to look up Charlotte Martin because this is a first for me! Considering you like rock, you should check out a newer band called The Pretty Reckless. They are amazing!!!!!!


      • There is one song that I have been drawn to lately and it is because of all the horrible things going on in the world. There is a fowl word in the title so I am not sure I should share the real title, but I will tell you the censored version. It’s A “Messed” Up World (Messed up isn’t in the unedited version!) The real word begins with a F:)


  2. Loved how MUSIC was interweaved into your week in many beautiful pathways. My daughter needs music also. Course she was in the high school band from 4th grade through high school. And had the opportunity to be the clarinet Section Leader for her last two years of high school. I assumed this was a reason why she was so passionate about music but perhaps like you it just speaks to her in ways that only the notes played with words sang in the right tones can deliver!!

    Nice post Alyssa!!!

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  3. Music is totally my therapy too. If I want inspiring, I put on a musical soundtrack, if I need a boost I put on hard core or heavy metal and when I need to mellow, classical is where it’s at. Music is a magical human gift, I so agree with you about the value of it as therapy! 💕

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  4. Music therapy is the best. Each person has his/her own type of music that hits the right chords and helps one to relax, even heal. With me, it’s classical Spanish guitar like Los Romeros playing Concierto de Aranjuez. For others it may be something from the era of Fleetwood Mac, or modern folk music of Joan Baez. Whatever it is, indulge it. Fall into it. Feel it. Then feel your pain and/or angst slip away.

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    • That is amazing! I have heard classical Spanish guitar before and it is nice! I do agree, everyone has their own type of music that hits them where it helps whatever they are dealing with. I honestly do love all types of music, but I do shy away from country because it is a little too depressing at times! Thank you for your amazing comment!

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  5. This is a difficult time of the year to work. Co-workers going on vacation shifts the burden on others. And if your “team” was already down, it makes it even more difficult. As you stated, music is a great therapy. I don’t know what I would do without it.
    Have a great day.

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  6. I’m so glad you’re finding music so therapeutic. I must admit I used to be addicted to music, especially in my teens and even early 20s, but then it seemed to go downhill from there. I miss it, I miss getting lost in it, having it as my companion whether at home or out for a walk. I need to have it back more regularly in my life too. Great post – Music really has magical qualities.x

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    • I am really glad you liked this post! Honestly, I kind of think some music has gone down hill and it isn’t as passionate as it once was. But there are still some bands that have so much influence and passion, I just get lost in the song. It is a great escape to the reality of the world! I am sure when the time is right, you will find your way back to music!!


  7. Music is my therapy. I used to be part of choir for many years and I still love singing and music. Music is like an escape for me and an outlet for all of my emotions and when I sing I feel I can be free.
    Remember what I said though, listen to your body and don’t push yourself too much with the 7 hours days.

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    • Music definitely has some real meaning and power to it! I also find music to be a great escape from the reality of the world!
      I remember what you said and I am trying to listen to my body more and not push too far!


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  9. I’m going to attempt to learn the bass guitar.. I’ve fiddled with the 6-string since I was a teenager. I’m a lot older now lol, but playing music gets you in a zone. And it’s awesome sometimes.

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  11. I totally agree that music can be very therapeutic. I also believe that there is a song for every emotion and every situation. Whether it’s joy or anger or sadness, music is like a best friend that is always there for you, and it can seriously get you through the rollercoaster that we call life. If you’re interested in finding the perfect songs for various life scenarios, from breakups to morning motivation, then please check out my blog! I think you’ll like it, especially song #4 😉

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