Motivational Monday!

Make Monday the best dayGood morning y’all! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and you are ready to shine today! Monday mornings are not always the best days because it forces us to let go of the restful and peaceful days of the weekend, but it also gives us another chance to start over with any goals we may have for ourselves. Do you have any goals for yourself this week? I do have a goal, but I do not want to share it yet because I do not want to set myself up for anything that might be negative. I promise to share my goal with you soon!

Of course y’all know I always think we need a little motivational quote to start the week off on the right foot! I hope you like the quote I am going to share with you and it has as much meaning to you as it does to me! I look forward to reading your thoughts about this quote!die if you don't swim

I hope y’all have a wonderful day! Please always know that  I am sending y’all LOTS of love❤ and comfort!

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❤Always, Alyssa❤

34 thoughts on “Motivational Monday!

  1. Happy Monday! I hope that whatever your goal and hopes for this week that all goes as well as possible! No real plans here, other than having a wee catheter out (starting to bug me carrying it around now!) and trying to build up a little strength. Today hasn’t started so well though with various problems, plus anxiety out the roof and feeling as though I need a punching bag, if only I had the energy to use it!! Here’s to a more positive week ahead…
    Sending love  ♥
    Caz xx

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    • Thank you Caz! I think the reason why I have not wanted to share my goal with anyone is because I do not want to fail with it and be a disappointment. I am sorry the wee catheter is bothering you, but I am glad you get to have it taken out. Anxiety really is a huge problem with so many and I know I have not learned to control mine at all! A punching bag is a wonderful idea!! I hope your week gets better for you and I am sending you LOTS of positive vibes always! I wish there was more I could do for you really because you are so wonderful and have helped me so many times! Lots of love and comfort always sweetie!

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    • Thank you Terri and I am glad you liked this quote. I did get some rest over the weekend, but still feel pretty drained which does not make sense. I am still going to fight through because I know this terrible fatigue will pass at some point. I hope your weekend was great and I hope you have a nice week!!

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    • I know I kind of left a cliff hanger with this post, but I am nervous to share my goal for fear I will fail and I do not want to disappoint anyone including myself. Life works in mysterious ways, but I continue to fight the battles. My week has started off okay, still trying to just ignore my physical pains! I hope your week has started off well and you are feeling well!!

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  2. I don’t swim so well so my goal, this week, is not to drown. 😉

    I also intend to cut back on the units of adult beverages this week. Between my birthday, Independence Day, my best friend’s birthday this weekend, and (for some reason) the World Cup party I ended up at Sunday, my indulgences have summer-peaked!

    Time to give the innards a rest. 😁

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    • I highly doubt you will ever drown, even if you do not swim well!

      I wish you luck with cutting back on the adult beverages, I think you can do it now that some of the festivities have passed! Of course you can bend the plan for your best friend’s birthday, just be careful and please never drive!!!!

      I hope you have a great week and enjoy life when you can!

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      • Thank you so much Heather! It has been a crazy week and I have tried ignoring just how much pain I was feeling in the evenings. Today the pain is at the worst it has been in a while, but hopefully the weekend will help me get a little better! Sending my love to you and Dizzy always!

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      • Thank you Heather! I have done my best to rest over the weekend. We are going to have a stormy start to the week and I can feel the storm coming. I just have much pain and a terrible headache/migraine, but I am sure it will subside. I think I am planning to do just 6 hours a day this week. I do not want to push myself too far. If I end up feeling well, maybe I will work a little more, we will see!! xxx

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      • Thank you so much! I think pushing myself isn’t worth it at the end of the day! I felt so horrible at the end of each day this past week and Friday was the worse day! It really did take the entire weekend to heal and I do not want to put myself through all that again. My job is not the most important thing in life, it is just a paycheck! I almost feel weak by saying 6.5 hours a day was too much to handle.
        I hope you and Dizzy have a great week!!!

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