Physical & Emotional Pains team up!

great afternoonGood afternoon y’all! I hope you have had an amazing weekend and you are feeling the best you possibly can. I hope wherever you live the weather has been treating you well and there has not too much extreme with the temperatures. I know where I live there have been many extremes and it has been absolutely insanely HOT!

Physical and emotional pains tend to all blend together over time. I think at times it is almost hard to distinguish the difference between the two, especially if they are both overly intense. We all go through times during our lives when we struggle with certain aspects of life and there is no denying that is emotionally painful. Some people when struggling with emotional pain hold it inside because maybe they do not want to burden anyoneno-pain-no-gain-by-ms-anu-mehta-39-638 else with what they are battling internally. I can speak from personal experience that when I am dealing with something that is deeply emotional to me, I do not want to talk to anyone about the issues. I will let most things fester in my own mind, which honestly only causes SO much additional stress. I think that for people who really know me, I am not able to hide when I am terribly disturbed about something because it is clearly all over my face and my demeanor changes drastically. I would make the absolute WORST poker player because I do not do well masking what I feel. The bad part about holding all the emotional struggles inside is, I feel like I am going to explode after a while! Have you ever shaken a bottle of coke vigorously? When you finally open that bottle, the coke will explode all over the place because of all the pressure it felt while being Pain-Changes-Peopleshaken. It is not a good feeling to say the least!

Most of us experience physical pain over the course of our lives. There are so many times when that pain may become so intense that it really changes your personality. For the most part I am a happy and positive person, but when my pain becomes too severe it overpowers me and I become reserved and a little negative. I find that I will fly off the handle over the smallest of things and really overreact. Sometimes the pain makes me say things I do not mean and even feel hostility towards something so minuscule that when I think back all I can say is “What was wrong with me?”

Emotional pain can and does trigger even more of the physical pain! I often feel that they are teaming up together just to test my strength and see which one of them will break me first. During times of war between the various pains I deal with, I do my best to hold onto my determination to excel in this life! I think there are many people pain demands to be feltthat when they are faced with too much trauma and or struggles, they tend to just shut down because it is easier that way. I almost think that shutting down makes it so you just can not feel the difficulties of life and also may not care anymore. In my own personal opinion, shutting down completely is the same as giving up and allowing the internal and physical battles win the war. Call me delusional or just completely wrong, but I do feel the only way we can ever fail ourselves and our loved ones is to give up the fight we were chosen to be in.

Thank you so much for stopping by my site today! I always encourage your comments because they are always so fantastic! Please know that I will respond as quickly as I possibly can! I hope your weekend has been filled with nothing but happiness and I hope you are ready for the new week to start tomorrow! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday to the fullest! As always  I am sending y’all LOTS of love ❤and comfort!

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❤Always, Alyssa❤

34 thoughts on “Physical & Emotional Pains team up!

  1. It’s almost unbelievable to me that you can be so positive and loving when bearing the pain of ms. Yes, I know about it. I have friends who similarly suffer. That’s the major reason I do not get online and talk about spinal stenosis (which is my malady) because so many people have it so much worse. Bless you for your attitude.

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    • Thank you so much! Your comment is the first thing that made me really smile today! I find it is better and easier to stay positive, because I do believe having a negative attitude will make everything much worse Everyone who experiences pain handles it differently and all pain is unique to each person. You are right some people may have it worse, but that does not diminish the way you feel. I hope you have a pleasant afternoon!

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  2. Thank you so much for sharing this Alyssa. I think often most people are afraid to speak up about their emotional pain because of fear of being a burden on others and stigma associated with mental health however if we trap all these feelings up and don’t speak out about it it only causes things to be worse. I think it’s time people felt comfortable talking about how they feel and that living with chronic illness not only impacts physical health but also emotional health and wellbeing.
    I totally agree with what you said the pain makes me say things I do not mean and even feel hostility towards something so minuscule that when I think back all I can say is “What was wrong with me?.”
    Take care. 🙂

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    • I could not agree more! During Mental Health Awareness Month, I made several posts about it. It is 2018 and I think it is far past time to stop labeling people and allowing that stigma to follow those individuals. I praise people from knowing something is not right and doing what they should to control it. Anyone that has a mental illness should be free and comfortable to be open about it!


  3. You know something, I think emotional pain can be worse at times. If we have something weighing heavy on our mind and heart it tends to fester inside us. It’s difficult to resolve the issues until we can trust someone enough to open up and let it all out. We all need that special someone we can confide in. Life is too difficult and throws out too many twists and turns to manage on our own. You know once we’re able to have an open and honest conversation with that special person it’s amazing how great we can feel. It’s like a heavy weight has been lifted off our shoulders and we can think better, more clearly with a different perspective on things. Maybe you can find that person and know there will be no judgement or disclosure of your thoughts to anyone else. You’ll be surprised how helpful and positive it can be. You never have to do it alone. That special person can just listen and or give constructive opinions/suggestions. Totally your choice. Always know I’m here for whatever I can offer. And believe it or not, I can just listen. All my Love and Support, Mom💜💜

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    • Thank you for reading and making considerate comment! I know after a long day at work you must be exhausted. What is ever crazier, I actually have several people I can be open with, but I have always made the decision to keep it inside because I do not want to burden others with all my million thoughts. I will admit, some of what upsets me can be illogical at times. I have had several open and honest conversations lately with a few people. Yes, sometimes it helps and other times it just aggravates me even more. I am that type of person that wants to fix everything on my own. I always want to fix problems for everyone and I am starting think there are more reasons for that. If I am helping others, I can avoid things that bother me. I have been like this my entire life. I like to fix and have everything be better for all!


      • I feel like this too. Often you feel like you’re a burden on others and so you don’t want to tell them because while they’re busy going on holidays and having a great life you’re trying to get your life sorted and adapt to living with a chronic condition and it seems like they don’t want to listen because as much as they want to help you they don’t understand you and don’t know how to respond.
        I am the same as you. I feel happy when I am helping others but I don’t do enough for myself. 🙂

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      • Is it amazing how you can meet someone that thinks like you do in the blogging community? I always do everything for everyone else and ALWAYS neglect what I need in life! I have been this way since I was a child even! I do have other reasons why I do not like to talk to people about what I am going through. Yes, I do not want to be a burden, but also it drives me crazy when those I talk to want to give me advice. They do not just stop at quick advice, they carry on and on and on……


    • Thank you Casey! I try so hard to remain strong, but there are times that I crash completely! When I finally crash all things in life seem to fall apart and it is hell! I think it is easy to shut down when things get difficult, but during those shut down times do you have someone you can confide in? You know that I am always here for you!!!

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      • I usually have Ricky but he’s been working out of town all summer. But he doesn’t fully get it. He tries, he really does. But he deals with my bipolar disorder much better than he does with my fibro because he doesn’t understand.

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      • I am sorry Ricky is out of town, I hope he gets to come home to you soon!! It seems that men do not always understand, but they normally want to fix things. At least he tries to understand when he is home!! I hope you are getting plenty of rest!!

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