B&W Photo Challenge Day #3

Good morning ButterflyGood morning y’all! I was so happy I was tagged to participate in the black and white photo challenge by Kim’s at https://itrippedoverastone.com. Kim had already known that I loved black and white photos prior to tagging me in this challenge! Kim’s blog is absolutely fantastic and I always love to read what she shares as it is always wonderful! If you have not already had a chance to check her site out, I strongly recommend you do! I promise you will never be disappointed.

You know there are always rules to everything in life! The rules for this are straightforward. Seven days. Seven black and white photos of your life. No people. No explanation. Challenge someone new each day.

For Day #3, I would like to tag Christy at https://miraculoussmile.wordpress.com/. I find Christy to be so kind and encouraging! I feel truly honored to follow her blog and if you have not already had the chance to view her site, I really encourage you to do so! I think you will think as highly of her as I do!

B&W Butterfly

As always I am sending y’all LOTS of ❤love and comfort!!

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❤Always, Alyssa❤

24 thoughts on “B&W Photo Challenge Day #3

    • Thank you! I am pretty OCD when I take pictures! When I see something that I really love, I take several pictures in order to get it just right! Happy 4th to you as well! I am staying safe because I am not leaving the house! I hope you stay safe as well!

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