It is officially Summer

summer solsiticeGood evening y’all! I got so caught up with my rant earlier, I completely forgot today is the first day of summer☀. Although I think down here in the south, summer had already started a month ago! When you have warm temperatures in February, which was supposed to be winter, what can summer possibly hold for us? For the foreseeable further temperatures are going to be in the 90’s! These temperatures are nice if you are at the beach🏖 or have swimming pool, but on a normal day they can be torture!!! I think it is safe to say we are in for one ☀HOT summer!

When you live with an illness such as Multiple Sclerosis, it is extremely important to stay as cool as possible. I have heard from numerous people that cooling vests can be very beneficial, so this year I am thinking I might need to give them a chance. Also, staying hydrated is vital to everyone’s health. When you simply go outside to your car, which is normally a short walk, you can be drenched before the air conditioning has a chance to work! I am lucky that normally when I leave the house for work it is early, so typicallyits getting hot the sun☀ has not had a chance to heat things up much, but my goodness when I leave in the afternoon it is insanely🌅 HOT! I try to let the a/c start working before I start my drive home so I do not get overheated and then feel faint. When I have to do the one thing I already dread doing, grocery shopping, I try to either go earlier in the day or after the sun goes down🌛 to avoid too much of the heat. Do y’all have any certain things you do to avoid the nasty heat? Honestly with the way I have already been feeling, I might be a little worried about the summer heat! 

I hope y’all have a nice, relaxing and cool evening! Thank goodness it is almost Friday, which leads us to a two-day weekend! Even though I missed two days of work this week, I am still looking forward to two days away from waking up way too early for work! As always your comments are encouraged and appreciated. I do plan to do more posts about ways to handle the heat, so hopefully they will be helpful for y’all! As always, I am always sending y’all LOTS of ❤love and comfort!

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59 thoughts on “It is officially Summer

  1. I work in an open air fruit stand. I “clean the walk-in cooler” a lot. I bought a fan, and didn’t get the boss to reimburse me, and I wrote my name all over it so the boss doesn’t take it from me. And I drink a lot of water.

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    • My goodness, I am so glad you bought a fan!! Have you seen the fans that you put water in as well? The fan will blow water at you and it is amazing! We bought a couple when we went to the beach last year. I am glad you can clean the walk-in cooler a lot! I think I would try to stay in there! It is smart to drink lots of water! Best wishes to you!!

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      • Oh, when I was a stage tech for a sound company in Shreveport, we worked the 5 day crawfish festival every year. They had these massive fans on either side of the stage that had water hoses hooked to them. I took naps next to them, with my comms headset on in case they needed me, they just shouted my name over our comms channel😁

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      • It must get really hot where you live. Heck I find temps in NC bad but I bet it gets even hotter in Louisiana ! Thank you for sharing this and I hope the rest of your evening is wonderful!


      • Oh, Louisiana was miserable. New Orleans in summer is brutal. I’m in Texas now, and its marginally better than Shreveport, a bit less humidity and lots of breezes from the south.

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      • WOW you just like to live where it is HOT! I do not do well with high humidity. I have been to Texas once because my mother was doing a nursing travel assignment there and she had to have emergency open heart surgery.


      • My husband is dead set on moving to Canada sometime sooner than later. He wants to move to the West side of Canada. I did not want to for a long time when he was talking about it, but now I am on board for a few reasons. Canada actually has season, which we do not have in the south. And I want to get away from the man in charge!


      • Oh, we have seasons here in the south. There’s football season, the holiday season (November & December), then comes mardi gras, then comes 9 months of “fuck it’s hot”😉

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      • That is the best comment!! I am not a football fan but everyone else normally is! My husband loves snowboarding and I well tolerate it for him. I do like summer, but only when I am at the beach any other time it is miserable!! But yes you are right 9 months at least of “fuck it’s hot”!!!!! Very well said!!!


  2. It’s getting warmer in the UK also. My hay fever is driving me mad!. I’m glad I’m not in employment at the moment, so I can stay indoors. otherwise, it’s just pacing yourself when it’s hot, and doing stuff early in the day. have a great weekend!. x

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      • Temp is reaching 26 degrees Celsius, creeping up to 30 degrees c by the end of next week. After the cold weather we have here, it’s hot for us!.what’s the temp where you are?

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      • That is rather warm, but I would trade that for what I am dealing with! I am in North Carolina and temps will be in the 90’s F, so if I did the calculations right it is 32 degrees c! I am learning how to convert because most other countries use C!!

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      • Thank you sweetie! Yes, it is very HOT and really difficult to deal with. I am just going to stay inside all weekend, hopefully. I will grocery shop early in the morning or late at night, but I just do not deal well with how hot it is!

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    • I grew up in Vermont and do not remember it getting as hot as it is down in the south! I will let you know how the vest works if I do get one! Heat and humidity wipes me out as well, but I do not have a pool to cool off in:(

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  3. Checking in from Minnesota to wish you some nice and cool vibes 💕 I feel you on the heat. I have a wedding to go to today and it’s 90 even all the way up here!!! I’m nervous about feeling sick at the wedding, but am just crossing my fingers most of it is inside in the air conditioning! I hope you have a relaxing and restful day!

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