Never give up!

Have a peaceful dayGood evening y’all! I hope you have had a pleasant day and you are feeling well! I really appreciate you taking the time to visit my site and definitely do encourage your comments, I do promise to respond as quickly as I possibly can!

No matter the pain and/or discomfort I may feel, this pesky little thing called MS will never control my life! I will make small and simple adjustments to accommodate the MS to remain comfortable in my life, but I am still determined to live my life in ways that bring me the most joy!

This massive heat wave so many of us are experiencing is causing me to feel extremely fatigued, but letting that run my life is just not an option. Like I said, small andheat wave simple adjustments need to be made at times and to not be exposed to the heat too much is one adjustment that I am willing to make! I was able to adjust my hours at work so the initial part of my day isn’t in the extreme heat, well that was not really the reason for the adjustment of my hours, but it does help other issues as well. I get to work around 7 am which is early, but the sun has not been heating the world up quite yet! Usually I will leave work between 1 and 2 when it is pretty hot and my car feels like a mobile sauna, but I will sit for about 5 minutes with the windows down allowing for the a/c to start blowing cold air! I can not drive when it is too hot because I will feel very faint, which is pretty dangerous! If I have to go to the grocery store, I always try to go do not confuseeither early in the morning or later in the evenings when the sun has gone down. These slight adjustments to handle the heat work fairly well for me at least.

On a crazy plus side, my migraine has taken a short break to allow the other pains I feel play their part in my day-to-day life. Honestly I would much prefer my back and legs to hurt rather than having a massive migraine. The pain I feel constantly in my back and legs is aggravating and makes things a little difficult, but at least I can still function. Even though it is insanely hot outside I will still use my “friend” the heating pad when I am in my chilly work office or at my house. It seems a little strange that the heat outside makes me feel terrible, but my heating pad heals my pain! Maybe it is more the humidity outside making me feel all the darn fatigue. Who knows!?

I am truly happy to say that with the migraine taking a vacation I was able to work six and a half hours for the past two days! I have made a promise to myself to never give up dont give uppushing myself to work additional hours each week. Truthfully there might be times I do not have the strength to increase my hours, but that will never mean it isn’t possible.

I hope y’all have a peaceful and relaxing evening! I hope you are feeling well and taking the time to think about your own needs, which we often tend to neglect. Please never forget that I am always sending y’all LOTS of love❤ and comfort!

My signature heart

❤Always, Alyssa❤

55 thoughts on “Never give up!

    • Thank you sweetie for reading and commenting! It is crazy that when it is pushing 100 degrees outside I turn the a/c up high and still use my heated seats in the car! Never thought I would say anything good about my company, but the building is like an ice box, so the heating pad helps in more than just one way. We also keep our house cold, so there again the heating pad is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I use it on my legs and back, okay so I obviously have multiple heating pads!
      I am so happy that my migraine decided it was a good time for a vacation to just leave me with my “normal” pains! I hope you have a nice evening as well!


    • I am so glad you are able to work from home, I know that must help so much! Unfortunately I do not have the opportunity to work from home. I did work 6.5 hours a day all week, but today was bad and I had to miss work. I am so angry with myself that I could not push through it, but I did not sleep at all last night due to pain and spasms. It was a really horrible night!!!


  1. Love the quote about not mistaking the bad days as a sign of weakness.It helps me feel stronger that every battle makes me stronger and I am not weak even though I feel like a sook on my bad days. Another quote I really like is that “you never realise how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.”

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    • I am so glad this helped you! No matter how hard your worse day might be, those hardships do not make you weak! The only weakness is if we give up! The quote you shared was actually going to be one of mine next Motivational Mondays! I love it!!

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