What do you do when…..

power-outage-generic-320Good afternoon y’all! I really hope your day is going much better than mine has. I already have to get up pretty early for work, but being woken at 3:00 am due to a power outage is a terrible way to wake up. It kind of sets how the day is going to go for you! Waiting patiently for the power to come back on so I could get ready to work was frustrating to say the least. I could not fall back asleep for a few reasons, it was a little hot without the air conditioner and sheer panic in thinking how I would wake up if I fall asleep without an alarm and get ready for my day. Thankfully the power company did work fairly fast and the power was restored by 6:45 am, but I am typically at work at 7:00 am. I guess you can say I was able to partially throw myself together and I was at work at 8:00 am. Even though my manager was fully aware of the situation, my day felt off due to being an hour behind my normal schedule. Thankfully it is over now and hopefully tomorrow will start off much better! 

Of course to add to my frustrations from the power outage this morning, I can not seem to get any responses from my doctor’s office. I am waiting for them to send the MRI order tofrustration the company that might approve for me to get assistance with the co-pay for the extremely expensive MRI. The nurse, that is normally helpful, sent me the paperwork I needed to fill out and then send to the company MSAA, but apparently failed to send me the MRI order that the company requires. After several phone calls and emails they still have not sent this in or responded to me! The doctor is the one that wanted me to get the MRI, but I guess it was not all that important to her after-all! Maybe I am wrong, but I am taking this to mean my health is NOT all that important to her and neither is the MRI she was forcing on me. Through the fatigue and frustration, I emailed the AVP of the practice and SURPRISE still NO response!!!! I mean who else do you go to when even the AVP does not respond?

Maybe this is my fault because I expected this new doctor to care and treat patients the way my previous doctor from this same office did. Nothing has been the same in this Expectation-withoutpractice since my first doctor retired. My first MS Specialist was caring , compassionate and knew how to communicate, but I guess this is a new day in age and doctors like him are scarce. Communication between doctors, nurses and the patient is vital to good health care, but apparently they see things differently. Every time I see this doctor I go into her office prepared with all my questions written out, just so I do not forget anything and considering I know when I leave the office I will never get a response to my questions. I am not sure what happened to doctors that actually care about their patients, I think they are extinct like the dinosaurs! It is really sad that we pay all this money for a few moments of the doctor’s time, but sometimes feel like we are a nuisance to them? Or maybe that is just me.

Thank y’all for visiting my site today and reading my small rant! I really hope you had a lovely day without any of the frustrations I have experienced today. Your comments are always encouraged and very much appreciated! I hope y’all have a great evening doing what makes you happy! As always I am sending y’all LOTS of ❤love and comfort!

My signature heart❤Always, Alyssa❤

44 thoughts on “What do you do when…..

  1. Sorry for the frustrations that you’ve had so far today. You definitely handle them a lot better than most of us. I agree doctor’s must have a different agenda now a days. They book way too many patients in a days time. You have to wonder, is it just money they care about? It certainly is not cheap to see a primary care doctor never mind a specialist. I think patients deserve more than a 5min visit. I believe if doctor’s took more time to listen and less time rushing through the appt there would be less cost patients would need to worry about. That’s one reason why medical costs are so outrageous. I only hope that one day soon this can change. Doctor’s need to provide the care they get paid for. Hang in there, better days are coming. Stay strong and positive. All my Love, Mom💜💜

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    • Thank you for your comment! I do believe doctor’s priorities are not in line with what they should be. Personally I think most care more about money than their patients which is sad. Dr. Kaufman was an amazing doctor and now there are none like him. You know me, I do not give up until I get results!!!

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  2. You probably know already that I agree with you 100% after all of my ranting and raving about my MS doctor and his nursing team. It’s so incredibly frustrating! On top of the effort it takes just to deal with a regular day knowing the challenges we have daily with this disease and symptoms. Hang in there Alyssa! I know you will work it out. Sometimes being stubborn is an asset and not a liability! 🙂

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    • I honestly believe that health care in the states has gone down hill fast!!! I am not a fan of my current specialist, but I am looking for a new one. I do know that no one will ever be as good as the 2 I had previously that retired:(


    • I am pretty good at hounding them in order to get things done. The nurse is on it overtime right now after he probably got into trouble with the AVP. I am sorry that I am not sorry for reporting them!!! I am SO glad you have a good doctor, it is so important to have trust in your doctor!!

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  3. My mother is having the same problem woth her doctor!! She’s been having quite a bit of anxiety and panic attacks causing her to have pretty bad insomnia and the doctor seems to just pass it off without being willing to try to medications or new things. Just says “it happens woth MS.” Hope you have better luck!

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    • It is really sad how doctors are treating patients or not treating patients! They go through many years of schooling so they feel so incredibly entitled! They have all lost their ability to have compassion and empathy for their patients that are struggling! It is really sad that the newer doctors are NOT the better doctors. Old school doctors have that compassion and they have a heart, but they are all retiring like mine did. I hope your mother can get some kind of relief and maybe even a better doctor!!


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